The Last Day of School (2019) – Review/Summary (with Spoilers)

What does one do when in need of money, and an old friend offers an illegal but easy way to get it? Which would help your family and relationship immensely?

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Edgaras (Lukas Auksoraitis) at an assembly

What does one do when in need of money, and an old friend offers an illegal but easy way to get it? Which would help your family and relationship immensely?

Director(s) Gabrielė Urbonaitė
Screenplay By Gabrielė Urbonaitė, Tomas Vengris
Date Released 8/13/2021
Where Can You Watch? Video On Demand
Genre(s) Crime, Drama, Romance, Young Adult, Non-English
Duration 15 Minutes
Rating Not Rated
Noted Cast
Edgaras Lukas Auksoraitis
Migle Karolina Kildaite
Viktoras Sarunas Zenkevicius

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Film Summary

Edgaras and Migle are in a relationship that has Migle have the upper hand financially. Because of this, when Edgaras old friend offers the opportunity to make some money by smuggling cigarettes, Edgaras is tempted. But with a wonderful girlfriend, college around the corner, and so much that can be ruined if he and Viktoras get caught, will Edgaras go through with it?

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Cast & Character Guide

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Edgaras (Lukas Auksoraitis)

While smart, Edgaras doesn’t come from a home that has a whole lot of spare income. Hence the water is sometimes turned off, and him having to pitch in when it comes to watching his little brother. But with a future that might give him social mobility, Edgaras’ future is looking bright.

Migle (Karolina Kildaite)

Migle isn’t explicitly said to be from a family with money, but it is shown that she does have enough to cover Edgaras when it comes to activities, and she even asks if he wants help with his household bills. But with him too proud, she tries to focus on who he will be while loving who he is.

Viktoras (Sarunas Zenkevicius)

Unlike Edgaras, Viktoras isn’t focused on school but rather on money. Which, thanks to smuggling cigarettes, he has a notable amount of.

Review/ Commentary

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Investment Into Migle and Edgaras’ Relationship

There is something about a relationship based in love and not status that gets to you. Edgaras hasn’t much to offer but love and good company, and that is all Migle needs. For she has everything she needs. From what it seems, she has money, is on course to be a lawyer, and seems to have her potential realized.

So unlike many young romances, while you recognize a certain level of imbalance, at the same time, it not being imbalanced for the woman, but the man is a nice change.

Understanding Edgaras’ Temptation

While it is beautiful as a viewer to see a relationship that doesn’t have the guy use his money, social status, or something of value to seduce his partner, it also leaves Edgaras at a disadvantage. For as a viewer, you may find it sweet, but in reality, society hasn’t really evolved much when it comes to relationships. A man who doesn’t at least equal his partner, he is looked down upon. So Migle offering to pay Edgaras’ bills, paying so he can join a party, that’s embarrassing.

Then when it comes to Viktoras, you see two different pulls at play. One is the money, of course, but there is also the fact that Edgaras is being pulled further and further into Migle’s world. So hanging with Viktoras isn’t just about money but a form of rebelling and reasserting his identity. Plus, with how safe of a life Migle’s is building for herself and Edgaras in extension, there is also the thrill.

This isn’t to downplay the party Migle’s friends are planning, which I’m sure will have alcohol and maybe drugs, but who knows if Migle dabbles and whether she would approve Edgaras to experiment if she doesn’t partake.


Rating: Positive (Worth Seeing)

What gets to us is that Edgaras and Migle’s relationship is so beautiful, and when it comes to him joining Viktoras on that smuggling run, it is hard to say if it is ego, the thrill, money, or what have you. But what is for sure is that he wanted to be someone who lined up well with Migle, and for that, you forgive him for what can be seen as stupidity.

Leading to why this is rated worth seeing: The Last Day of School presents a wonderful love story complicated by socio-economic factors. The kind which reminds you of the challenges there are for equality in relationships.

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Edgaras (Lukas Auksoraitis) at an assembly
The Last Day of School (2019) – Review/Summary (with Spoilers)
Who Is This For?
Those who enjoy love stories featuring young people, but with the drama dealing external factors that affect the relationship.
Investment Into Migle and Edgaras' Relationship
Understanding Edgaras' Temptation

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