Sarah (Jade Pettyjohn)
Sarah (Jade Pettyjohn)

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Plot Summary

The death of Colette was shocking for everyone, but the friend group Mona curated moved on. However, on the eve of an infamous Karmapalooza music festival staging it’s grand comeback, Mona and her friends find themselves potentially subject to a serial killer who hasn’t been caught for 20 years and is the reason the festival shut down.

Cast and Characters

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Colette JoJo Siwa
Mona Jennifer Ens
Liv Ali Fumiko Whitney
Sarah Jade Pettyjohn


Sweet, loving, the type of friend who always had your back, even if a fight was pending, Colette was the best person to have in your corner. Unfortunately, however, she was troubled, and if you go by Mona’s version of events, she ended her own life due to how bad her mental state got.


The Queen Bee of her friend group, Mona is the social media influencer with the agent, the one all the guys lust over and the girls want to be like, which is the position she likes to be in.


Liv is doing her best to walk in Mona’s footsteps, but she struggles to get traction without a viral moment under her belt. However, she hopes Mona can give her some tips.


Sarah is the newest member of Mona’s friend group and came on board after Colette’s death. She is a bit of a sore thumb in the group due to not being overtly sexual, not heavily into drugs, and reading as relatively innocent.

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. The killer is named in the post-screening Q&A as “Consequence,” but in the film, they are referred to as the Seven Deadly Sins Killer (SDSK)


Our Rating: Mixed (Divisive)

Good If You Like

  • Horror comedies

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The Drama

No friend group as large as Mona’s isn’t without drama. For Mona herself is a backstabber and will cut anyone down who could usurp her position. Heck, she will even make out or have sex with someone in the friend group to establish dominance or create a sense of jealousy. So it only makes sense for her to be shady towards Liv, who is trying to build her social media following or feel threatened by Sarah, the group’s newest member.

Never mind the guys involved who, often, aren’t as interesting but still have their role to play as puppets to Mona’s games.

On The Fence

The Kills

While stomachs explode and heads are cut off, something about the deaths feels cheesy more than gruesome. Which, with this being a horror comedy, it pushes the idea that the comedic element is far more important than horror staples.

I mean, even for inventive kills, like the unique placement for a blade we see, while in some ways interesting and different, generally “#AMFAD: All My Friends Are Dead” leans more into tame sex comedy, with drugs, than anything that truly can feel like a horror or thriller, despite the focus of a serial killer picking off the cast.

The End Game Reveal

Let’s just say that on top of setting up a sequel, there is a twist. I wouldn’t say that the twist or the sequel setup are terrible by any means. The issue is that, as characters are offed, and the ways this could end slim down, the ending becomes a tad bit expected.

What also doesn’t help is the grand reveal of why all of this is happening being a bit messy and eventually convoluted. Do you understand certain actions taken by Mona, while everyone else bore witness and didn’t say or do anything, led to the revenge plot? Yes. However, as the film adds layers and decides to make things more and more complicated, it doesn’t present a shocking finale or “A-Ha” moment. Instead, you get an appreciated piece of work that you can tell made an interesting read for the lead actor, but like a lot of the film, it doesn’t necessarily have the intended impact.

Background Information

Film Length 1 Hour 31 Minutes
Date Released June 9, 2024
Distributor Film Festival – Tribeca Festival
Director(s) Marcus Dunstan
Writer(s) Jessica Sarah Flaum, Josh Sims
Based On Work By John Baldecchi
Genre(s) ComedyHorrorThrillerYoung Adult
Content Rating Not Rated

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