The Hookup Plan definitely comes off as an interesting watch as a woman buys her friend a high-class hooker to end her 25-month dry spell.

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The Hookup Plan definitely comes off as an interesting watch as a woman buys her friend a high-class hooker to end her 25-month dry spell.

Creator Chris Lang, Noémie Saglio, Julie Teisseire
Director(s) Noémie Saglio
Writer(s) Chris Lang, Noémie Saglio, Julie Teisseire
Air Date 12/7/2018
Genre(s) Comedy
Good If You Like Shows focused on female friendships.

Shows Focused On Women Not Fresh Out Of College but Not Middle Aged Either.

A Bit of Hijinks

Introduced This Episode
Elsa Zita Hanrot
Charlotte Sabrina Ouazani
Jules Marc Ruchmann
Emilie Josephine Drai
Max Guillaume Labbe

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The Introduction

It has been 25 months since Elsa and Max have been together, romantically and sexually, and she still isn’t over him. It’s becoming a bit worrisome and so, taking an idea Emilie put out there, Charlotte decides to hire a hooker – Jules. Someone who is tall, charming, and could perhaps stir things up in Elsa.


The Leads Have Familiar Personalities But Are Still Interesting

Three women, one who is sexually liberated, another in a stable relationship, and one who struggles with dating. It’s a familiar mix but these actresses, and the writing, keeps it fresh and compelling. For when it comes to the sexually liberated, Charlotte, it’s not that she is promiscuous but more so lacks inhibition in talking about sex. In other words, she is an advocate for it but isn’t bouncing bed to bed or having to change her bed sheets daily. Then with Emilie, while she is pregnant, happily with Charlotte’s brother, she isn’t boring. That is what really helps her stand out.

In a way, I’d say Emilie shows herself to be someone who kind of agrees with Charlotte, but thinks her thoughts are a bit too rash for Elsa. Again, not because she is a prude but she thinks Elsa needs to ease her way into the dating world. That is, rather than, just because it has been over two years, initiate a ho phase.

As for Elsa herself? What you have to love about her is she is kind of a nerd. Not in a, “Let’s argue about Marvel vs. DC” kind of way, but in her not having the best social skills, yet not being totally inept. She can function enough to go on a date with Jules but, perhaps the best way to put it is that she is able to be herself, even if being herself means being socially awkward. Thus giving you a character who is not only adorable but who you hope finds someone that doesn’t require being paid for.

On The Fence

Who Are The Guys Again?

Anyone else sometimes feel that when women are the focus of a movie or show, or they are written to actually be human beings with lives, the men pale in comparison? Maybe it’s just me? Either way, Emilie’s husband and his friend, who Charlotte are seeing, don’t really have much of an impact in the first episode. Arguably, neither does Max, outside of his name being said in nearly every scene.

As for Jules? Well, outside of being a sex worker, there isn’t much to say about him. And all this could be me scrutinizing the men more than they perhaps should be, but it is hard not to. I get this is just the pilot but we’d complain if things were flipped, wouldn’t we? That is, if the women mostly seemed like love interest and barely anything else.

First Impression: Positive (Watch This)

Is this a big-time standout of a show which will have you committing to the actors and creators for the rest of your life? No. However, in the sea of shows out there, this seems like one to definitely have on your list to watch. Yes, it holds a bit of familiarity with the way its leads are written. However, it seems like the kind of show which only uses that familiarity to lure you in. But, once it has you, it’ll leave what you know behind and take you on a rather curious journey. Not a wild ride but definitely something which will have you wondering what kind of nonsense will these women get themselves, and each other, the men too, into next?

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