Twisted Marriage Therapist (2023)

Amari Allah

Review By

Booker T. Mattison

Directed by

Booker T. Mattison

September 7, 2023

Written By

Released (Tubi)


Armeka and Liam's marriage is in trouble. So they seek out Dr. Yolanda Carver, who, through an empiricist method, potentially takes things too far.

What Is “Twisted Marriage Therapist” Rated And Why?

“Twisted Marriage Therapist” is Rated TV-14 due to sexual situations, violence (w/ blood), and drinking.

Noted  Characters and Cast

Dr. Yolanda Carver (Marija Abney), Liam (Pha’rez Lass), and Armeka (Jennifer Sears)

Review Summary

While at times it feels the on-the-nose title movie may only deliver what is promised, it does leave the well-trodden road as it explores why many fear going to see a therapist.

Review Summary

However, there comes a point where it seemingly gives in or runs out of ideas on how to be unique and different, and succumbs to the tropes it seemingly was trying to avoid.

Who Is this For?

For the portion of the film that isn’t routine and generic, this film is for those who have some inkling of fear regarding therapy and want to, in a safe environment, experience those fears.

"Ruined," available on BET Plus, is also a thriller/horror type movie featuring a therapist who takes things too far.