A cast and character guide for the FreeForm series “The Bold Type.” Featured are the name of cast members, character information, and other noteworthy tidbits about the show.

Please Note: This content contains pertinent spoilers, descriptions are updated as new information is presented, images changed as better ones are captured, and this is not an exhaustive list of every cast member, guest star, or reoccurring role.

Jane (Katie Stevens)

Jane (Katie Stevens) in The Bold Type
Jane (Katie Stevens)

First Noted In – Season 1, Episode 1

Brief Description

Jane was practically raised on Scarlett. For with her mother dying young, and only men in her household, never mind a Midwest upbringing, Scarlett became her sister, mother, female influence, and what essentially made her want to be a writer. But, with being the only girl in a predominately male household, Scarlett couldn’t save Jane from becoming spoiled, stubborn, and maybe a little sheltered. All of which leads to issues for Jane that calls for her to break out of the bubble she didn’t create but certainly maintains.

Additional Information About Jane

  • S1E1: Jane was an assistant 4 years before becoming a writer for Scarlett.
    • She grew up with three brothers and her dad.
  • S1E8: It has been approximately a year and a half since Eric, Jane’s boyfriend before the series, dumped her
  • S2E4: Jane has slept with 4 people.
    • Is from Colorado
    • Stopped being religious after her mother died for the idea of God taking her mother was a lot to deal with
  • S2E7: Is anti-gun since, when in 1st grade, the Columbine massacre happened 5 miles away from where she lived
    • The daughter of her kindergarten teacher lost her life
  • S2E8: Jane is 25
  • S3: Takes on Pamela Dolan (Laila Robins)
  • S4E7: Is 26
    • Mom died at 32
  • S4E11: Went to Northwestern
  • S4E15: At 8, Jane was given a diary by her dad and it became like her best friend. This evolved into her loving to write.

Notable Episodes

  • S1E1: Has one of her first notable articles in taking down Emma Cox (Brittany LeBorgne), who is/was a maker of menstrual cups.
  • S1E10/S2E1: Jane leaves Scarlett for Incite, which is managed by Victoria (Rebecca Croll).
  • S2E2: Jane goes on television for the first time (NY14)
  • S2E3: We meet Dr. Ben (Luca James Lee). Someone who has been practicing medicine for 5 years, went to UCSF and Columbia and immigrated to the United States at 15.
  • S2E6/7: Returns to Scarlett
  • S2E8: Jane’s BRCA status begins to become a consistent part of her story.
  • S4E5: We meet Jane’s Dad (Kelly AuCoin) for the first time.
  • S4E8: We meet Jane’s older brother Evan (Chord Overstreet)
    • He is a lawyer, had a wife, and with his wife he had two kids
    • Is the oldest brother of Jane


Kat (Aisha Dee)

Kat (Aisha Dee) smiling at Adena - The Bold Type
Kat (Aisha Dee)

First Noted In – Season 1, Episode 1

Brief Description

Raised by two parents in the psychology field, Kat has a grasp on language and communication due to them and the privilege they have afforded her. However, with being bi-racial, her mom white and dad Black, Kat has had certain struggles her financial status couldn’t protect her from. Hence why she is often rearing for a fight with any sort of authority – she doesn’t take her privilege, or what some may see as a disadvantage, lightly, and pursues justice and equality whenever possible.

Additional Information About Kat

  • S1E1: Kat was an assistant 2 years before becoming a Social Media Director.
    • S1E8: Her dad made a call and got her a job three days after she graduated
  • S2E9: Doesn’t have a license
  • S3E4: Revealed she had a pregnancy in 2013 when she was 20
  • S4E6: While not much for labels, Kat is a Homoromantic Bi-sexual.
  • S4E8: Full first name is Katrina

Notable Episodes

  • S1E7: Kat gets her first assistant, Natalie (Celeste Desjardins)
  • S2E2: We meet her parents, Dr. Susan (Fiona Highet) and Marcus (Curtiss Cook) Edison.
    • Embraces her Blackness, despite some worry it would seem like a rejection of her white mom.
    • Marcus experienced segregation coming up, so he didn’t seem to instill much in the way of race with Kat so that she didn’t have to deal with the stigma. But, with Susan, Kat’s race often made people question if Kat was her daughter.
    • Both of Kat’s parents are 49+
  • S2E5: We are introduced to Angie (Shyrley Rodriguez), a Brooklynite without a college degree, that Kat fights for to be on her staff.
    • After which, you don’t see much of Angie and it makes the whole fight for her seem like a waste. Especially since, as of the end of season 3, she ends up dating, then dumping Alex to go onto a reality TV dating show.
  • S3E10: We learn Kat lost her election by 319 votes


“The small things add up, and we should fight for them.”
— Kat (S3E3)

Jacqueline (Melora Hardin)

Jacqueline (Melora Hardin) during her speech - The Bold Type
Jacqueline (Melora Hardin)

First Noted In – Season 1, Episode 1

Brief Description

Editor in Chief at Scarlett who, to varying degrees, is a mentor to the lead trio – though especially Jane. For with her coming off perfect, a badass, yet still willing to be soft and loving, she exemplifies the idea that feminine qualities need not be discarded as you climb the corporate ladder.

Additional Information About Jacqueline

  • S2E9: War a war zone reporter for a time
  • S3E4: Has been at Scarlet 10 years as an editor and chief

Notable Episodes

  • S1E6: We meet her and Ian’s kids James (Cameron Brodeur) and Connor (Ethan Caminsky), and their dog Frida.
  • S1E10: Reveals she was raped 20 years ago by her senior at work and didn’t press charges out of fear it could define or end her career.
  • S2E2: Gets the opportunity to become a board member
  • S2E3: We first meet the former editor and chief of Scarlett, who wrote about the first woman to lead an Islamic Country in 1988.
    • Officially begins to butt heads with board member Cleo (Siobhan Murphy), whose claim to fame is a health and fitness empire.
  • S4E2: We meet Pam (Elizabeth Ashley), who is the founder of Scarlett.
    • We learn her assistant, Andrew (Adam Capriolo) has a drag persona named Jacqueline Carmichael, who was geared to become a personality at Scarlett.
  • S4E8: Her college ex, Miles (Scott Cohen) becomes an official part of her storyline
    • They haven’t physically seen each other in around 30 years
    • He was married 23 years, and that ended in divorce


Sutton (Meghann Fahy)

Sutton (Meghann Fahy) in a wedding dress | The Bold Type
Sutton (Meghann Fahy)

First Noted In – Season 1, Episode 1

Brief Description

While Jane’s career at Scarlett skyrocketed and Kat’s parents’ had connections that fast-tracked her career, Sutton had to take things the slow and steady way. Which, while it never caused envy, it has led Sutton to sometimes want to settle and take what she could get. Especially considering she came from a single-parent household that didn’t really have money. However, throughout the series, Sutton’s work ethic and fortitude present us with the rare character who truly had to work their way up from the bottom vs. having everything handed to them.

Additional Information About Sutton

  • S1E1: Her original boss on the show was a woman named Lauren (Emily Chang), who was the health editor.
  • S2E1: Had an issue with a girl named Mitzi (Katherine King), who disappears later in the show, due to the assumption she was sleeping her way to the top.
  • S2E4: Sutton has slept with, roughly, 28 people
    • Has been at Scarlett 4 years and three months
  • S2E7: Might be part of the 2007 graduating class
  • S2E9: Is from Harrisburg, or somewhere close by
  • S3E5: Is 26
  • S4E7: Has 16,000 followers
  • S4E11: Still 26

Notable Episodes

  • S1E8: One of the first times Sutton showed she had a knack for styling and being Oliver’s #2.
  • S2E4: We meet Brooke (Alexandra Turshen), who is a major force in Sutton’s life due to her teaching her about networking but also exploiting her.
  • S2E7: We meet Betsy, Sutton’s shotgun from when she was part of a shooting club in Central PA – Specifically Kurt High School (Home of the River Kings).
  • S2E9: We meet Barbara (Rya Kihlstedt), often called Babs, who is noted to have been sober for 7 months at this point.
  • S3E7: We learn about her father who showed up when she was 12 and has been inconsistent ever since
  • S4E7: Stylist career is jumpstarted, and nearly killed, by Alice Knight (Raven Symone) who has over 2 million followers


Adena (Nikohl Boosheri)

Adena (Nikohl Boosheri) judging Kat | The Bold Type
Adena (Nikohl Boosheri)

First Noted In – Season 1, Episode 1

Brief Description

Adena, a Muslim woman who is also a lesbian, is a noted photographer who presents a still rarely seen perspective in media. For with Muslim and lesbian not being seen as synonymous, Adena creates a fresh voice in media. Then, add in she is an Immigrant, not American born, it adds yet another layer which enriches “The Bold Type” beyond its three leads.

Additional Information About Adena

  • S1E9: Left home at 17, fell in love with women in Amsterdam and fell in love with photography in South Africa.
  • S2E4: Her mother is about 60
  • S2E7: Has been exploring her sexuality for about 10 years

Notable Episodes


Alex (Matt Ward)

Alex (Matt Ward) | The Bold Type
Alex (Matt Ward)

First Noted In – Season 1, Episode 2

Brief Description

In “The Bold Type,” Alex has played the best male friend to the leads. Leading to him often giving the male opinion but don’t see him as a saint. Multiple times Alex stumbles, which causes his character, and storyline, to be put on ice.

Additional Information About Alex

  • S3E7: Moves in with Jane
  • S3E10: We learn he is dating Angie
  • S4E6: Formerly worked at the Wall Street Journal and did a series on New York Mob bosses and Bloomberg
  • S4: Alex bonds with Jane through playing Forza

Notable Episodes

  • S1E9: Hooks up with Sutton
  • S3E3: We meet Kristen (Alli Chung), who accuses Alex of taking things farther than she was comfortable with, in an intimate situation.
  • S4E6: He meets Dr. Alicia Golden (Yasha Jackson), who takes an interest in him, and he dates in the fourth season.
    • Golden is a friend of Jacqueline and a top neurosurgeon at Columbia.


There is a distinction between good health and the absence of illness.
— Dr. Golden (S4E6)

Ryan (Dan Jeannotte)

Ryan (Dan Jeannotte) asking for a heads up - The Bold Type
Ryan (Dan Jeannotte)

First Noted In – Season 1

Brief Description

Also known as Pinstripe, Ryan is a writer who becomes Jane’s first love interest on the show, and first boyfriend after a rather long, but a dead-end, relationship.

Additional Information About Ryan

Notable Episodes


Oliver (Stephen Conrad Moore)

Oliver (Stephen Conrad Moore) - The Bold Type
Oliver (Stephen Conrad Moore)

First Noted In – Season 1, Episode 3

Brief Description

The head of the fashion department who has a similar vibe to Jacqueline. He is a formidable figure, who can be a bit curt or stern, but if you need mentorship and are putting in the effort, he’ll take to you and take care of you. Making him almost like the paternal figure of Scarlett, at least for the cast, to Jacqueline’s maternal figure.

Additional Information About Oliver

  • S4E7: Is Jamaican

Notable Episodes

  • S2E5: We’re told Naomi Campbell got him a job
  • S3E2: We first meet his daughter Carly (Kiara Alondra Groulx)
    • We’re led to believe Carly’s dad, Jasper, is possibly dead
    • Oliver lived together 6 years with Jasper
  • S4E5: We learn Carly is 12
  • S4E10: Gains a new assistant named Timothy (Arun Varma)
  • S4E12: We officially meet Jasper (Justin Walker White)
    • Jasper and Oliver met due to a mutual love for design


Ian (Gildart Jackson)

elora Hardin as Jacqueline Carlyle, Gildart Jackson as Ian Carlyle - The Bold Type
THE BOLD TYPE — “Some Kind of Wonderful” Episode 410 — Pictured: (l-r) Melora Hardin as Jacqueline Carlyle, Gildart Jackson as Ian Carlyle — (Photo by: Jonathan Wenk/Freeform/Universal Television)

First Noted In – Season 1, Episode 6

Brief Description

Jacqueline’s husband, who we learn in later seasons, put his career on hold so Jacqueline could realize her dreams.

Additional Information About Ian

  • S4E2: Is a photographer by trade, but has put his career on ice for approximately 10 years to raise his children with Jacqueline.
  • Nicole Keating (4.16): A woman who works at States & Nations, where Ian freelances, who he was seeing while separated from Jacqueline.

Notable Episodes

  • S4E1: It is noted Ian met Jacqueline at a 1996 Tibetan Freedom Concert that Ian was shooting for Rolling Stone while Jacqueline was interviewing Ama Adhe


Richard (Sam Page)

Richard (Sam Page) looking deep into Sutton's eyes - The Bold Type
Richard (Sam Page)

First Noted In – Season 1, Episode 1

Brief Description

A board member of Steinem Publishing, as well as a member of their legal counsel, who has what begins as a secret relationship with Sutton, due to their positions, but it evolves.

Additional Information About Richard

  • S2E1: He is 15 years older than Sutton
  • S3E5: Is 40
  • S4E15: Is 41
    • Is married to Sutton for 4 months at this point

Notable Episodes

  • S2E6: We get to know his ex Jessica (Tattiawna Jones), who he met in college and was the love of his life at the time – until they had to become long-distance. Once that happened, their relationship ended. At least until Jacqueline reconnecting them.
  • S2E10: His dad dies
  • S4E6: His mother, Claire (Caroline Lagerfelt), becomes a more prominent character as he and Sutton plan their wedding.
    • Claire gave up her career to raise Richard.


Patrick (Peter Vack)

Patrick (Peter Vack) talking to Kat | The Bold Type
Patrick (Peter Vack)

First Noted In – Season 3, Episode 1

Brief Description

Patrick Duchand becomes another executive figure within Scarlett, and Jane finds herself, and Kat to a certain point, under his direction due to him handling the digital side of Scarlett Magazine.

Additional Information About Patrick

  • S3E1: Is a bit infamous for whipping out his penis as a means to argue against pain discrimination at a former workplace.
  • S3E2: Patrick implies he might be bisexual or pansexual

Notable Episodes


Tia (Alexis Floyd)

Tia (Alexis Floyd) noting that she believes Kat should run | The Bold Type
Tia (Alexis Floyd)

First Noted In – Season 3, Episode 3

Brief Description

The campaign manager of Linda Zephyr (Mary Zu Zahalan) who becomes a love interest of Kat

Additional Information About Tia

  • S3E4: Had an abortion in high school
  • S3E6: Her issues with sexuality are brought into play

Notable Episodes


RJ (Aidan Devine)

RJ (Aidan Devine) giving orders to Kat - The Bold Type
RJ (Aidan Devine)

First Noted In – Season 4, Episode 1

Brief Description

The head of Stafford, who often is the opposition to the progressive ideals of Scarlett’s staff. Thus making him a pseudo-villain within the boardroom and the opposition of Jacqueline and Kat.

Additional Information About RJ

Notable Episodes


Ava (Alex Paxton-Beesley)

Ava (Alex Paxton-Beesley) having a meal with her father - The Bold Type
Ava (Alex Paxton-Beesley)

First Noted In – Season 4, Episode 10

Brief Description

The daughter of RJ, from his second marriage who, like him, is conservative. But, to take it a step further, she is a conservative that works as a lawyer for oil companies. However, she notes later in season 4 that, despite her political beliefs, she does believe in hearing from the other side.

Additional Information About Ava

  • S4E10: Had a clerkship under Judge Gorsch
  • S4E14: Reveals she is lesbian

Notable Episodes


Addison Harper (Christine Nguyen)

Addison (Christine Nguyen) during her interview with Jane - The Bold Type
Addison (Christine Nguyen)

First Noted In – Season 4, Episode 11

Brief Description

A 22-year-old member of Gen Z who Jane recruits for her vertical.

Additional Information About Addison

Notable Episodes


Scott (Justin Walker White)

Scott (Mat Vairo) in conversation with Jane - The Bold Type
Scott (Mat Vairo): I appreciate you saying that

First Noted In – Season 4, Episode 12

Brief Description

Scott grew up in Michigan, is the son of two lawyers, and has three older sisters. Like Jane, he lost a parent, his dad, but when he was in college. Specifically, Wesleyan, where he graduated in 2013 with a major in gender studies.

Additional Information About Scott

  • S4E15: Scott’s mom would read to him at night, and his love for writing came from changing the stories and later writing stories for his mom. In fact, he even writes fiction in modern times.

Notable Episodes


Billy (Billy Magnussen)

Billy (Billy Magnussen)
Billy (Billy Magnussen)

Character Introduction

First Appears In – Season 4 Episode 16

A high school sweetheart of Sutton who, whenever she visits back home, usually makes an appearance.

Additional Information About Billy


General Information

Creator(s) Sarah Watson
First Aired (FreeForm) 6/20/2017


Groups & Organizations

  • Safford Publishing (S1E1): The owner of Scarlett
  • States & Nations (4.16): Where Ian freelances

Notable Locations

  • The Fashion Closet (Season 1): Where Jane, Sutton, and Kat congregate whenever something is going on or just to take a break
  • The Belle (S4E11): A private club for women that is generally seen as a liberal organization, but it isn’t exclusively
  • Harrisburg: Where Sutton is from

Terms To Know

  • Failing Feminist (S4E11): Jane’s vertical

Other Noteworthy Information

  • The Layoff (S1E8): When Steinem dissolved multiple magazines, such as the one Ryan worked in.

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