Mr. Villain’s Day Off: Season 1 – Episode Recaps & Review

In this post, you’ll find summaries of the episodes of Mr. Villain’s Day Off: Season 1, and what we thought were the highlights, low points, on-the-fence topics, and notable parts of the season.

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Warumono-san (Shintaro Asanuma) with a panda

Plot Summary

Episode 1 “Even We Need Some Healing, Too”


To Be Determined


To Be Determined

Newly Noted Characters and Cast


Shintarō Asanuma

Ranger Red

Hiiro Ishibashi


Hibiku Yamamura


Hibiku Yamamura


Warumono-san (Shintaro Asanuma) walking away, looking cool
Warumono-san (Shintaro Asanuma) walking away, looking cool | Crunchyroll

Warumono-san, an extraterrestrial being, explores various facets of humanity when not fighting a human group known as the Rangers. His main focus is usually food and animals, with his favorite animal being the panda, and he has a notable taste for ice cream and curry.

However, his days off are constantly threatened by co-workers and members of the rangers looking to disturb his peace.

Episode 2: Earth is Formidable Indeed


To Be Determined


To Be Determined


Warumono finds himself bonding with the young this episode. One is a kid at the zoo who likes pandas and soft animals, and another is a new underling from the home planet.

The kid at the zoo wants to become an animal doctor, and for a moment, Warumono thinks about making an exception to humanity being wiped out for him. But, upon realizing that won’t work, he resigns himself to the kid having to die like everyone else.

As for the newbie at his job? It is someone who wants to impress Warumono, who they just call the “General.” But, unlike most notable figures in large organizations, Warumono isn’t cold-hearted and demanding. When he sees the kid working overtime, he stops them, looks over the work they are staying for, and notes that the conquering of Earth isn’t being rushed, so there is no need to do overtime. Between that interaction and others, the kid’s loyalty and love for Warumono grows.

But what is an episode of “Mr. Villain’s Day Off” without a ranger? Once again, we see Ranger Dawn Red, and they are lost and thinking that Warumono would want to fight with them on sight. However, it’s their day off, Warumono knows the Red Ranger is an idiot, so instead of fighting him, he tells him they still have a truce, and he goes home.

Surprisingly, though, Warumono returns, gives the Red Ranger an umbrella and some snacks, and points him toward the train station. Naturally, the Red Ranger is surprised Warumono knows he is lost, but it seems this pattern is well established, and while Warumono is a war general, he’s willing to save those like the Red Ranger for last.

Episode 3: The Fiends of Winter

General Information

Created By

Yuu Morikawa



Start Date


End Date

To Be Determined

Number of Episodes

To Be Determined


Action, ComedyCrimeFantasyAnimation

Renewal Status

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Notable Performances, Moments, or Episodes

Episodes To Anticipate



Episode 1: The Strange Dynamics

“Mr. Villain’s Day Off” is a slightly odd but endearing slice-of-life story with a subtle yet comical protagonist. Which, when paired with the rangers, leads to a dynamic where you don’t necessarily want to see battle scenes, but the prejudice between those who represent evil and good melt away. I’d even say, similar to “Tomo-Chan Is A Girl,” I expect there to be surprisingly deep moments in what is presented as a comical anime.

Episode 2: Understanding There Is More To Warumono Than Meets the Eye

Warumono in his demon or alien form
“Warumono in his demon or alien form,” Mr. Villain’s Day Off, “Earth is Formidable Indeed,” 2023, (Crunchyroll)

What I’m learning to appreciate about Warumono is that there are layers there. Yes, he is a general, likely one of the top conquerors, and clearly has survived many battles, yet his personality isn’t completely based on going to battle or war. As shown, he has other interests and is slowly but surely developing them.

Also, the more he interacts with humans, the more it seems he wants to make exceptions, which, in terms of dispelling prejudice, because he has integrated into their society, I foresee him eventually setting aside the conquest.

Now, what does that mean for his people? That’s hard to say since we don’t fully know the culture of Warumono’s people, beyond war being taken very seriously, to the point there are days off to recover and long-term strategies. It honestly is quite wild.

Low Points

On The Fence

Discussion Items

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  1. Does anyone else question why the evil organization seems very formal about paperwork, time off, and reports?
  2. How do those part of the Evil League hide their tails?


  1. Tomo-Chan Is A Girl: Also focuses on a lead character who doesn’t meet expectations as we see the softer side to them.

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Mr. Villain's Day Off: Season 1 - Review


Trajectory: Positive (Watch This)

“Mr. Villain’s Day Off” feels like a palate cleanse by being an odd slice of life show featuring the would be final boss, who just wants to enjoy seeing pandas, eating good food, and being serious about his work as much as his relaxation.

  • The Strange Dynamics - 83%
  • Understanding There Is More To Warumono Than Meets the Eye - 83.5%


  • The Strange Dynamics
  • Understanding There Is More To Warumono Than Meets the Eye


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