“Little Voice” is an absolutely adorable show, but if you don’t already have Apple TV+, is it worth another subscription?

Creator Jessie Nelson, Sara Bareilles
Director(s) Jessie Nelson
Writer(s) Jessie Nelson
Aired (Apple TV+) 7/10/2020
Genre Comedy, Drama, Romance, Young Adult, Musical
Introduced This Episode (Character | Actor)
Bess Brittany O’Grady
Prisha Shalini Bathina
Ethan Sean Teale
Louie Kevin Valdez

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Plot Overview

Bess is a lofty pop artist who both sings and writes her own music. However, while her dad sings, and even her brother loves to sing, despite not being good at it, Bess is different. She doesn’t have their confidence, nor their lack of need to receive approval. In fact, after one bad show, and another this episode, it seems she is ready to shrink her dreams and just write songs for others.

However, each person who sees and knows of her dream tries to keep her from diminishing what she can be. But, with Bess the one in control of her destiny, it is up to her to power through if she wants to become more than what she currently is.

Collected Quote(s) or .Gifs

[…] you’re too easy on everyone else and just way too hard on yourself.
— Prisha


Bess and Ethan Have That “Oh, Is This How People Used To Meet And Fall In Love?” Vibe

Taking note we learn Ethan has a girlfriend before that was uncovered, I absolutely loved the idea of Bess and Ethan. Something about him pushed Bess to be bold and want to get out of her comfort zone, and that’s something we usually see a woman do for a man. So that being flipped was a nice change, and though O’Grady is a little bit too demure at times, it makes her becoming more confidant a grander reward.

On The Fence

I Wouldn’t Pay For An Additional Subscription Service To Watch This

With that said, I think you need to have a love for Sara Bareilles as a songwriter, and an enjoyment of awkward moments to appreciate this show. Because, the mellow pop can really dull your senses and as much as you can see interesting storylines with Bess’ brother Louie, Bess’ roommate Prisha, and the will they or won’t they with Ethan, even at $5, before taxes, I don’t know if this show is worth the money.

In our mind, “Little Voice” needs to be a little fish in a big pond. It needs to be a show that isn’t pushed to live up to high expectations, but be part of an existing package that’s paid for and is simply something new to watch. However, with Apple TV+ not really having a steady stream of reasons to maintain a subscription, there is this added pressure for “Little Voice” to delivers, and it isn’t that kind of show. “Little Voice” isn’t made to gain or keep subscribers.

I mean, let’s be frank, musical shows are a dangerous investment, and shows with original music especially. So whether this is one season, two, a big hit or cult favorite will probably be based on whether the music catches on more than anything. For as much potential as we see in the storylines, there isn’t that hook to not make you think you’re better off waiting until all the episodes are released, or using someone else’s account.


Continue To Watch? – It’s Not For Us

First Impression: Pessimistic

The main reason we’re pessimistic about this show is because it’s on a platform that requires you to pay monthly, and it doesn’t necessarily hit it out of the park in episode one. And while we do our best to remember, three episodes are released for a reason, on the other end, there is the problem that, if you weren’t all that interested in Apple TV+ previous to “Little Voice,” this isn’t the show to make you factor a new bill in your life.

Also, while shows need time to show what they offer, considering the amount of competition out there, you shouldn’t expect people to be willing to give you time and a chance. There are way too many shows doing similar things, and some doing them better from the get-go, to think you can take your time and work from the bottom and eventually reach your potential.

So despite O’Grady nailing an awkward, vulnerable character, one that makes you want to see all her friends and family know she can be, it just doesn’t have that hook required to justify even the investment of $5+.

Bess and Ethan Have That "Oh, Is This How People Used To Meet And Fall In Love?" Vibe - 83%
I Wouldn't Pay For An Additional Subscription Service To Watch This - 70%


despite O'Grady nailing an awkward, vulnerable character, one that makes you want to see all her friends and family know she can be, it just doesn't have that hook required to justify even the investment of $5+.

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