Nobody's Fool - Title Card

Nobody’s Fool Ending (Spoilers)

Jersey girl Danica has worked hard to climb the corporate ladder at her job. Also, her momma Lola worked hard so she could get as far as she did. So, upon Danica’s sister Tanya getting out of jail, after a 5-year bid, she’s expected to take care of her. Especially since Lola got robbed by Tanya before and she is growing too much weed to not expect Tanya to try to sell it.

So, Tanya ends up living with Danica and thanks to Tanya’s best friend Callie spilling all her business, Tanya does some digging. Leading to, with the help of the Catfish people, learning Charley is actually a man named Lawrence (Chris Rock). Though, we come to find out, despite thinking Charley was fake, the truth is Charley was using Lawrence to get a phone because his credit was so bad. But, to make matters worse, while Charley is a good talker on the phone, he sucks in person – including in bed.

That is, unlike Frank who has been pushing up on Tanya for years but because he didn’t fit her list. One which doesn’t include men with records, like Frank, and with baby mommas, like Frank. Yet, after a whole lot of stuff goes down in Danica’s life, including Charley not calling, she has sex with Frank and enjoys it – immensely.

And, so it seems, the right d*** helped her get her life back together. Problem is, that list thing pesters the hell out of Danica for it worked for her mom so she thinks it should work for her. However, with Lola straight up saying how no list matters for that dude going to likely have something which annoys the hell out of you, there is no real point. Just love and be loved, which is all Tanya has tried to say. Just while sometimes calling people the n-word or a b****.

Thus leading to Danica and Frank finally getting together and her doing well on an assigned project.

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