Deadly Class: Season 1, Episode 6 “Stigmata Martyr” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

With Chico’s death comes immense pressure on everyone, especially Maria. But, with being in the troughs of love, why worry about the dead?

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A mixtape Marcus gives to Maria for their one month anniversary.

With Chico’s death comes immense pressure on everyone, especially Maria. But, with being in the troughs of love, why worry about the dead?

Director(s) Paco Cabezas
Writer(s) Maggie Bandur, Alex Ebel
Air Date 2/20/2019
Introduced This Episode
Gabrielle Kelcey Mawema
Gao Olivia Cheng

Love Is In The Air: Gabrielle, Willie, Marcus, Maria, Petra, Billy

Gabrielle (Kelcey Mawema) smiling.
Gabrielle (Kelcey Mawema)

After the events of the last episode, relationships become a bit of a big deal. Marcus and Maria have now been dating for a month, Willie meets a girl named Gabrielle at a comic book store – where Marcus now works, and Billy? Well, he is playing hard to get with Petra. Though, if you ask her, he is just being an ass.

Who Should Really Be Running King’s Dominion?: Master Lin, Gao, Brandy

Thus far, we have only known of Master Lin having a father who he inherited King’s Dominion from, and we’re told he had a dead wife and child – which we learn is a lie. What is only recently discovered is that he also has a sister: Gao. You might be familiar with her. She is the rule enforcer and seemingly makes sure King’s Dominion, if not various gangs, cartels, what have you, stay in line. But, similar to Brandy, because she had brothers, she got passed over for the job she perhaps wanted more.

However, unlike Gao, Brandy saw the sexism in her family’s organization and handled it. Not by words, of course, but by taking out those who would impede her succession. All with a few explosions and the Dixie Mafia being left with no other choice.

The Life & Death of Maria & Chico: Chico, Maria, Saya, Marcus, Chester

A picture of Maria's mother and father - non animated.

Maria’s backstory is animated in this episode, and it helps you fully understand why she wanted Chico dead. First and foremost, he is the person who killed her father. Secondly, his family, getting retribution from being stolen from, killed her siblings, set her pregnant mother on fire, and she only survived because Chico thought she was clever. From there, you know the story, she was used as bait, because no one would suspect her, and I think it is safe to assume worse.

All of which likely caused, on contributes to her being bipolar. Which, with Marcus in her life, showing her what a good relationship can be, it leads Maria to go off her meds. In doing so, she begins to feel a roller coaster of emotion Saya isn’t able to manage and no matter how tough it is for her, she recruits Marcus into helping. However, jealousy drives Maria to shoot an arrow at them for she fears losing Marcus. For if it isn’t him getting herself something for their one month anniversary, it’s them not having sex yet. Pushing the idea, because of what she knows about relationships, maybe he doesn’t care.

But, with their time together ending with sex, she may be a little assured now. However, the good times won’t last forever, and Chester is going to make damn sure about that. For with having Chico’s head on ice, and knowing all about Marcus’ life, he plans to expose him. Why? Well, between Marcus getting the fame for burning down the boys home, having a cute girlfriend, all of that? Chester feels like the life he could have had has been stolen. So he wants retribution.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Yukio gets named by one of Maria’s, formerly Chico’s, soldiers for his activities which could, eventually, cause trouble.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Who prescribed Maria her medication? Who is her psychiatrist or is she self-medicated? What person out there knows her secrets?



Maria noting she is scared all the time and doesn't want to be scared.

Deadly Class doesn’t seem like the kind of show which would bring you to tears, but I must admit really taking in Maria’s life got me teary-eyed. Breaking it down, up until Marcus entering her life she has known nothing but trauma. Her whole family was killed in front of her – violently. Her father crucified, mother, who was pregnant, set on fire. Then her brothers, perhaps uncles, killed one by one. All by Chico, who shot her dad, and the cartel.

Following that, she lived just because she was bright and because Chico had feelings for her. Can you imagine that? Your family gone, you’re basically kidnapped, and then there is Chico who is the main one keeping you alive. Someone you have to feign feelings for, who technically raped her for any consent she gave likely was out of fear, and even when far from home, she is still a captive.

Which makes her whole relationship with Marcus and her PTSD driven bipolar disorder a real gut punch. We may never know, fully, what she went through, but her mind is forever changed, and unlike Saya, she can’t suppress and move forward. She feels too deeply for that. Making this Marcus relationship what could make you cry tears of joy. For the first time in Maria’s life, she can like and love someone because that is how she feels and not for the sake of survival.

Yet, there comes the tears of sadness for what Chico has made her correlate with expressions of love. Because she thinks her bipolar disorder stemmed from being with Chico, she goes off her drugs and has a manic depressive episode. Due to her relationship with Chico, arguably she deals with her past abuse by being a bit hypersexual and thinking Marcus not being aggressive is a sign he may not love her. And then, because Marcus isn’t the type to stalk and be obsessed with her, just seeing Saya alone with him drives her to want to shoot an arrow at their direction. Perhaps feel unsafe and like they could end at any moment, and that is when the waterworks really turns up.

Low Point

Billy & Petra

After the moment they had at the dance, perhaps you thought they could become your punk/goth OTP. However, Billy is deciding to be trash to allure Petra, and she is so over him at this point. Yet, hopefully, Marcus will eventually call him out on his bullshit.

On The Fence

The Saya Treatment

With Marcus clearly with Maria at this point, there is the question of what will be done with Saya? Clearly, she isn’t trying to participate in a love triangle, and seems willing to sacrifice her feelings so Maria can be happy, but does this mean all we will see is her suffer? Be a good friend to others while she is silent about her pain, loneliness, and desires?

Master Lin’s Secrets

Gao (Olivia Cheng) making herself comfortable at Master Lin's desk.
Gao (Olivia Cheng)

Between his family being alive, and Gao his sister, we get a handful of reveals about Master Lin this episode. However, I feel that the Gao reveal and his storyline got drowned out because of Maria. Here is hoping when the show gives him the spotlight, they can deep dive into his past and the truth.

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