The Cast and Characters of Netflix’s The Hookup Plan (Plan Couer)

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The following list the actors and character of the Netflix program The Hookup Plan (Plan Couer) and gives a brief description of their character and their status throughout the series (with spoilers).

Characters description and pictures used are changed as notable information is presented and better screenshots are taken.

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Sabrina Ouazani Plays Charlotte

Charlotte (Sabrina Ouazani) in The Hookup Plan
Charlotte (Sabrina Ouazani)

First Noted In: Season 1/ Episode 1 “The Secret Plan” [Series Premiere]

Charlotte is what could be seen as a free spirit. Though certainly not promiscuous, she does take a more liberal approach to sex than her friends Elsa and Emilie. Hence her not seeing a problem with buying a hooker, Jules, for Elsa. Just to keep her vagina from closing up.


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