Willie recounting how he got his rep for killing three gangsters, but accidently killing his dad too.

How Willie got his rep is revealed, why Saya is so focused on Marcus, and the show shifts its tone to remind us that there are friendships had in secret.

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How Willie got his rep is revealed, why Saya is so focused on Marcus, and the show shifts its tone to remind us that there are friendships had in secret.

Director(s) Adam Kane
Writer(s) Rick Remender
Air Date 1/24/2019
Introduced This Episode
Lex Jack Gillett
Petra Taylor Hickson
Shabnam Isaiah Lehtinen
Rory Ryan Robbins
Mr. Denke Henry Rollins

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A Friendly Competition Between Girls: Marcus, Chico, Saya, Maria

With being roommates, Saya and Maria, the topic of Marcus comes up and whether or not either has feelings for him. Maria claims she was just trying to use him to get rid of Chico and for Saya? Well, he is her pledge so what he does affects her stay in King’s Dominion. So both try to make it seem it is just business, but when Saya gets Marcus alone throughout the episode, this seems like a lie. As for Maria? Well, while she’d love to sneak in some alone time with Marcus, with Chico knowing she tried to have him killed off, it seems Maria will have to be smarter is Marcus is the one she really wants.


Saya and Maria having some girl chat.

Anyone else thought it was so weird that Saya and Maria were having girl chat like that? With her making it seem King’s Dominion was like prison and people didn’t mix, it seemed weird how casually they were talking – especially about kissing the same boy. Yet, for Maria, it’s clear she can’t even really entertain the idea of trying to compete with Saya since Chico is counting the days till he gets her pregnant.

Then, when it comes to Saya, while single, and interested, there comes the question if she publicly, and while sober, could be with Marcus. Never mind whether Marcus feels like he is being played since those two clearly have agendas. Ones we’re privy to, maybe not Marcus, but I’m sure he isn’t stupid. He may not know the specifics but likely knows trouble would come from seeing either one as more than a friend or someone to look at from time to time.

Even A Rat Needs Friends: Marcus, Lex, Petra, Billy, Willie, Shabnam

While Saya and Maria show some form of interest, it is hard to say whether they are friends or femme fatales when it comes to Marcus. Then, when it comes to Willie, while he and Marcus are cool, him trying to blow up killing Rory, which Marcus did, gets on Marcus’ nerves. Then, when it comes to Lex, Petra, and Billy, while they are cool, Lex is a douche. As for Petra and Billy? Petra is cordial but isn’t seemingly looking to make friends. Billy? Well, he is cool, but Marcus wanted more. Enter Shabnam, a kid of a US government agent, who is a bit weird, a kid who gets picked on, but Marcus’ befriends him. Even convinces him, since Shabnam wants to become class president, to throw a party. One which leads Billy to confess his feelings to Petra and us learning she has already gotten someone else in mind.


Shabnam (Isiah Lehtinen) smiling
Shabnam (Isiah Lehtinen)

Considering Shabnam was able to get access to Lex’s file, it makes me wonder how easily could everyone’s secrets be exposed? For while Chico proved himself to be the real deal, who is to say more people don’t have a story like Willie? Heck, considering the Maria and Saya friendship, who is to say there won’t come a time when Saya is the only snitch we know of?

In my mind, Marcus’ relationship with Shabnam is going to have its complications, but offer him a wealth of information, beyond what would be needed to assassinate Ronald Reagan. The only issue is, as Marcus becomes a bigger target to Chico, and people see him as a threat for making friends across groups, will the information be enough? Especially if Marcus doesn’t figure a way to justify his actions to prevent crippling guilt?

The Insider: Master Lin, Saya, Marcus, Rory

Being that Master Lin has killed before, he knew something was fishy about Willie being so boastful about killing someone. So when Saya, as she has done before, snitched on Marcus, it was of no surprise. In fact, he was pleased. Especially when he took Marcus to Rory’s funeral and Marcus wasn’t apologetic when forced to speak.

However, Saya also reveals Marcus didn’t burn down the foster home he was in, and this leads Master Lin to question who was it then? Leading to us meeting an unnamed person, who looks like Two-Face born Dixie.


Mr. Denke (Henry Rollins) talking to Marcus.
Mr. Denke (Henry Rollins): You have the thing this place is supposed to nurture.

Considering Marcus’ credentials have now been proven to be false, what does that mean for his stay in King’s Dominion? Does him killing Rory, and the way he spoke to Rory’s loved ones make up for it? It’s clear Master Lin has an odd fascination with Marcus, like he took part in killing his parents to mold him, so I’m interested to see what goes on going forward.

But, there is also the need to question how lies are handled? Be it Marcus not correcting people about the arson, Willie lying about killing someone, and even sins of omission, like Saya having feelings for Marcus. As Mr. Denke said, Marcus is one of the few who are living up to the point of what King’s Dominion is for, so how will that factor into Master Lin dealing with liars and maybe wanting to reform the school back to its original purpose?

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Willie gained his rep from supposedly avenging his father, but the truth is, while defending their home, Willie used a submachine gun which killed the intruders and his father. His mother has just been covering it up all this time.


  1. Saya and Maria’s girl chat and how that began a shift in how the first episode was, to how the rest of the season might be.
  2. Using animation to play out backstories rather than using additional actors and being more limited in narrative.
  3. Seeing how calculated, and a little nuts, Master Lin is when it comes to Marcus and the students in general.
  4. Saya and Marcus’ relationship, even if it is a bit forced upon both sides.
  5. Billy – he is just so pure.

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