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Title Card, Kill Your Lover

In “Kill Your Lover,” we get a literal depiction of a toxic relationship as a couple finds themselves at a crossroad with one wanting to work things out and the other wanting to leave.

Plot Summary

For nearly two years, Dakota and Axel have dated. Dakota was a girl who worked at a bar, had tattoos, was sexually liberal, and formerly was part of a band. Axel was her opposite. He was a bit more conservative, only had sex with three people, including Dakota, and had an office job.

On paper, you’d think this was an opposites-attract relationship, where they balanced each other out. However, as time went on, Dakota realized Axel didn’t want to mesh worlds but force her into his, and thus she realized either she’d have to let who she was die or escape while she still could.

Cast and Character Guide

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Dakota Paige Gilmour
Axel Shane Quigley Murphy


Dakota (Paige Gilmour) getting ready to head to work
Dakota (Paige Gilmour) getting ready to head to work, Kill Your Lover, directed by Alix Austin & Kier Siewert, 2024, (Switchblade Cinema)

Formerly, Dakota was a bit of a wild child. She was part of a local rock band, had multiple partners, was fully exploring her sexuality, and when she wasn’t having fun, she worked at a bar to make ends meet.


Axel (Shane Quigley Murphy) admiring Dakota's wall of pictures
Axel (Shane Quigley Murphy) admiring Dakota’s wall of pictures, Kill Your Lover, directed by Alix Austin & Kier Siewert, 2024, (Switchblade Cinema)

Axel is, for the most part, straight-laced, as is his family. But, originally, what attracts him to Dakota is them being opposites. However, while that was fun in the short term, in the long term, it became clear he wanted her to be more like him than appreciate who she was.

Additional Information

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Content Information

  • Dialog: Cursing
  • Violence: Family Violence, Gore, Blood, Torture, Notable Fight Scenes
  • Sexual Content: Nudity, Sexual Situations (Implied), Depiction of Abuse
  • Miscellaneous: Body Horror, Drinking, Vomiting, Smoking


Our Rating: Positive (Worth Seeing)

Good If You Like

  • Volatile and toxic relationships

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Taking Toxic Relationships To A New Level

What makes “Kill Your Lover” notable is that it goes beyond the requirements to be a decent movie about a toxic and destructive end to a relationship. Yes, Dakota and Axel come off as a beautiful opposites attract couple. Dakota is a wild child who gives Axel permission to explore some of his fantasies and loosen up a bit. In return, Axel provided stability, a push to mature a bit, and if there was truly a mutual appreciation about what the other brought to the table, it could have been a beautiful relationship.

Yet, that isn’t the case in “Kill Your Lover.” As we often see in films like this, there is a shift as time passes, and what formerly was attractive becomes repulsive. Axel being put together becomes a reason why he is boring, doesn’t stimulate Dakota, and even stifles her. Thus creating this monster whose touch burns and leaves this residue.

But it goes both ways. Dakota goes from a fun girlfriend to a liability who doesn’t fit his domestic needs and lacks the maturity to talk through their problems. For someone like Axel, this means a wasted investment and wasting time, money, and effort? That is beyond frustrating, especially when communication has been cut because Dakota has already made up her mind.

Hence the animosity, the toxic masculinity, and in return, her becoming toxic too, for even if mentally and emotionally done, she is still physically there and adapting to her environment. All of which leads to a horror film that puts a distinct spin on saying, “My ex was toxic.”

General Information

Film Length 1 Hour 17 Minutes
Date Released (Digital) June 7, 2024
Distributor Switchblade Cinema
Director(s) Alix Austin & Kier Siewert
Writer(s) Alix Austin & Kier Siewert
Based On Work By N/A
Genre(s) DramaHorrorYoung Adult
Content Rating Not Rated


How Does It End?

With Axel refusing to let Dakota leave, almost in a “You’d have to kill me to leave this apartment,” she does just that. She uses a shard of glass seen from the destruction of the couple’s photo formerly on the wall and cuts out Axel’s heart. Thus ending the toxic relationship and allowing her freedom.

Is There Sequel Or Prequel Potential?

“Kill Your Lover” doesn’t have a sequel built in, but as for a prequel, it could go into Dakota’s wilder years and the rise and fall of her band.

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Kill Your Lover (2024) - Review
Title Card, Kill Your Lover

Movie title: Kill Your Lover

Movie description: In “Kill Your Lover,” we get a literal depiction of a toxic relationship as a couple finds themselves at a crossroad with one wanting to work things out and the other wanting to leave.

Date Released: June 7, 2024

Country: United States

Duration: 1 Hour 17 Minutes

Author: Amari Allah

Director(s): Alix Austin, Kier Siewert

Actor(s): Paige Gilmour, Shane Quigley Murphy

Genre: Drama, Horror, Young Adult,

Official Site


While some may see it as a bit on the nose, the depiction of someone becoming literally toxic, “Kill Your Lover,” does a wonderful job of showing opposites don’t always attract. This is especially true if someone doesn’t like or love the real you; they just want to control a watered-down version.

  • Taking Toxic Relationships To A New Level - 81%
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  • Taking Toxic Relationships To A New Level


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