Title Card, Close To You
Title Card, Close To You

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Plot Summary

It has been four years since Sam went home to Cobourg, and everyone was immensely worried when they left, from their mother, Miriam, to their father, Jim and their siblings. However, they returned for their father’s birthday, and with their arrival came many trying to reconcile the Sam they knew with the one in front of them.

Cast and Characters

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Sam Elliot Page
Miriam Wendy Crewson
Jim Peter Outerbridge
Katherine Hillary Baack
Paul                David Reale


Sam (Elliot Page)
Sam (Elliot Page)

Sam is a trans man who has been living their truth for around four years away from their family.


Miriam is Sam’s mother.

  • The actor is also known for their role in “Tracker.”


Jim is Sam’s father.

  • The actor is also known for their role in “Level 16.”


Katharine is Sam’s high school best friend, who they are still cool with, but things are awkward now. Sam still harbours a bit of a crush, but Katherine is married with two kids.


Paul is Sam’s brother-in-law, who likes to think he is addressing the elephant in the room and asking uncomfortable questions, but Sam thinks he just wants to antagonize them.


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Better To Have An Alive Son Than Cling To A Dead Child

For any parent, changes from the child whose diaper you changed to the rebellious or moody teenager to them becoming an adult is challenging. Adding the layer of them not only identifying but physically transforming from one gender presentation to another can be a lot. However, as shown between Sam’s family and their high school best friend Katherine, the focus should be on the person you love above all.

Yes, as shown by Miriam, you may stumble on using she over he, or he over she, but there is a certain level of leeway. After all, you’re comparing decades of knowing them as Sammy, using she, and after a multi-year absence, now you are just calling them Sam, and he. However, Sam’s interaction with Paul shows a difference between breaking old habits and dealing with changes vs. openly antagonizing someone and putting them on the defense.

Never mind, having it where, like Sam, because you feel uncomfortable, you feel you have to leave vs. the person causing issues. It all is played out in such a way that makes Miriam and Jim become perhaps one of the most notable parents in a film like this, despite not delivering overtly dramatic performances.

For at the end of the day, they, like Sam’s siblings, saw how down they were, feared they would commit suicide, and would rather make adjustments and adapt to who Sam is now than for the next time they see Sam being in a casket.

On The Fence

Katherine and Sam’s Relationship

Katherine (Hillary Baack)
Katherine (Hillary Baack)

While Sam’s relationship with their family garners far more interest, you can’t discount the time spent on their relationship with Katherine. Though she, too, is adjusting to Sam not being the person they knew in high school, what leads their relationship to become a bruise on the film is that there is supposed to be something romantic there. Unfortunately, the chemistry doesn’t go beyond the script.

Why? Well, first off, Katherine is married, with two kids, and while Katherine’s relationship with her husband has this awkwardness that almost feels like there are domestic violence issues, nothing is confirmed. In fact, we only see her husband maybe in two scenes.

Secondly, there is just nothing there to latch onto. Yes, we will acknowledge that Katherine’s feelings for Sam, no matter how they present themselves, are cute. However, the scenes Sam and Katherine share have an unease to them that doesn’t push this is them acknowledging old teen feelings or what was old feeling new again. It just has this vibe that Katherine is in an unhappy marriage and Sam makes Katherine feel things she may not with her husband. Then, with Sam noting they aren’t dating, seemingly just getting used to their body not only matching how they see it but also enjoying experiencing sex with multiple people, you aren’t pushed to see this as more than Sam wanting to be with an old flame.

Now, could someone see this as Sam couldn’t find anyone in the city because Katherine was the one? Yes. But even as someone who loves romance and getting second-hand butterflies, I don’t see it for these two.

Background Information

Film Length 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Date Released 5/30/2024
Distributor Greenwich Entertainment
Director(s) Dominic Savage
Writer(s) Dominic Savage
Based On Work By Dominic Savage, Elliot Page
Genre(s) DramaRomanceLGBT+
Content Rating Not Rated
Content Information
Dialog Cursing
Violence N/A
Sexual Content N/A
Miscellaneous Drinking

Other Noteworthy Information

  1. It’s official release date is August 23rd, 2024. However, you can watch it now via NewFest until June 3rd.

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Close To You (2024) Movie Review
Title Card, Close To You

Movie title: Close To You (2024)

Movie description: Starring Elliot Page, known for “The Umbrella Academy”, in this NewFest Pride release, Page plays a transman returning home for the first time in 4 years since transitioning and dealing with their friends and family awkwardly trying to reintegrate back into his life.

Date Released: May 30, 2024

Country: United States

Duration: 1 Hour 40 Minutes

Author: Amari Allah

Director(s): Dominic Savage

Actor(s): Elliot Page, Wendy Crewson, Peter Outerbridge, Hillary Baack, David Reale

Genre: Drama, Romance, LGBT+


While there is an utter lack of trans male representation in media, even with the existing scarcity, I wouldn’t say “Close To You” is just what was needed. If anything, while its creation is worth applause, at best, it could hold you over until something better comes around.

  • Better To Have An Alive Son Than Cling To A Dead Child - 82%
  • Katherine and Sam’s Relationship - 73%
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  • Better To Have An Alive Son Than Cling To A Dead Child


  • Katherine and Sam’s Relationship

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