The HookUp Plan (Plan Coeur): Season 1/ Episode 6 “The Lame Plan” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Everyone’s secret is revealed and it is time to see if anyone will have a friendship or relationship when all is said and done.

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Everyone’s secret is revealed and it is time to see if anyone will have a friendship or relationship when all is said and done.

Director(s) Renaud Bertrand
Writer(s) Julie Teisseire, Scott Weinger
Air Date 12/7/2018
Introduced This Episode
Anaïs Aude Legastelois
Valérie Anne Depétrini

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Sister: Audrey, Elsa, Anaïs

Anais (Aude Legastelois) smiling
Anais (Aude Legastelois)

We get to meet Anaïs! Someone who seems quite nice, considering the way Audrey favored her, and seemingly is someone who travels extensively – maybe with her home base being Singapore. As for what she does? Well, the show doesn’t get into that. All we are told of use is that Anaïs is Elsa’s older sister, she formerly called Elsa dumpling, and that’s about it.

Don’t Lie To Me: Antoine, Matt, Jules, Valerie, Elsa, Charlotte, Emilie, Manon, Max, Gaia

There is nothing worse than being lied to, but especially when you have a hunch or enough information where all you need is the final puzzle piece. Case in point, Emilie go sees Manon about the text messages and Manon pushes the idea nothing is going on. With that said, Emilie decides to open up to Manon about her, when she was 20, nearly getting married and being left at the altar. Hence why she now, 12 years later, fears accepting Antoine’s proposal. Leaving Manon without much to say beyond advising Emilie to talk to her man.

They aren’t the only two having relationship issues though. Max is clearly not cool with the fact Elsa is moving on and it is getting on Gaia’s nerves. In fact, it gets so bad that she seemingly ends their engagement. Now, whether Max could smoothly enter Elsa’s life once more is a very good question, especially since, in hunting down Jules, since she has his phone, she discovers he has been lying.

Now, it isn’t the big lie, him being a sex worker, but it does appear that he is messing around with an older woman, Valerie. Which he is, but she covers for him by pretending to be a former colleague in education. Something Elsa buys, for now, but she is still a bit skeptical.

A feeling she isn’t alone in for Antoine gets the vibe something is up so he goes to Matt, who he knows is more aware of what is going on than he is letting on. After all, they’ve been friends almost 10 years so he can tell when Matt is holding back. Leading to Matt revealing what Jules is and Antoine confronting Jules about it. Because he likes the dude, and Elsa likes him, so he wants to help.

You Can’t Handle The Truth: Elsa, Matt, Charlotte, Emilie, Antoine

Charlotte after Emilie told her off.

So, after meeting Valerie, who kindly covers for Jules leaves Elsa quite confused, naturally, she decides to head to Emilie’s home. She’ll be able to figure out what is going on or have it make sense right? Plus, with Charlotte living upstairs, if one isn’t there she has the other. Well, everyone ends up in the apartment and it seems like the perfect time to start exposing each other.

It is revealed Matt and Charlotte are a thing, and Matt lost his business. Emilie still working is put out there and eventually, things come around to Jules being a sex worker. Which of course leads Elsa to leave because, you guessed it, she feels pathetic or, rather, she thinks everyone feels she is pathetic.

But the drama does not end there! Because Emilie threw Charlotte under the bus, and she did the same to her, they argue and it leads to Emilie attacking Charlotte for not having her life together. In return, Charlotte talks about Emilie’s parents, being insufferable, and saying she’d be a horrible mom. Which, as you can imagine, means Emilie wanting Charlotte out of her home immediately.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What does Anaïs do for a living

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

If she is asking then I don’t say it enough.
— Anais


There Is This Vibe All Wounds Won’t Be Healed By The Season Finale

Emilie going off on Charlotte.
Emilie: This is the last time I waste my energy talking to you.

We’re dealing with stubborn, very strong personality characters here. The kind I can’t imagine, even with maybe a decade or more years of friendship, may have a good cry and forgive one another. I mean, Elsa alone, with being set up with a sex worker, I think they’d need a time jump to have her forgiveness seem in line with the tone of this show. Then, when it comes to Charlotte and Emilie? Honestly, I think for the sake of Antoine and the baby they can set their words aside, but I would imagine them taking digs at each other until it reaches a point they both get tired of the bickering.

On The Fence

Elsa’s Family Underutilized

Elsa has the most interesting family, the only family really, we met on this show and they seem heavily underutilized. Her dad has barely said or done anything of note, her mother is weird for reasons we can’t fathom and Anaïs? How in the hell did she become Elsa’s complete opposite? Granted, Audrey loving and supporting her likely was a heavy influence, but details that aren’t theories would be nice.

The Manon Thing Resolved Way Too Quickly And Easily

Manon when confronted by Emilie.

I don’t fully get how Emilie went from talking to the woman her man might be cheating on her with to talking about being left at the altar. Just trying to piece back together how one led to the other had me revisit the scene and wonder how “I don’t know, how about you?” led to a confession?

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