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New Quote Compilations

The Mother of Black Hollywood


When people say “love,” they mean it transactionally, right? I love you as long as you do things that make me feel good. If you don’t do the things that make me feel good, or if you, even worse, do something that makes me feel bad, I don’t love you. […] I’m going to disconnect.
— Will | Red Table Talk s1e12

I used to think that if you don’t need somebody then you can’t love them. […] And if you’re not needed, then you’re not loved. That was a false belief I had.
— Jada | Red Table Talk s1e12

We expect people to love us more than we love ourselves. We expect people to do the work for us.
— Jada | Red Table Talk s1e12

‘Cause what happened was, our characters were trying to have a relationship, and if you’re going to wear a mask, then the person’s trying to love your mask, right? They’re trying to love the image that you’re presenting, but that’s not what you really need.
— Will | Red Table Talk s1e12

“Babe.” You said, “Babe” was a default for unimaginative lovers.
— Joe | You s1e8

Love for me isn’t what I can give you. Love for me is what I’m willing to sacrifice for you.
— Kebba | Ready To Love s1e1

The more you want me the less I want you.
— Beck | You s1e7

You’re my first love. I just don’t know if you’re my only love.
— Mia | After Everything

Anyone will continue to leech off you if you continue to give.
Cocoa Brown – The Breakfast Club (10.16.2018)

You may not meet me dollar for dollar but you damn sure gonna meet me hustle for hustle.
Cocoa Brown – The Breakfast Club (10.16.2018)

When I was drinking, I had no problem meeting people. […] But now that I have standards, I think I’ll just stay single forever.
— Jules| Sorry For Your Loss s1e8

The funny thing about it, is that it’s [love] the very thing that we were created for, yet it’s the place we struggle the most.
—Niecy Nash | Black Love s2e5

“He will always prepare you for, what he has prepared for you”
– Niecy Nash | Black Love s2e5

If you are out there and you want to attract somebody, fall in love with yourself.
– Tina Lawson | Black Love s2e5

Go where the memories are.
— Sorry For Your Loss s1e10

Mental/Emotional Health

Sophia crying.

I don’t want to stop feeling, I want to stop hurting.
— Sabrina | Chilling Adventures of Sabrina s1e10

Happiness isn’t the absence of sadness. It’s living and it’s being in the mystery and the adventure of this life in God’s world with others, with God.
— Bishop James | Greenleaf s2e9

Sympathy is not a currency. It is not to be traded, it is a feeling.
— Mae | Greenleaf s3e8

Not one drop of my self-wroth depends on your acceptance of me.
— Quincy

Good memories are like a beautiful song. You don’t ever want them to end.
— Dr. Glassman | The Good Doctor s2e4

Maybe you’re confusing baggage with experience.
— The Good Doctor s2e4

My brokenness created all my discomfort.
— Jada | Red Table Talk s1e12


“I’d rather say, ‘I’m sorry I did’ rather than ‘I wish I had,’ you know?
— Quincy

Strange as it may seem to you, sometimes waiters get a seat at the table.
—Samuel | Elite s1e1


I ain’t made it, but I got a few dollars.
— Karlous Miller – The Breakfast Club (10.23.2018)

[…] when you don’t have money, honesty’s a luxury you can’t afford.
— Lu | Elite s1e5

Perspective & Outlook

Cyrus owning the fact he is failing a class.
Cyrus: I’m just gonna own my truth and sit in it for a second.

Can’t get rid of no storm with thunder on your back.
— Miss Bruce | Star s3e5

Expectations are the mother of disappointment.
— Will | Red Table Talk s1e12

I am, because I must.
— Blythe | You s1e8

Einstein said that life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you always need to move ahead.
— Carolina | How To Get Over a Breakup

You don’t truly know a person, until they don’t get what they want.
Jeannie Mai – The Breakfast Club (10.12.2018)

I can’t believe people ever lie. There are so many questions people might ask you but if you tell the truth, you already know the answers.
— Shaun | The Good Doctor s2e2

Lies don’t protect you from the truth.
— Paul | The Good Doctor s2e2

I can’t be honest if I don’t know how I feel.
— Shaun | The Good Doctor s2e2

When the truth can’t help someone, we should lie.
— Shaun | The Good Doctor s2e2

The best people are broken.
— Danny | Sorry For Your Loss s1e8

When tyranny is law, revolution is order.
— Elite s1e4

You have to go to the scariest place to find out who are you, who you’re gonna be.
— Amy | Sorry For Your Loss s1e10

The worst that could happen to us, maybe the best thing that’s ever happened to us.
— Nano | Elite s1e6

Some people got forethought. They got enough sense to move out of the way when a truck is coming. Other people got hindsight. Best they can do is get the license plate number after they got run other. Some people got neither.
— Percy | Greenleaf s3e8

I have a thing, I recognize when I see a person, if our relationship can be exponential.
— Will Smith | Red Table Talk s1e11

You’re only supposed to start missing things after you say goodbye to them, right?
— Sabrina | Chilling Adventures of Sabrina s1e1

If I keep doing the same thing, I’m gonna get the same thing.
— Dr. Lexy | Ready To Love s1e2


Zelda sipping her morning brew.
Zelda sipping her morning brew.

You always managed to coax flowers out of the hard ground of fact.
— James | Greenleaf s3e6

Sober don’t mean selfish.
—Miss Bruce | Star s3e5


Sometimes the more generous act is to just keep things to yourself.
— Sabrina | Sorry For Your Loss s1e7

“Imagination is a weapon. Those who lack it are first to die.”
— Goblin Slayer s1e2

We’re just here to make sure no story ends before it should.
— Buck | 9-1-1 s2e6

I have to be the thing that I’m asking for and if I can be it, then I can create it.
— Jada | Red Table Talk s1e12

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