Samantha (Sandra Abuelghanam)
Samantha (Sandra Abuelghanam)

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Plot Summary

Hedgehog, Dummy, and Japan are scientist trying to revive their mother. Hedgehog takes the lead, Japan is his second and handles programming and Dummy? He gets the drugs – so many drugs. Most of which is provided by Dummy’s girlfriend, Samantha.

But, whether the boys might be successful or they have just killed a bunch of animals for nothing, is hard to say. However, Hedgehog believes they are making progress.

Cast and Characters

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Hedgehog Panos Papadopoulos
Dummy Julio Katsis
Japan Aris Balis
Samantha Sandra Abuelghanam


The unethical scientist, the apple of his father’s eye, while Japan has done the programming and seemingly set up the computers, it is Hedgehog’s theories and execution that are getting the time machine somewhere. However, if you speak to Hedgehog, the time machine has become much more.


Unlike his brothers, Dummy doesn’t do much regarding the science of trying to bring their mother back to life. However, he does provide the drugs they want to get inspiration.


Despite being his older brother, Japan is Hedgehog’s right hand, and it seems he handles a lot of the programming aspects of allowing the time machine to operate.


Samantha is Dummy’s girlfriend, or at least he claims she is, but from what it appears, she doesn’t see them as exclusive.


Our Rating: Negative (Acquired Taste)

Good If You Like

  • Supernatural Sci-fi dramas

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Low Points

It’s Not Consistently Engaging

“She Loved Blossoms More” is an incredibly dry movie. Hedgehog and Japan are mood-killing characters who bring no sense of energy or urgency to the film and, even when high on drugs or drunk, aren’t entertaining. As for Dummy, the best thing he does for the film is bring Samantha into it, and, as noted below, her appeal is limited and short-lived, considering the length of the film.

On The Fence

Samantha Livens Things Up, But In A Cheap Way

Samantha has a personality and doesn’t seem like a person in dire need of coffee to start their day, but I would be remiss to say her appeal is limited. She is promiscuous, gets nude, and has sex scenes in the film, and becomes that image which initially drew us into the movie, of the flayed face with an eye in the middle.

But despite the small shots of adrenaline she creates, she cannot overtake the boys and story of this film. As she eventually loses her ability to be the attractive girl who is curious and sleeping around, the film becomes what it was before she showed up—likely one of the dullest sci-fi dramas you’ve ever seen.

Background Information

Film Length 1 Hour 26 Minutes
Date Released June 9, 2024
Distributor Film Festival – Tribeca Festival
Director(s) Yannis Veslemes
Writer(s) Dimitris Emmanouilidis, Yannis Veslemes
Based On Work By N/A
Genre(s) Drama, Sci-Fi, Young Adult, Non-English (Greek)
Content Rating Not Rated
Content Information
Dialog Cursing
Violence Violence Against Animals, Dismemberment, Blood,
Sexual Content Nudity, Sexual Situations
Miscellaneous Depiction of Corpses, Body Horror, Drinking, Drug Use, Smoking

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