The Hookup Plan (Plan Coeur): Season 1/ Episode 7 “The Solo Plan” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

This episode is all about the fallout and everyone trying to piece themselves back together. With a few looking to heal old wounds.

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This episode is all about the fallout and everyone trying to piece themselves back together. With a few looking to heal old wounds.

Director(s) Renaud Bertrand
Writer(s) Julien Teisseire
Air Date 12/7/2018
Introduced This Episode
Chantal Ludivine De Chastenet
Philippe Jean-Michel Martial

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What Can I Say? I’m Invested: Matt, Antoine, Charlotte, Emilie

As Antoine continues to smooth things over after the Manon scare, Matt brings Charlotte to tears. How? Well, because she is mad at Emilie, she found herself working all night on this idea “Pink Cars.” The gist of it is, this would be an Uber-like service but the drivers are women and riders are women. You know, presents this idea of safety. Something she tells Matt in passing but he thinks it’s a really good idea. Leading to her think he is BS’ing her, trying to act like a boyfriend, but he really does invest in what she is talking about.

In doing so, he even brings her to tears. Leading you to question has anyone taken the time to listen and think about what she has said? You know, taken her serious and invested in her ideas? Even provide guidance in making them lift off the paper she writes them on?

Old Mistakes: Max, Elsa, Chantal

Max talking to Jules.

With Gaia gone, unlikely to return, Max sets his sights back on Elsa and Chantal tries to act as a reminder that Max was trash as a boyfriend. However, what can you do when the guy knew her 13 years and longer than you? Hence why Elsa goes out with Max, as friends, and with him sweet talking her, Elsa is a little bit confused of what to do. After all, it has been less than two months since she stopped obsessing over him.

Second Chances: Chantal, Roman, Jules, Elsa, Anais, Philippe, Max

As you can imagine, with Elsa cutting off her two best friends, Chantal feels the need to step up. With that, she contacts Roman to get in contact with Jules – since they might be dating. This leads to Jules intruding on Elsa and Max and basically laying out all of his information in hopes the truth will lead to forgiveness. However, Max, not liking the fact Jules is still active competition, takes Elsa away from the situation. Leaving Jules saying he’ll wait for her, one week from that day, to have an honest conversation.

During said week, Elsa talks with her dad Philippe, sister Anais, and there is a question of what to do? She even mentioned doing like Anais and just high tailing it. Running away for she feels like she has been hiding all this time. But, after speaking to Anais, who makes it seem Elsa shouldn’t run, she confronts Jules. Well, she tried to but between Max trying to pay him to leave, and maybe thinking he was waiting for nothing, he left.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Jules’ real name is Julio, he is 31 (born 9/24/1987), he’s 6 foot, 12.5 stone and he became a gigolo to help his mom. He gets paid 160 euro an hour, works two hours a day, and has been doing this work for 4 years. His clients range from 23 to 72 and there have been 573.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Did Anais have a reason to run away from Paris?


Matt’s Investment in Charlotte

Charlotte, teary eyed, as she hears Matt talk about her idea.

It isn’t 100% clear what kind of relationships Charlotte has had before, including friendships, but her getting teary-eyed from Matt invested in her idea got me a little emotional. For while what Emilie said may very well be true, we don’t know why Charlotte is like this. We don’t know if what Emilie said is what her and Antoine’s parents have told her since she was young. Maybe that she and Antoine are adopted and she experienced abuse growing up and so she puts on a happy face but has serious burdens on her back.

But, lack of development for her and Antoine aside, it was in that moment when you saw her walls come down with him and realize she probably has similar fears to Emilie. It is just she never got as far as becoming engaged and then experiencing heartbreak.

On The Fence

What Is Everyone Else’s Family Like?

Philippe (Jean-Michel Martial) giving Elsa advice.
Philippe (Jean-Michel Martial)

At this point, we’ve met Elsa’s family, and sort of know them. Also, in the last episode, Charlotte clued us in on Emilie’s. So the questions becomes, when will meet Emilie and Charlotte’s folks? Will it be when Emilie has her kid, which may or may not happen in the finale, or in season 2? With how isolated from the world these people seem, it is hard to not wonder what influenced them to become the people we’re watching.

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