It’s the episode which features Elsa’s birthday party! Which goes well, at least for Elsa.

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It’s the episode which features Elsa’s birthday party! Which goes well, at least for Elsa.

Director(s) Renaud Bertrand
Writer(s) Julien Teisseire, Scott Weinger
Air Date 12/7/2018
Introduced This Episode
Gaia Alexia Barlier
Audrey Stéphanie Murat

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Don’t Rain On My Parade: Elsa, Max, Gaia, Jules, Audrey, Emilie

The fact Elsa knew about her party ends up not being the thing which kind of ruins it. What nearly ruins it is her mother Audrey talking about her weight, and having her sister, Anais, being a photo on her birthday cake. Oh, and then there is this awkwardness with Max. Someone who decides to bring his fiancée to Elsa’s party, spend most of his time with Elsa, and whisper stuff like “You mean a lot to me.”

Gaia (Alexia Barlier) and Max heading to Elsa's party.
Gaia (Alexia Barlier) and Max

Mind you, this is the guy who cheated on her with the person he invited to her party. So, to say Gaia and Elsa are very confused is an understatement. Though the person most confused is Jules because he is trying to make a client a girlfriend and he feels out of place. No matter his gift, how much he kisses her, he feels othered.

But it doesn’t help Emilie makes sure he does either. She slams the door in his face when he shows up, talks to him on the side about not being able to truly join their click and when you add Max? It seems Jules might have never minded this whole venture to be someone’s legit boyfriend.

There Is Something I Have To Tell You: Charlotte, Antoine, Matt, Roman

Charlotte and Matt in her room, and Charlotte about to confess about Jules.

With Antoine giving his blessing for Charlotte and Matt to date, this pushes Charlotte to note she and Matt aren’t dating. From what it seems, like Emilie, there seems to be some issue with labels or relationships reaching levels she isn’t comfortable with. However, for Matt, her saying that leads to him dancing with some person who doesn’t even get a name. She is just some girl.

However, “some girl” makes Charlotte jealous enough to use Roman, Jules’ friend, and roommate, to try and make Matt jealous. This may not work. What it does do though is force Charlotte to realize that as much as she wants her freedom, she also wants a secure and consistent thing with Matt. So while they don’t become exclusive, they do realize they can’t and shouldn’t go down a road featuring them going tit for tat.

Perhaps explaining why she opens up about hiring a sex worker for Elsa.

The Cell Phone: Emilie, Antoine, Elsa, Jules

Cell phones are dangerous and tricky things. When it comes to Jules, the ho cell phone, he left that behind and Elsa discovers it. Leaving you to wonder if she may figure out the truth. However, the cell phone which may cause the most issues is Antoine’s.

The Hookup Plan Plan Coeur Season 1 Episode 5 “The Party Plan” – Antoines Cellphone

You see, Antoine got really drunk and isn’t over Emilie rejecting his proposal. He got over Matt, but Emilie’s rejection still stings. So, naturally for him, he texts Manon and after passing out, Emilie learns about their text conversations. Nothing which is too saucy, but enough to worry Emilie.

Miscellaneous Commentary

What Was Max Thinking?

Is Max just messy or was there a power play involved? Since learning Elsa was seeing someone else, Max seemingly was shocked and taken aback. So with bringing Gaia to Elsa’s party, was he trying to show her off while reminding himself he could keep Elsa’s interest? Maybe, considering he is engaged to Gaia, he wanted to remind her that he has the power in the relationship?

Lest we forget, Max is kind of an ass based on him cheating on Elsa. Yes, he hasn’t been that terrible, outside of that fact, but it is because we’ve mostly seen him in passing or amongst other men. This whole birthday thing though helps remind you why Charlotte spat in Gaia’s drink and why she, and Emilie to a point, don’t like him.

We Need More Of Elsa’s Parents

Audrey (Stephanie Murat) at Elsa's birthday party.
Audrey (Stephanie Murat)

With the meeting of Audrey this episode, and the very little we have gotten out of Elsa’s dad, there is a need to question how did these two influence Elsa? It’s clear a lot of Elsa’s insecurities stem from her mother, but what did her dad contribute besides skin tone and hair texture?

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