Character Guides The Cast and Characters of SyFy's Deadly Class

The Cast and Characters of SyFy’s Deadly Class

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The cast and characters of the SyFy program Deadly Class and a brief description of each character and their story (with spoilers).

Characters description and pictures used are changed as notable information is presented and better screenshots are taken.

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Benjamin Wadsworth Plays Marcus

Marcus' (Benjamin Wadsworth) face.
Marcus (Benjamin Wadsworth)

First Noted In: Season 1/ Episode 1

Who Is Marcus

Marcus is a half-Nicaraguan (by his father) orphan who is accused of arson. You see, at the age of 9, his parents were killed by a mental patient, Barbara Salinger, who jumped to her death and squashed his parents upon impact. Since that time, he was in the system and found himself at Sunset Boys Home. According to Marcus, the place was a sweatshop where they abused him (he has the physical and mental scars to prove it).

However, while it is noted he didn’t kill the staff and children of the home, he does kill a homeless man in the pilot.

Noteworthy Facts & Moments In The Series


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