Instant Family – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Instant Family Ending (Spoilers)

Instant Family - Title Card Alternate

How Does The Movie End For Pete & Ellie

After Carla doesn’t show up to get her kids back, Pete and Ellie end up, after a few months, getting to adopt Lizzy, Juan, and Lita.

How Does The Movie End For Kimmy & Russ

Taking their cue from Pete and Ellie, and seeing how they are with their kids, they decide to adopt. We’re not told if they had the same struggles Pete and Ellie had, but they seem fine.

How Does The Movie End For Juan & Lita

After their mother, who they weren’t as connected to as Lizzy, doesn’t show up, they quickly about face and are ready to go home. Meaning, back to Pete and Ellie’s house. For they long have given them the title of mom and dad so the adoption ends up a formality for them.

How Does The Movie End For Lizzy

Between running off the 22-year-old janitor, the letter Ellie wrote, and her realizing her mom may never take the initiative to fight for her kids, she accepts and learns to love Pete and Ellie. Not as placeholders or babysitters, but as people who truly love and care for her. No matter how much she might drive them up the wall.

How Does The Movie End For Karen & Sharon

The dynamic duo ends things happily seeing a whole bunch of kids, not just Pete and Ellie’s, settled into their possible forever families and being happy they were able to support their journeys.

How Does The Movie End For Sandy

With grandkids and a closer relationship to Lizzy than her other new grandma, Sandy is as happy as can be and makes sure to insert herself into as many family moments as possible.

How Does The Movie End For Carla

Unfortunately, it seems Carla has relapsed and is in no state to take care of her kids. She tried, mostly because Lizzy pushed her and filled out the paperwork, but with only a few months of sobriety, she isn’t ready. Add on a record and struggles we probably don’t know even the slightest bit of, and it isn’t clear if she may ever be ready or willing.


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