Kill (2024)

Amrit (Lakshya) being threatened

“Kill” may seem like your straight forward beat em’ up, but it provides so much more than that, to the point of putting all action films released after it on notice.

“Kill” Plot Summary

Amrit is a commando for India’s military, and no sooner than he gets time off, he learns his beloved, Tulika, has just become engaged to another man due to her father. Ready and willing to cause controversy and elope, Amrit follows them onto a train, which, unfortunately, is filled with at least two dozen bandits.

Their leader, Fani, is charismatic and overtly ambitious, and once he learns who Tulika and her dad are, he thinks he has struck riches. But, as he loses control over the situation and tries to reassert his power, people get hurt and killed, and Amirit finds himself switching from focusing on the woman he wishes to wed to protecting people whose lives are at risk.

Cast and Character Guide

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Amrit Lakshya
Tulika Tanya Maniktala
Fani Raghav Juyal
Siddhi Parth Tiwari


A commando with a heart of gold, Amrit just wants to be with Tulika and raise a family. However, he knows there is an uphill battle between his position and hers, but he is ready to go through the mud to reach that apex.


Tulika comes from a wealthy family renowned throughout India, and this has left her with certain expectations. Yet, even if Amrit isn’t a rich man monetarily, his heart produces endless love. So, while Tulika would never embarrass her family, she would do whatever it takes to steer them to see Amrit is the one.


The son of the bandit’s leader, Fani, there is no denying that he is charismatic and even comical. However, he also has an ego, humor, and willingness for violence that will either lead him to lead the family or cause its collapse.


Siddhi is Fani’s family’s biggest and strongest member and is like an Indian Juggernaut. He quickly turns the tides against Amrit’s attempts to be a hero and makes it seem he, not Fani, is the final boss.

Content Information

  • Dialog: Cursing
  • Violence: Gun Violence, Gore, Blood, Torture, Notable Fight Scenes
  • Sexual Content: N/A
  • Miscellaneous: Depiction of Corpses, Body Horror, Drinking, Vomiting


Our Rating: Positive (Worth Seeing)Recommended

Good If You Like

  • Grimace worthy action
  • Violent films that have more to give than blood and fighting

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The Sound

It’s easy to become accustomed to violence, including blood and gore. However, add in the right punch of sound—no pun intended—and then combat makes you squirm. For films like “Kill, “ this is the difference between being a run-of-the-mill, get-your-fix type of action film and one that’s memorable.

For example, eight years after its release, we still use “Atomic Blonde” to compare good sound design to the plethora of other action films that allow you to build a tolerance and become numb to people being punched and shot.

That doesn’t happen in “Kill.” Whether there is a weapon in someone’s hands or they are using their bare first, you hear it, you feel it, and you tighten your face upon nearly every impact.


While Amrit faces 24+ men throughout the movie, all of whom he has to take down in inventive ways, Saddhi is not just another face or random name. This giant, with whom Amrit has multiple rounds, deserves an individualized spotlight.

Why? Because he represents both the brutality “Kill” offers, the softer side of it, and in some ways, the gray. As gone into the next topic, “Kill” isn’t just Amrit trying to protect and rescue Tulika and her family; it is also Fani’s family, including Saddhi, trying to make money, for they may dress nice, but they are poor. Robbing people is their livelihood and with them being a family, it means one being hurt, one being killed in some graphic way, it affects each and every one of them.

So, with Saddhi, to see this man go from manhandling Amrit to crying and getting emotional, leading him to have a similar bounce back as Amrit gets when his adrenaline starts pumping, reminds you that things aren’t always as black and white as they appear. In some ways, you could see Saddhi being the protagonist in another light.

It’s Not Devoid of Emotion

“Kill” is an all-in-one type of film. It will make you gasp, wince, cry, applaud, and may even get your adrenaline going. This isn’t yet another film where a man is wronged, or someone he loves, and he finds himself able to take an insane amount of punches, kicks, being stabbed, and more, as if nothing happened. Similar to a wrestling match, what happens in and outside the fight has an emotional story to it.

Amrit wants to prove himself to Tulika’s family, and what better way to show he is worthy than protecting not only her but also her sister, mother, and father? On top of that, Fani and Siddhi, as Amrit begins to go ballistic to protect his loved ones, lose theirs and even if they are the would-be villains, you can tell some aren’t mindless fighters or henchmen. Many are just trying to afford the basics, and they recognize the real danger they are in facing Amrit.

But, unlike paid henchmen, what the would-be villains stay for isn’t money but to keep their cousin, their uncle, their father, or brother alive. There is a bond there that makes it so, even if you don’t learn that man’s name, you can recognize his hurt and while Amrit never loses his standing as a hero, similar to a Marvel movie, you are forced to recognize the collateral damage caused by the hero getting justice. Thus adding a level of complexity that wasn’t expected, and there being more emotional depth to the film than just Amrit wanting to protect the girl he loves so they can get her father’s blessing.

General Information

Film Length 1 Hour 55 Minutes
Date Released (Theatrical) July 4, 2024
Distributor Lionsgate Films
Director(s) Nikhil Nagesh Bhat
Writer(s) Nikhil Nagesh Bhat, Ayesha Syed
Based On Work By N/A
Genre(s) ActionCrimeDramaThrillerNon-English (Hindi)
Content Rating Rated R

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Kill (2024) - Review
Amrit (Lakshya) being threatened

Movie title: Kill

Movie description: A man in love with the daughter of a affluent man, in pursuit of winning him over, faces over 20 bandits threatening her and her family, and he does whatever it takes to protect and win them over.

Date Released: July 4, 2024

Country: United States

Duration: 1 Hour 55 Minutes

Author: Amari Allah

Director(s): Nikhil Nagesh Bhat

Actor(s): Lakshya, Tanya Maniktala, Raghav Juyal, Parth Tiwari

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller, Non-English (Hindi)

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“Kill” is a rare-to-find action film. It knows it needs some type of driver or catalyst to spark the action, but it doesn’t just have a huge pop and send its lead into a blind rage. It knows how to build up to moments, get viewers emotionally invested, and make it clear that our protagonist is only the hero since things are set from his point of view. In reality, there is a lot of gray, and with each villain dying, you’re reminded they aren’t just someone whose name you didn’t catch, but a brother, an uncle, a father, much more than just a person part of a cool, but brutal, action sequence.

  • The Sound - 88%
  • Saddhi - 85%
  • It’s Not Devoid of Emotion - 84%
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  • It’s Not Devoid of Emotion
  • Saddhi
  • The Sound


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