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Tribes of Europa Cast, Characters, and Show Guide

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A character guide for Netflix’s “Tribes of Europa.” Included is information about characters and noteworthy information about the series.

Please Note: This content contains pertinent spoilers, descriptions are updated as new information is presented, images changed as better ones are captured, and this is not an exhaustive list of every cast member, guest star, or reoccurring role.

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General Information About Tribes of Europa

Created or Developed ByPhilip Koch
First Aired2/19/2021


In the year 2074, somewhere in Europe, long after the EU was dissolved, the world has become tribal. Of the ones we’re introduced to, there are the war-loving Crows, led by Varvara and Kapitan. Also,  there are  Atlantians, The Crimsons, the Republic, and that of our heroes, the Origines. Of all those named, only the Originies are not actively at war, mainly due to hiding in the forest and being pacifist, whenever possible. However, with an Atlantian pilot crashing near their territory and one of their own trying to save him, the Origines are dragged into a fight the Crows started. Leading to the Originies’ leader, Jakob, and his three children, Liv, Kiano, and Elja, being tasked with protecting this box that could save the world.

Groups & Organizations

  • Atlantians (1.1): One of the few groups that didn’t find themselves sent to the Dark Ages after Black December, thus making their technology highly valuable.
  • Crimson Republic (1.1): A militaristic group that protects many tribes from the Crows and has a vision of creating a new EU under their leadership.
  • Origines (1.1): A small tribe that lives off the land and has very limited use of technology. Also, they are isolationist with few knowing of their existence, and them using the forest to provide additional protection.
    • Customs (1.1): When one of their own becomes an adult, an initiation is done, including being branded.
    • Founder (1.1): Was a woman named Chloe, mother to our leads, Kiano, Liv, and Elja, and wife to Jakob.
    • Population (1.3): Had around 50 members
  • Crows (1.1): Headquartered in what was once Berlin, the Crows, led by Yvar Kapitan, are seen as big evil when it comes to Europa and are well known for enslaving those they don’t kill.
    • Word Is Bond (1.2): While Crows are known for being violent, it is said Crows always keep their word.
    • Number of High Lords (1.4): In Yvar Kaptian’s regime, there are 6 high lords
    • Initiation (1.4 & 1.6): Includes participating in the Boj, where you end up killing someone, and later being presented with a new name and inhaling Wolk
  • Northern Alliance (1.2): A tribe, or series of tribes, known for providing a sense of old-world luxuries such as brothels, clubs, and casinos
  • Femen (1.2): One of the warring tribes who apparently do barbaric things to people.

Notable Locations & Items

  • Camp/Fort Ahrenberg (1.1): One of the camps that the Crimson Republic maintains, which is named after their founder, J. Ahrenberg.
  • Little Praha (1.1): The home to a nearby tribe who are the Origines’ sole trading partners
  • Brahtok (1.2): The Crow’s capital, which used to be Berlin
    • Fortification (1.3): Brahtok, for as long as anyone has known, has been incredibly well-protected. It is surrounded by mines, with snipers spread out, and even subway or tunnel flooded and not able to be traverse. However, through Wedding, there is a tunnel that will allow people to get into the city safely.
    • Population (1.5): Over 80,000 people live in Brahtok
  • The Ark (1.3): The homeland, or city, of Atlantians
  • Altair Mountains (1.4): A location far east where there is a refugee influx coming from

Other Noteworthy Information

  • Black December (1.1): The event that, in 2029, was the beginning of the end for civilization as we know it. For with there being a global blackout that shut all technology down, from the internet to transportation vehicles, the world soon collapsed.
    • Events Which Preceeded (1.1): A cyberwar between Korea and the United States was one of the events which preceded Black December.
  • The Year The Show Starts (1.1): 2074
  • Bozie (1.1): The name of Crow soldiers
  • Volnik (1.2): The term Crows call anyone who isn’t a crow
  • Wolk (1.3): One of the Crows main exports that they use slaves to produce
  • Boj (1.3): The procedure that allows Volniks to become Bozie’s by fighting to the death.
  • The Black Wave (1.3): The plan Crows have to take over Europa.
  • The Wire (1.4): The execution method the Crows use which is being hanged by a wire until decapitated.
  • Lubovniks (1.4): The name of Lord Varvara’s favorite slaves, and perhaps the name used for all Crow Lords’ favorite slaves
  • Chloe’s Potential Death (1.4): We’re told that when Kiano was 13 his mother was taken by raiders and all that was left was blood and her garments.
  • Cyraline (1.5): A Femen poison that causes cardiac arrest

Liv looking out towards the forest

Daughter of Jakob and Chloe, and perhaps the oldest of her siblings, Liv is seen as a potential leader of the Origines and is considered the favorite of Jakob’s children.

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