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Then Came You (2019) – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Community Rating: 89.21% (15)


Then Came You Ending Explained (Spoilers)

Skye (Maisie Williams) and Calvin (Asa Butterfield) cuddling.

Skye (Maisie Williams) and Calvin (Asa Butterfield)

After a certain point, the tumor which doesn’t shrink, makes it so Skye isn’t able to necessarily walk for long periods and is increasingly weak. Unfortunately, we don’t learn where the origins of Skye’s cancer are, but with her macabre attitude about it, and Calvin being into woodworking, his gift to her is her coffin. A strangely sweet moment, considering what we see in the movie, and it is accepted with as much glee as Skye can give.

But, Calvin isn’t allowed to give the final gift. For while we’re left on a cliffhanger as to whether Izzy can forgive Calvin for not clearing up that he doesn’t have cancer, it seems whatever Skye said may mean she’ll give him a second chance. Though taking note Calvin seems to be heading back to school, Skye may have given him the second chance he truly needed – beyond dating some girl.


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While Skye takes a bit of a minute to get used to, once you fall for the child, as Calvin does, you fall hard. Leading to what once was an annoying character to someone funny, likable, and sadly tragic. Bringing about emotions you may not have expected since, let’s be real, the leads of this film have hit and miss filmographies.

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