Movie Poster, Hit Man
Movie Poster, Hit Man

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Plot Summary

Some deemed Gary Johnson to be unremarkable. While a psychology and philosophy professor at the University of New Orleans, no one took note of him. He was nice, but didn’t garner attention. Even with working with the police to take down people trying to hire hitmen, he was unsuspecting.

In fact, the only living things in his personal life were his ex-wife and two cats. But, after finding himself suddenly thrust to be part of the sting operations and playing a hitman to get confessions from people, Gary finds his mojo.

Unfortunately, though, one of the potential culprits, Madison, he falls for, and the feelings are mutual. This leaves you to wonder: Will the philosophy and psychology professor pursue something unethical with someone who was willing to hire a contract killer and thinks he is a hitman?

Cast and Characters

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Gary Johnson Glen Powell
Madison Adria Arjona
Jasper Austin Amelio

Gary Johnson

Gary is divorced, lives with two cats, and teaches at a local college, but for the most part, he is happy. He finds his main job and part-time job with the police fulfilling, but when he gets to play a hitman, he relishes in the characters he creates. Though, at times, he does find himself questioning who he is, or should be, to be seen as more valuable, if not attractive, in society.


A wife to an abusive husband, Madison originally sought Ron, one of Gary’s aliases, to be free. However, by presenting an alternative course and hitting it off, Ron became a friend, and then the door was opened to become something more.


Jasper is a cop who is a bit infamous, and due to his suspension, that opens the door for Gary to shine. However, being that pretending to be a hitman was Jasper’s thing breeds jealousy.

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. “Hit Man” is officially out on Netflix on 6/7/2024 but is currently in limited theatrical release.


Our Rating: Positive (Worth Seeing)

Good If You Like

  • Underdogs showing they are actually cool and can present as formidable with the right confidence
  • Complicated romances

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Gary and Madison’s Chemistry

From the banter to how playful they are with each other, Gary and Madison drive this film, and their scenes together, whether tantalizing simulated sex acts or them going on dates and being silly, keeps “Hit Man” from feeling too long (for the most part).

It Pushes You To Want To Know The Real Gary Johnson

With “Hit Man” based on a real story, it is hard not to want to know where fact meets fiction. From the end title showing pictures of Gary’s various personas to noting how many were arrested because of him, you know the basis of the story is true. However, how much embellishment was taken is something worth questioning, and it is not because you don’t believe what happens or, in some way, have to suspend disbelief.

Instead, unlike many films based on a person, it just as much entertains you as a film as it drives you to want to know more about the subject matter. You can do this by reading Skip Hollandsworth‘s work, which was the source material for the movie.

On The Fence

Sometimes, Scenes Overstay Their Welcome

While Gary and Madison are a highlight, and seeing Gary set up people looking for hitmen, there are many times when a scene goes on too long. I’d even say it can feel like someone is slowly but surely pressing on the brakes. A prime example of this would be Madison and Gary’s first meeting when, after chemistry is established and you begin to fall for them, the scene goes on, almost like a director’s cut version.

Other examples mainly deal with what you may or may not get out of Gary’s lectures and the scenes he has working with members of the NOPD. For while certain characters like Jasper are necessary for setting up drama in the film, I wouldn’t say that he is one of the exceptions that keep this film from sometimes making you want to see how much time is left.

Background Information

Film Length 1 Hour 55 Minutes
Date Released 5/23/2024
Distributor Netflix
Director(s) Richard Linklater
Writer(s) Richard Linklater, Glen Powell
Based On Work By Skip Hollandsworth
Genre(s) ActionComedyCrimeRomanceBiopic (Based On A True Story)
Content Rating Rated R
Content Information
Dialog Cursing
Violence Gun Violence, Family Violence, Torture
Sexual Content Brief Nudity, Sexual Situations (Implied)
Miscellaneous Depiction of Corpses, Drinking, Smoking

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Hit Man (2024) Movie Review
Movie Poster, Hit Man

Movie title: Hit Man (2024)

Movie description: Starring Glen Powell, known for the recent hit “Anyone But You”, in this Netflix release, he plays an everyday guy thrust to pretend to be a hitman for the New Orleans Police Department in a movie based on a real person.

Date Released: May 23, 2024

Country: United States

Duration: 1 Hour 55 Minutes

Author: Amari Allah

Director(s): Richard Linklater

Actor(s): Glen Powell, Adria Arjona, Austin Amelio

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime, Romance, Biopic (Based On A True Story)


The combination of Glen Powell playing multiple personalities and the romance he shares with Adria Arjona’s character makes “Hit Man” poised to be a hit movie for Netflix, which you could imagine potentially stirring up a sequel.

  • Gary and Madison’s Chemistry - 83%
  • It Pushes You To Want To Know The Real Gary Johnson - 82%
  • Sometimes, Scenes Overstay Their Welcome - 76%
User Review
0/100 (0 votes)


  • It Pushes You To Want To Know The Real Gary Johnson
  • Gary and Madison’s Chemistry


  • Sometimes, Scenes Overstay Their Welcome

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