The Cast and Characters of Netflix’s The Hookup Plan (Plan Couer)

The Hook-Up Plan (Plan Coeur) Season 1 Episode 1 The Secret Plan [Series Premiere] - Title Card
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The following list the actors and character of the Netflix program The Hookup Plan (Plan Couer) and gives a brief description of their character and their status throughout the series (with spoilers).

Characters description and pictures used are changed as notable information is presented and better screenshots are taken.

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Zita Hanrot Plays Elsa

Elsa (Zita Hanrot) in The Hookup Plan
Elsa (Zita Hanrot)

First Noted In: Season 1/ Episode 1 “The Secret Plan” [Series Premiere]

The bi-racial Elsa is a bit hard to describe at times. There is this desire to describe her as a nerd, and yet she doesn’t fit into most of those boxes. Also, there you may want to call her shy, but she comes off quite social. So, to say the least, Elsa definitely is someone who can come off a bit eccentric – yet still approachable. However, when it comes to love, you begin to see why shy and nerd come into play. If only because she has the awkwardness of a nerd and appears shy in the form of still being stuck on her ex, for two years, and not really putting herself out there.

Yet, that all changes after Charlotte makes a move.

Other Noteworthy Facts

  1. Elsa turns 30 in the first season.
  2. Elsa has a sister who her mom favored to the point she doesn’t know if her mother loves her (Noted in Season 1/ Episode 4)

Sabrina Ouazani Plays Charlotte

Charlotte (Sabrina Ouazani) in The Hookup Plan
Charlotte (Sabrina Ouazani)

First Noted In: Season 1/ Episode 1 “The Secret Plan” [Series Premiere]

Charlotte is what could be seen as a free spirit. Though certainly not promiscuous, she does take a more liberal approach to sex than her friends Elsa and Emilie. Hence her not seeing a problem with buying a hooker, Jules, for Elsa. Just to keep her vagina from closing up.

Marc Ruchmann Plays Jules

Jules (Marc Ruchmann) when he first meets Elsa.
Jules (Marc Ruchmann)

First Noted In: Season 1/ Episode 1 “The Secret Plan” [Series Premiere]

All we know in episode 1 is Jules is a top dollar sex worker. Someone who claims to be a preschool teacher, but who knows if that is just a backstory Charlotte gave him.

Other Noteworthy Facts

  • Jules’ real name is Julio, he is 31 (born 9/24/1987), he’s 6 foot, 12.5 stone and he became a gigolo to help his mom. He got paid 160 euro an hour, worked two hours a day, and has been doing this work for 4 years. His clients ranged from 23 to 72 and there have been 573. (Noted in Season 1/ Episode 7)

Josephine Drai Plays Emilie (Milou)

Emilie (Josephine Drai) in The Hook up Plan
Emilie (Josephine Drai)

First Noted In: Season 1/ Episode 1 “The Secret Plan” [Series Premiere]

Pregnant, happily with the child’s father, one could argue that Emilie seems to have her life together. She even seems to be a manager, or owner, of a construction company. If not a designer or architecture firm. Yet, despite having her life together, don’t think she is high and mighty. If anything, Emilie comes off as someone who has lived life, made mistakes, still enjoys having a moderate bit of fun, but is adapting what that means per her situation.

Other Noteworthy Facts

  1. Emilie comes from a rich, and conservative, family.

Guillaume Labbe Plays Max

Max talking to Jules.
Max (Guillaume Labbe)

First Noted In: Season 1/ Episode 1 “The Secret Plan” [Series Premiere]

Elsa’s ex Max seems like an okay guy. Nothing about him, in the first episode anyway, makes him seem like an utter jerk. It is just her and Elsa, for one reason or another, ultimately didn’t work out.

Syrus Shahidi Plays Antoine

Antoine (Syrus Shahidi) at his place of work.
Antoine (Syrus Shahidi)

First Noted In: Season 1/ Episode 2 “The Sloppy Plan”

Antoine is Emilie’s boyfriend who she is pregnant by and lives with. He has a job in the medical field and is the sole reason his sister, Charlotte, isn’t currently homeless. Also, it should be noted he has a rather close relationship to his sister and also with his co-worker Manon. Both perhaps a bit too close.

Karina Testa Plays Manon

Manon when confronted by Emilie.
Manon (Karina Testa)

First Noted In: Season 1/ Episode 2 “The Sloppy Plan”

She is Antoine’s co-worker and based off how she is introduced, and Antoine secretly texting her, you’d be led to believe she might be Antoine’s side piece.

Yvan Naubron Plays Angele (Roman)

Angele aka Roman - (Yvan Naubron) talking to Jules
Angele (Roman) – Yvan Naubron

First Noted In: Season 1/ Episode 3

Angele (how Anita refers to him – but Roman in the credits) is Jules best friend and roommate. He seemingly is an actor, mostly doing extra work, and might also be doing sex work like Jules.

Nanou Garcia Plays Anita

Anita (Nanou Garcia) talking to Jules and Angele.
Anita (Nanou Garcia)

First Noted In: Season 1/ Episode 3

Jules’ mother who he helps take care of and is, herself, a caretaker.

Tom Dingler Plays Matthieu

First Noted In: Season 1/ Episode 3

Antoine’s friend, Charlotte’s secret boyfriend, who used to own a pastry shop and was considered big time by all his friends. However, between a deal which didn’t go through and his spending habits, he ended up broke.

Alexia Barlier Plays Gaia

Gaia (Alexia Barlier) talking to Max.
Gaia (Alexia Barlier)

First Noted In: Season 1/ Episode 5 “The Party Plan”

Gaia is introduced to us as both Max’s fiance, and the person he cheated on Elsa with. Despite how she is introduced though, she seems like a nice person.

Stéphanie Murat Plays Audrey

Audrey (Stephanie Murat) at Elsa's birthday party.
Audrey (Stephanie Murat)

First Noted In: Season 1/ Episode 5 “The Party Plan”

Elsa and Anaïs’ mother who clearly favors Anaïs and makes Elsa feel bad about not being like her sister, especially in term of being as thin as her.

Anne Depétrini Plays Valérie

Valerie (Anne Depetrini) talking to Jules.
Valerie (Anne Depetrini)

First Noted In: Season 1/ Episode 6 “The Lame Plan”

Valérie is one of Jules consistent clients but she seems to care about him beyond sex. Hence her helping with his cover of being a preschool teacher.

Aude Legastelois Plays Anaïs

Anais (Aude Legastelois) smiling
Anais (Aude Legastelois)

First Noted In: Season 1/ Episode 6 “The Lame Plan”

Elsa’s accomplished sister who is often traveling and despite the favoritism their mom shows, it’s clear she cares for her little sister deeply. She even gave her the nickname “Dumpling.” Something which might be a possible dig.

Ludivine De Chastenet Plays Chantal

Chantal (Ludivine De Chastenet) talking to Emilie when she visits.
Chantal (Ludivine De Chastenet)

First Noted In: Season 1/ Episode 7 “The Solo Plan”

Who Is Chantal

Chantal is Elsa’s co-worker at city hall and one of the integral players in her not getting back with Max and instead being with Jules. Mostly through her friendship with Roman.

Jean-Michel Martial Plays Philippe

Philippe (Jean-Michel Martial) giving Elsa advice.
Philippe (Jean-Michel Martial)

First Noted In: Season 1/ Episode 7 “The Solo Plan”

Who Is Philippe

Anais and Elsa’s father who isn’t really featured much in season 1. We know he does yoga, is single, and has a home office where he sees clients. Also, he probably dotes on Elsa a bit more than Anais.

Season/ EpisodeSynopsisDirector, Writer, and Introduced Actors

Season 1/ Episode 8 “The Exit Plan”

I hope you like cliffhangers because, that is what The HookUp Plan (Plan Coeur) leaves us with.

Director(s)Renaud Bertrand
Writer(s)Julien Teisseire
Air Date12/7/2018

Season 1/ Episode 7 “The Solo Plan”

This episode is all about the fallout and everyone trying to piece themselves back together. With a few looking to heal old wounds.

Director(s)Renaud Bertrand
Writer(s)Julien Teisseire
Air Date12/7/2018
Introduced This Episode
ChantalLudivine De Chastenet
PhilippeJean-Michel Martial

Season 1/ Episode 6 “The Lame Plan”

Everyone’s secret is revealed and it is time to see if anyone will have a friendship or relationship when all is said and done.

Director(s)Renaud Bertrand
Writer(s)Julie Teisseire, Scott Weinger
Air Date12/7/2018
Introduced This Episode
AnaïsAude Legastelois
ValérieAnne Depétrini

Season 1/ Episode 5 “The Party Plan”

It’s the episode which features Elsa’s birthday party! Which goes well, at least for Elsa.

Director(s)Renaud Bertrand
Writer(s)Julien Teisseire, Scott Weinger
Air Date12/7/2018
Introduced This Episode
GaiaAlexia Barlier
AudreyStéphanie Murat

Season 1/ Episode 3 “The Booty Plan”

Charlotte gets Emilie on board with the Jules scenario and the guys struggle with keeping up appearances.

Director(s)Noémie Saglio
Writer(s)Noémie Saglio, Julien Teisseire
Air Date12/7/2018
First Time Noted
Angele (Roman)Yvan Naubron
AnitaNanou Garcia
MatthieuTom Dingler

Season 1/ Episode 4 “The Love Plan”

While the complete and utter truth doesn’t come out, people are working their way to that. Ripping one band-aid off at a time.

Director(s)Noémie Saglio
Writer(s)Noémie Saglio, Julie Teisseire
Air Date12/7/2018

Season 1/ Episode 1 "The Secret Plan"

The Hookup Plan definitely comes off as an interesting watch as a woman buys her friend a high-class hooker to end her 25-month dry spell.

CreatorChris Lang, Noémie Saglio, Julie Teisseire
Director(s)Noémie Saglio
Writer(s)Chris Lang, Noémie Saglio, Julie Teisseire
Air Date12/7/2018
Good If You Like

Shows focused on female friendships.

Shows Focused On Women Not Fresh Out Of College but Not Middle Aged Either.

A Bit of Hijinks

Introduced This Episode
ElsaZita Hanrot
CharlotteSabrina Ouazani
JulesMarc Ruchmann
EmilieJosephine Drai
MaxGuillaume Labbe

Season 1/ Episode 2 "The Sloppy Plan"

As Jules struggles to fulfill Charlotte’s wishes, Charlotte also deals with her money issues.

Director(s)Noémie Saglio
Writer(s)Chris Lang, Noémie Saglio, Julie Teisseire
Air Date12/7/2018
Introduced This Episode
AntoineSyrus Shahidi
ManonKarina Testa

How each character’s story ends each season is on page 2 – Spoilers!

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