Charlotte gets Emilie on board with the Jules scenario and the guys struggle with keeping up appearances.

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Charlotte gets Emilie on board with the Jules scenario and the guys struggle with keeping up appearances.

Director(s) Noémie Saglio
Writer(s) Noémie Saglio, Julien Teisseire
Air Date 12/7/2018
First Time Noted
Angele (Roman) Yvan Naubron
Anita Nanou Garcia
Matthieu Tom Dingler

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One Is Getting Married, One Is Broke, The Other Is Having Second Thoughts: Matthieu, Max, Antoine, Emilie, Charlotte

Though the men aren’t the big to do stars of the show, this doesn’t mean they don’t have their issues. Matt is apparently going broke, for reasons which are still slowly being peeled back. Max, who apparently cheated on Elsa, is engaged and didn’t have the best encounter with his fiancee’s nephew, and Antoine? Well, between repeatedly fighting with Emilie, over the baby and kicking Charlotte out, to maybe cheating on Emilie? He has a lot going on.

What Is A Lie & What Is the Truth: Angele, Anita, Jules

With Charlotte feeding him lines, there is a need to question what is the truth and what is a lie when it comes to Jules? Was how his father and mother, Anita, met true? What about his relationship with his dad? All that he tells Elsa in this episode and did in the last? It is hard to say.

What is made fact, however, is Angele, Jules’ roommate, might be one of the few people to know the real Jules and that he is a sex worker. Something Jules allows him to tease about even when at Anita’s home – which Jules pays for.

Mission Accomplished?: Charlotte, Emilie, Jules, Elsa

With Elsa going into a downward spiral, Emilie allows Charlotte to use her credit card to pay for another date. It happens to be the one Elsa has sex with Jules but then comes a major issue of that being it for Jules. Well, at least it was scheduled to be since he did what Charlotte set as his goal. So now we’re left wondering if he is gone permanently or maybe, just maybe, he caught feelings for Elsa.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How did Jules get into sex work?
  2. How long has Emilie dated Antoine? It seems they never had essential conversations about how they would raise their baby and it seems to be the big issue of their relationship.

Miscellaneous Commentary

Antoine & Emilie

Despite seeming like the stable couple, sometimes, you have to wonder how long have these two even been together? Considering Charlotte is Emilie’s best friend, the two surely have known each other a while. However, taking into consideration this utter lack of communication in terms of the baby, major red flags are being lifted.

Leading you to wonder, what brought these two together beyond familiarity? Also, with Emilie making it sound her and Antoine are good, still having sex and all, does she know it is the beginning of the end? Because, while it may not be a lie, it definitely seemed like an exaggeration.

Charlotte & Matt

How messed is Charlotte’s life that she swaps her clothes at a thrift store? Don’t get me wrong, that was hilarious, but it also makes you wonder what is going on in her life? Then with Matt, while I love a good build up, I am also left wondering why are they dragging out what is going on in his life? Never mind the idea of, if Emilie can date Antoine as she does, what is the problem of Charlotte dating Matt?

These two have the kind of secrets which create intrigue, but I don’t know if they can string us along with them for too long.

How Elsa Is Going To Take Being Broken Up With?

Elsa, wrapped up in a comforter, talking to Jules.

If Elsa is losing it just thinking Jules was ghosting her, why did Charlotte think Jules having sex with her and breaking up would make things better? She does know Elsa is a hot mess right? She was about to jump in a river, or lake, just for finding out Max was getting married. On top of that, Elsa is a borderline pessimist and will probably reshape what Jules said and assume she is bad in bed and will be single forever. If not he was using her for sex and no one wants her long term.

This whole plan is about to blow up in Charlotte’s face something awful.

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