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Nobody’s Fool – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Nobody’s Fool shows Tiffany Haddish at her best and shows what Tyler Perry can do when he doesn’t limit his comedy style to PG-13 and below.

Director(s)Tyler Perry
Written ByTyler Perry
Date Released11/1/2018
Genre(s)Comedy, Romance
Good If You LikeTiffany Haddish

Comedy Featuring Vulgarity, Raunchiness, Some Stoner Comedy, and Wild Code Switching

Black Romance, Even If The Romance Isn’t Pedestal Worthy

Noted Cast
DanicaTika Sumpter
LolaWhoopi Goldberg
TanyaTiffany Haddish
CallieAmber Riley
CharleyMehcad Brooks
LawrenceChris Rock
FrankOmari Hardwick

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Summary (Ending on 2nd Page)

Jersey girl Danica has worked hard to climb the corporate ladder at her job. Also, her momma Lola worked hard so she could get as far as she did. So, upon Danica’s sister Tanya getting out of jail, after a 5-year bid, she’s expected to take care of her. Especially since Lola got robbed by Tanya before and she is growing too much weed to not expect Tanya to try to sell it.

So, Tanya ends up living with Danica and thanks to Tanya’s best friend Callie spilling all her business to Tanya, it leads to quite a bit of drama. Be it a situation with this guy Charley, her pushing this guy Frank to be more aggressive with Danica, and Tanya pushing Danica to express herself. For before Charley came into her life, Danica was but a few days from expecting to be married.

Leaving us to wonder, between a major promotion opportunity at work, Tanya, and juggling the men in her life, will Danica need to ask her mom for a strain of weed which doesn’t show up on a drug test?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Um, what happened to Frank’s ex and kid? We see them once then never again.
  2. Was Danica or Tanya the oldest?
  3. What happened to Danica’s daddy exactly?
  4. Do Danica and Tanya have different fathers? The way Danica talks sometimes, it makes you wonder.
  5. What led to Tanya going down the road she did and which crime actually landed her in prison?
  6. Did Danica get that promotion or nah?


Tiffany Haddish

Tanya (Tiffany Haddish) being nasty.
Tanya (Tiffany Haddish)

After the lackluster Uncle Drew and trying to flex her non-comedic abilities in Night School, Nobody’s Fool brings you the Tiffany Haddish that we met in Girl’s Trip. The only difference is, she is unbridled. I’m talking, full on ghetto, ratchet, what have you. Tyler Perry wrote her to be that hood chick who gives no f***s and is a tad ignorant, yeah. However, you understand what she is saying one way or another. Either because of context clues or because she is threatening you.

On The Fence

Like An Action Movie, The Story Of This Comedy Is Just Good Enough To Give Space Between Laughs

I won’t pretend that Danica doesn’t have some cute moments with Frank, and that Frank getting emotional at times won’t make you “Aw.” However, by no means is their story a selling point. In fact, after a while, you might get tired of listening to her talk about her list, her indecision about who she wants to be with, and all that.

If only because Tiffany Haddish dominated this movie in such a way that no one could compete. You either are her scene partner, usually setting up her next joke, or someone the audience sits through waiting for Haddish to comeback. Because, even with all Frank does and how Danica treats him, you just don’t see the kind of chemistry needed between Hardwick and Sumpter to look at them as #Goals. They are just two beautiful people pretending to be attracted to one another on screen.

Overall: Mixed (Divisive) | Purchase On (Fandango)

Callie (Amber Riley) side eyeing Danica.
Callie (Amber Riley)

The only reason to see this is because Tiffany Haddish gets to go off the rails while still being bridled enough to be consistently funny. As for everything else the movie offers? Don’t get me wrong, other people have comical moments from Amber Riley to the legendary Whoopi Goldberg. The problem is, eventually there comes a point where the movie wants to focus on Danica’s love life, without the jokes, and we begin to see the one true flaw of the film. Be it Perry or the actors, the only thing this movie’s romance has is attractive people. In terms of chemistry, you being envious, or anything like that? That’s absent. Hence the mixed label.

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