“Baby Assassins 2: Babies” delivers much of the same, but without the Yakuza and instead wannabe assassins who want to be official like our leads.

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Plot Summary

Chisato and Mahiro find themselves targeted by two boys, Yuri and Makoto, desperate to become legit assassins, and under the impression that if they kill Chisato and Mahiro, they can take their spot.

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. There is a mid-credit scene, but it’s just – talking about food


Our Rating: Positive (Worth Seeing)

Good If You Like

  • A lot of mundane, everyday conversations
  • Eccentric characters who act like they are from a bizarre anime

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Expanding The Bizarre World Chisato and Mahiro Operate In

While Chisato and Mahiro weren’t trapped in a linear narrative of going from one job to another in the original movie, we didn’t necessarily get to understand as much about the assassin organization as we do this film. Now, do we meet their recruiter, understand why they were recruited, and all the questions that weren’t really gone into in the first movie? No.

However, with meeting the cleaners, getting a peek into the rule book, and seeing how killers, beyond the Yakuza, operate outside of the assassin organization, it feels like we got a little less hijinks and a bit more of an idea of the world Mahiro and Chisato live in.

Unafraid To Be Weird

Mahiro and Chisato are as weird as ever. If it isn’t Chisato having weird fits that would only make sense if she was a toddler, there is the continued awkwardness of Mahiro in interacting with people. But, when they are on the same page, comfortable with one another, and getting to play off one another, it is brilliant.

It’s the kind of weird comedy FX is known for and why with the original movie, and this one, there is such a vibe that this could have been a series over a movie.

The Fight Scenes

Chisato joins in with Mahiro in having remarkable fight scenes and while Mahiro still tops off the film as she fights Yuri, when it comes to the gun play? Chisato shows that, while fighting people may not be her speciality, put a gun in her hands and she is going to make it rain shells and bodies.

On The Fence

Sometimes, It Just Feels Like You’re Waiting Forever For Something To Happen

One of the reasons we mention “Mr. InBetween” and “Atlanta” for similar to this, is because, like those shows, “Baby Assassins 2” has a lot of moments where nothing notable happens. We just watch Mahiro and Chisato eat, work a boring job, and it can often make you feel like you are waiting for something.

The same problem exists with Yuri and Makoto. We spend a good part of the movie not watching them show they are worthy to become card carrying assassins, but instead Makoto crush on this girl at a restaurant.

Note: It’s not a terrible use of time, but for those who don’t enjoy the style of comedy that “Baby Assassins” clearly is attached to, it can become frustrating if not boring.

Background Information

Film Length 1 Hour 41 Minutes
Date Released April 2, 2024
Where To Watch Digital
Director(s) Yugo Sakamoto
Writer(s) Yugo Sakamoto
Based On Work By N/A
Genre(s) Action




Young Adult

Non-English (Japanese)

Content Rating Not Rated

Content Information

  • Dialog: Nothing Notable
  • Violence: Gun Violence, Blood, Notable Fight Scenes
  • Sexual Content: None
  • Miscellaneous: Smoking

Character Guide

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Chisato Akari Takaishi
Mahiro Saori Izawa
Yuri Joey Iwanaga
Makoto Tatsuomi Hamada

Character Description(s)


Still the more immature of the duo of her and Mahiro, Chisato now has discovered she has an issue of gambling.


Mahiro continues to be the more focused one when it comes to being ready for anything and staying in the guild’s good graces, though she does find herself often cosigning what Chisato is proposing to do.


Like Makoto, Yuri wants to join the assassins guild and get all the benefits from the money to other perks. However, with no spots open, he finds himself stuck and frustrated.


While Makoto longs for being in the assassins guild, he also is working through his crush on a girl at a local shop and trying to maintain the façade he is normal.

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Baby Assassins 2: Babies (2024) Movie Review


While the stakes may feel stripped down compared to the first movie, it does seem with leaning more into how weird and off kilter Chisato and Mahiro are, things are moving forward in the “Baby Assassins” universe.

  • Expanding The Bizarre World Chisato and Mahiro Operate In - 81%
  • Unafraid To Be Weird - 82%
  • The Fight Scenes - 84%
  • Sometimes, It Just Feels Like You’re Waiting Forever For Something To Happen - 74%
User Review
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  • The Fight Scenes
  • Unafraid To Be Weird
  • Expanding The Bizarre World Chisato and Mahiro Operate In


  • Sometimes, It Just Feels Like You’re Waiting Forever For Something To Happen

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