The Biopic tag features productions focused on various figures and telling their life story as seen by those closest to them, or third parties.

Kemba – Movie Review and Summary

“Kemba” presents an important case highlighting how the NAACP, specifically the Legal Defense Fund (LDF), didn’t stop being assets after the 1960s.

Maestro (2023) – Review and Summary

Like Leonard Bernstein himself, Bradley Cooper’s “Maestro” stays intriguing and frustrating in what it decides to show and hide about the legendary composer.

Cassandro (2023) – Review

Unfortunately, “Cassandro” sidesteps going too deep into any potential wound or struggle to give you a light-hearted drama that easily becomes dull due to its rounded edges.

Oppenheimer (2023) – Review and Summary

Christopher Nolan has turned one of the most complicated scientists and his horrific creation into a blockbuster movie. The result is a beautifully shot film that pushes Nolan into exciting experimental territory, but an icky feeling of Hollywood tropes may take you out of the film.