In the season 1 finale, we’re left feeling things have truly just begun as the three Origines find themselves starting new lives with no clear sign when they may see each other again.

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In the season 1 finale, we’re left feeling things have truly just begun as the three Origines find themselves starting new lives with no clear sign when they may see each other again.

Director(s) Philip Koch
Writer(s) Philip Koch, Jana Burbach, Benjamin Seiler
Aired (Netflix) 2/19/2021
Newly Noted Characters
Alia Adriana Ugarte

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Now You Too Know Betrayal – David, General Cameron, Alia, Grieta, Liv

Just as General Cameron is about to broker peace, David and his men shoot both Cameron and the Bozie he was speaking with, and thus a massacre begins. One that leaves Grieta dead, Liv abandoned, and it seems over for the most ambitious of the three siblings.

Alia (Adriana Ugarte) saving Liv
Alia (Adriana Ugarte)

However, then a member of the Femen tribe, Alia, offers help before Crow reinforcements arrive, and with survival means another chance to save her family, Liv takes the opportunity.

Welcome To The Ark – Moses, Bracker, Elja

With Crows tracking down the cube, likely due to word of mouth spreading quickly, Bracker ends up dead, and Elja barely makes it out alive with Moses. Someone who is royally pissed because the amount of drama he has now found himself in is utterly ridiculous. Yet, in the end, it might have been worth it.

How so? Well, before the cube once again dies, because solar charging, amongst other methods, weren’t considered by Atlantians, they reach the Ark. Now, what is the Ark? Sadly, all we see is what looks like the cube, but gargantuan, come up from a lake and after Moses and Elja go in, close itself up, and sink back into the lake.

Elja and Moses at the Ark

The Death of Kiano – Varvara, Jakob, Kiano, Yvar

Leaving Kiano. Of the three siblings, he perhaps is the one who suffers the most. Why? Well, he gets his wish. He gets to participate in a Boj and earn his freedom. However, he is forced to face Jakob and, accidentally, after claiming he won’t fight, he kills his father. Thus, he has now become a Crow, one named Tarok, who serves under Lord Varvara who, due to their increasingly close relationship, reveals her true name – Sophia.



The End Of An Origin Story

This is the beginning of the end for the three Origines siblings and where we’re left, honestly is more exciting than where we began. The Femen tribe, touted as dangerous by Moses, saved a girl from Crows despite having no reason to. Kiano, he accidentally killed his father and now is a Crow without complaints. Now, whether or not that means he is going to become a killer like the rest and likely confront Liv? Well, that will be for a second season to decide.

Kiano reborn as Tarok

Then, with Elja? Well, admittedly, it feels we’ve barely scraped what the Atlantians are capable of, and with having only met one, on his literal death bed, all that we have there is potential. A vast amount, attached to the ability to defeat some grand evil, but whether or not things pan out remain to be seen. Yet, we are left quite excited.

Low Point

Jakob’s Death Didn’t Feel Like A Big Deal

Despite being everyone’s father, honestly, Jakob being killed off seemed more cutting a loose end than creating a dramatic and emotional moment. After all, we barely got to see what Jakob went through once he became Yvar Kapitan’s slave. We know he got kicked about, served food at times, but there wasn’t any focus on what he was going through emotionally and, as noted earlier in the season, with more focus on world-building than character building, Jakob was ultimately expendable. Thus, his death, which was rather quick and expected, was unfortunate but necessary.

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The End Of An Origin Story - 83%
Jakob’s Death Didn’t Feel Like A Big Deal - 64%


The ending of season 1 is but a beginning for a series that is likely to prolong the reunion of the siblings and make it so, while recognizable by flesh, everything else will be that of a stranger.

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  1. You know, this has been a nice summary of the episodes. The contestant in the Boj was mentioned in the episode summary is called a “shocking rival.” Shocking to Kiano, not to the viewers, I assume. But otherwise, this is my kind of showm but I’d like it to subvert my expectations more.

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