Title Card - The Bold Type Season 4 Episode 1 “Legends of the Fall Issue”

After Jacqueline’s rebellious act, change comes to Scarlett, and when it comes to some things, the ladies of “The Bold Type” don’t like change.

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After Jacqueline’s rebellious act, change comes to Scarlett, and when it comes to some things, the ladies of “The Bold Type” don’t like change.

Directed By Geary McLeod
Written By Neel Shah
Aired (FreeForm) 1/23/2020
Introduced This Episode
RJ Aidan Devine

Episode Recap

A New Sheriff In Town: Patrick, Andrew, Kat, Jacqueline, Sutton, Jane, Ian

Due to Jacqueline going rogue and sending an unapproved order to the printers, she is fired, and Patrick is placed as the interim editor. This, as you can imagine, doesn’t sit with anyone, but especially Kat, Sutton, and Jane who are expected to fix the issue. That is, despite Sutton being an assistant, Jane, a writer, and while Kat is a director, her power isn’t consistently recognized and reinforced.

Now, as for how Jacqueline feels? Well, she is lawyering up, but when it comes to her husband Ian, there is some relief there. Mostly due to him taking on many of the domestic duties and putting his career on hold, and it seeming he can switch places now that his wife is homebound.

Making A Point: Kat, Sutton, Jane, RJ

RJ (Aidan Devine) giving orders to Kat.
RJ (Aidan Devine)

While everyone knows the reason Jacqueline was fired was insubordination, the official reason for RJ, head of the company, is they couldn’t agree on renewal terms with Jacqueline, and it is expected of Kat to push that message out of there. Covering for something she disagrees with isn’t Kat’s thing so, alongside Sutton and Jane, they head to the printing facility in Piscataway, NJ, get a few copies of the magazine, and share it with those who made it – who leak it within a day.

With that happening, RJ is pissed, and Kat tries to use the reaction to drum up support for Jacqueline’s return since Middle America loves the edition, and Scarlett’s biggest advertiser does as well. Ultimately leading to Kat somehow convincing RJ and the board, despite RJ, only days ago, firing Jacqueline and damn near replacing her, to rehire her.

A New Age: Jacqueline, RJ, Patrick, Ian

But her return comes with conditions. First, Kat, Sutton, and Jane, despite being caught on camera, will not lose their jobs or be prosecuted. This is fine. Secondly, Jacqueline has to accept Scarlett is going digital after her legendary edition, which is okayed. Lastly, RJ has to join Jacqueline’s Domestic Violence walk, which requires heels, which is done since, even with their issues, Jacqueline has her way with RJ.

However, when things come to Ian, they might become a bit more complicated for he was excited about getting back to work, and now Jacqueline getting her job back has complicated things. Add in Patrick quitting for he recognizes Scarlett doesn’t have a place for him, and it means on top of running things as before, she now has to learn how to navigate being an editor for a digital magazine rather than print.

Other Noteworthy Facts, Moments, and Random Thoughts

  • Angie and Alex are on a break.
  • Ian and Jacqueline met at the 1996 Tibetan Freedom Concert when Ian was shooting for Rolling Stone and Jacqueline interviewing Ama Adhe.

Review/ Commentary


Showing The Importance of Good Management

Let’s be real here – Jane, on her own, has done a lot of things that should have got her fired, if not the kind of file where getting rid of her would just require looking at someone wrong. For, say what you want about Patrick, but the way she talked to him and tried to figure a rid to rid herself of him, it was very antagonistic. Especially for someone who tried to be friendly and yes, did cross the line, but only because he was learning on the job. In our opinion, what Patrick did was what Jacqueline did without the push being so gentle and it being awkward since Patrick was a guy.

Yet, let’s not pretend it wasn’t just Jane he rubbed the wrong way, and it isn’t like Jane is the only one who has done many things which could lead to a write-up or firing. Sutton taking from the closest isn’t a huge deal but could be a liability issue. Also, who knows how much time a day the girls spend in that closest and how many may feel about it.

But I digress, the point is, the reason why no one took to Patrick taking the reins is because he never fostered bonds which were meant to be personal rather than professional. For example, his relationship with RJ, he made out to be clearly about work when he spoke to Kat. So, it is only natural no one stuck out their neck and probably won’t say much beyond, “Good riddance” when it is learned he went off to India and resigned.

For, at the end of the day, Jacqueline knows how to build professional and personal relationships and looks out for herself and her people. Patrick, on the other hand, as shown many times with Jacqueline, will throw someone under the bus to get ahead. Even if there is a part of him that wishes to be an ally – as long as it doesn’t get in the way of his own progress.

Understanding The Importance of Middle America

With a good majority of major companies existing alongside America’s coastline, it is easy for many to forget Middle America. A place often seen as traditional, conservative, and not necessarily of the same mindset as places like New York City and the southern part of California. Hence why RJ made the assumption that Jacqueline’s issue was a little too forward and progressive. And while the show steamrolls RJ’s argument, and has a handful of comments to rebut his opinion, it helps you remember how much Scarlett’s employees truly are in a bubble. One they may not like to admit, like Jane when it came to the importance of gun ownership for Sutton, but the reminder that this show does live in a bit of a microcosm is always welcomed.

Low Point

The Supporting Characters Making It Clear They Are Supporting Characters

Alex noting he and others were waiting for Sutton, Alex, and Kat to come up with what to do?

I can’t be the only one who found it sad and awkward when Alex, Andrew, and the woman who handles the sex articles looked to Sutton, Jane and Kat to do something right? While comical, it also shows “The Bold Type” lives in a world where the leads are all powerful, and rather than pretend that isn’t true, even those in the show know it and rely on them for consistency. But, considering how little the supporting characters get to do, unless they are a supervisor, you can’t fully blame them from seeking out the only people with the gall to do anything. This is after all named “The Bold Type.”

On The Fence

Patrick’s Position

On the one hand, Patrick’s exit could mean some staples from season 1, like Alex, Andrew, the sex column writer, getting storylines that may not revolve around Sutton, Jane, and Kat. Yet, at the same time, he just got here. Also, he was done very dirty and as much as we love Jacqueline, him losing his job in a day because of three young ladies technically breaking into a secured warehouse is beyond ridiculous. Yes, it shows the kind of loyalty he did not inspire, but it is nonetheless ridiculous.

RJ Reconsidering & The Main Three Getting Away With What They Did

Just as much as RJ letting Sutton, Kat, and Jane get away with what they did. For surely, unless RJ’s company is set up in a way that is unlike most corporations, he shouldn’t have the power to suddenly stop what was coming to Kat, Sutton and Jane. They broke into a gated and secured facility, stole and took part in the release of intellectual property, coerced the company to pay for a team to investigate and let’s not forget the Piscataway facility and all the issues those ladies caused for them. So this being swept under the rug for getting Jacqueline back seems like a real lopsided deal. Even if keeping Patrick and having him run things would have caused PR issues for a couple of months.

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RJ Reconsidering & The Main Three Getting Away With What They Did - 70%
Patrick’s Position - 75%
The Supporting Characters Making It Clear They Are Supporting Characters - 69%
Understanding The Importance of Middle America - 85%
Showing The Importance of Good Management - 89%


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