The Cast and Characters of HBO’s “My Brilliant Friend”

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How They End Season 1 End For Them? (Spoilers)

My Brilliant Friend Season 1 Episode 3 Le Metamorfosi (The Metamorphoses) - Teen Years title Card

How Does Season 1 End For Elena

After breaking Gino’s heart, and then Antonio, as well as offending Nino, Elena ends up alone without a boyfriend. Yet, with her being an ace at school, and her writing getting praise, she at least has her academic career to boost her spirits.

How Does Season 1 End For Lila

After freeing herself from a coerced engagement with Marcello, she marries Stefano under the impression she has control over him and he will not just make her happy but her family. However, in pursuit of money, Stefano makes peace with the Solara family and even allows Marcello to come to his wedding reception. Thus making Lila feel duped.

How Does Season 1 End For Alfonso

While no longer competing with Elena to be top of the class, his family is still quite proud of him and it seems he is going steady with Nino’s little sister.

How Does Season 1 End For Don Achille

He is dead.

How Does Season 1 End For Stefano

Stefano ends up married to Lila, who isn’t well liked by his family since she mostly drains their funds, but he is happy.

How Does Season 1 End For Nino

While, for a good while, Nino has some kind of interest in Elena, between her being a better writer than him, and him dissing her at school, he seems done with her.

How Does Season 1 End For Enzo

While Enzo remains friends with the rest of the kids through the end of season 1, after becoming teenagers, the most notable thing about him is being Pasquale’s best friend.

How Does Season 1 End For Maestra Oliviero

Old, and sickly, Maestra Oliviero has become a bit of a mean old woman. One who praises Elena for pursuing a high school diploma but also is very judgemental of Lila since she didn’t continue. Also, Maestra doesn’t support Elena and Lila’s friendship and upon seeing them together, when Lile invites the Maestra to her wedding, she is as rude as ever.

How Does Season 1 End For Alfredo

After likely being framed for killing Don Achille, he is still in jail.

How Does Season 1 End For Rino

With Stefano investing in the shoe store, it seems Rino’s dreams of being a gentleman, someone with prestige and money, they might be coming true.

How Does Season 1 End For Fernando

After raising a tumultuous child who he has thrown out the window, threatened, and wanted to beat until she is within the grasp of death, she marries someone of note. Someone, Stefano, who invests in his business and makes it so the burden of marrying Nunzia is lifted from his shoulders.

How Does Season 1 End For Nunzia

As it always was, Nunzia’s state of being isn’t made to be of much consequence. She is alive, talked badly about by Fernando since she is too delicate to work, but seemingly strong enough to clean the home and bear children.

How Does Season 1 End For Vittorio

He is still gainfully employed and arguing with Immacolata about the way she treats Elena.

How Does Season 1 End For Immacolata

With her, as always, watching and criticizing Elena’s every move.

How Does Season 1 End For Marcello

Rejected by Lila, embarrassed in the neighborhood, his only counter is spreading a rumor about Lila giving him blowjobs and showing up to her reception in the shows she tried to keep him from wearing. Both insulting and stunning her.

How Does Season 1 End For Michele

Marcello’s muscle is okay. He has himself a girlfriend, a new car after someone burns up his old one, and has little in his life to worry about.

How Does Season 1 End For Gino

After Elena breaks up with him he just fades into the back.

How Does Season 1 End For Donato

After sexually assaulting Lila, she uses her relationship with Antonio to scare Donato away. To the point he may never come back to the neighborhood again.

How Does Season 1 End For Nella

She likely is still renting out part of her home, just enjoying the sights and sounds of the beach.

How Does Season 1 End For Antonio

After realizing he got played by Elena, who truly wants Nino, he leaves her looking like a fool at Lila’s wedding reception.

How Does Season 1 End For Silvio

With Stefano making peace with him, he ends up the Speech Master for the business, takes Don Achille’s place at Stefano’s wedding, and has allowed the uniting of his family and Stefano’s in business. Thus squashing over a generation of passive-aggressive war.

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