A guide for the Starz series “P-Valley.” Noted are cast members, information about their character, and other details about the show.

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General Information

Creator(s) Katori Hall
First Aired (Starz) 7/12/2020

Groups & Organizations

  • Chucalisa Challengers (1.2): The dance troupe Mercedes coaches and hopes to make into a majorette team.
  • Delta Devoted (1.8): A gang we’re introduced to that Montavius is a notable member of.
  • Pynk Posse (2.4): The group chat for the current and alumni members of the Pynk
  • HVH – Hurt Village Hustlas (2.6): The name of the gang Lil Murda and Big Teak are/were part of
  • CFC – Chief Fi Chiefs (2.9): A rival gang of the HVH which is older than HVH

Notable Locations

  • The Pynk (S1E1): Located in Pussy Valley, off exit 29, in the dirty delta, it is the strip club Uncle Clifford owns and manages that the ladies of the show work at.
    • The Cut: A private VIP room
    • Paradise Room: A private room when sex can be on the table
    • Lot & Acreage (1.8): The Pynk is on lot 609 with a 6 acre waterfront.
  • Chucalissa (1.2): The town “P-Valley” takes place in.
    • City Council (1.6): There are 7 members of the council.
    • Nonconnah County (1.2): The county that Chucalissa is in.
  • Delta Valley Revival: (1.4): Pastor Gilfield’s church where Patrice is a notable member.
  • Promise Land Casino (1.2)L The proposed Casino that Andre is tasked with making the necessary deals for.
  • Breath of Life Full Gospel Baptist Tabernacle (1.5): The name of Patrice’s church

Terms To Know

  • Murder Night (Season 1): The night Lil Murda performed at The Pynk and Montavious revealed himself to Haley and had a confrontation

Other Noteworthy Information

  • Hurricane Drake (1.6): The storm Hailey escaped in
  • Time Jump (2.1): More than 5 months have passed since the end of season 1
  • Uncle Clifford Rules
    • Rule #54 (1.2): We don’t do tax invasion (evasion)
    • Rule #67 (1.2): Ain’t no hoes in this house
    • Rule #24.5 (1.2): No crying in The Pynk
    • Rule #1 (1.2): Let that state be your stepping tone, not your tombstone
    • Rule #2 (1.2): Always know where the exits at up in this bitch, cause you never know when you gotta turn a window to a door
    • Rule #4 (2.3): You hoe, you out the do’
    • Rule #7.5 (2.4): No Witnesses
    • Rule #29,763 (2.4): You be careful who you let through the do’ cuz you can’t save erry sangle hoe
    • Rule #100.075 (2.3): A pot of hogmogs gotta simmer in that pot all day in order to be any damn good
    • Rule #.0025 (2.3): Wear ya’ll mothef***in mask
    • Rule #1,000,000 (2.3): No titties on the main stage
    • Rule #934 (2.5): Sometimes you gotta rock that half-human, half-synthetic lace front, long as it don’t rock you.
    • Rule #77 (2.8): Sometimes you gotta make falling look like rising in this muh’fucka. ‘Cause they cant, keep a bad bitch down.
    • Ernestine Rule # 7629 (2.8): If you can’t get to the water, sometimes you gotta bring the water to you
    • Beulah’s Rules #1 (2.8): Bitches don’t just cry. They get even.
    • Rule # 51081 (2.9): Don’t try to be everyone’s cup of tea, cause then you ain’t gone have none to sip on for yourself

P-Valley Directory

Network(s) STARZ
Created or Developed By Katori Hall
First Aired 7/12/2020

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Season 1

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Uncle Clifford Sayles (Nicco Annan)

Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annan) looking off to the side.
Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annan)

First Noted In – Season 1 Episode 1 “Perpertratin'”

Brief Introduction

While they present themselves as male while in public and sometimes during the day, Uncle Clifford identifies and lives their life as a woman in The Pynk. The reason? It is their establishment, their safe space, and probably one of the handful of places they can be at ease. Hence their name since, while the girls may not necessarily like how much of a cut they take, Uncle Clifford does their best to take care of them.

Additional Information About Uncle Clifford

  • Stripper Name (1.3): Notes their stripper name would be Sweet Potato Ponchita
  • The Pynk Ownership (2.1): Owns 15%
  • Age (2.2): Is 40
  • Foot Size (2.2): 13 1/2 to a 14


You never know when you got to turn a window into a door.
— Uncle Clifford (1.2)

Sometimes you got to take an L to get to that W.
— Uncle Clifford (1.7)

Legends ain’t born, they built. Forged by time and pressure like diamonds.
— Uncle Clifford (2.5)

I made so many memories, chile, I don’t even need to dream.
— Uncle Clifford (2.7)

You ask me what I am, without even realizing all dat come along with that answer.
— Uncle Clifford (2.7)

Mercedes (Brandee Evans & Renika Williams)

First Noted In – Season 1 Episode 1 “Perpertratin'”

Brief Introduction

Mercedes is The Pynk’s headliner, but with enough money saved over her, approximate, 7-year career, it seems she wants to retire from stripping and start a business. What kind of business? Well, taking note she has a day job of coaching girls on a dance team, perhaps a dance studio? Either way, one of the reasons it may have taken Mercedes 7 years is due to dealing with her holy-roller mother, who often guilts her into giving up money. Which, considering what her mother put her through as a child, may shock you.

Additional Information About Mercedes

  • S1E1: Is about 25
  • Save Your Money Kids (1.4): Has been working at The Pynk for 7 years and has been saving from every dance.
  • First Child (2.3): She had Terricka when she was 15
  • Age (2.7): Says she is 30


Let that stage be your stepping stone, not your tombstone.
— Mercedes and Uncle Clifford (1.2)

Words is easy. Living ‘em is hard.
— Mercedes (2.7)

[…] sometimes, God uses the devil to give you your blessings.
— Mercedes (2.7)

Keyshawn (Shannon Thornton)

Keyshawn on her first date with Derrick
“Keyshawn on her first date with Derrick,” P-Valley, “White Knights,” directed by Pamela Romanowsky, 2022, (STARZ)

First Noted In – Season 1 Episode 1 “Perpertratin'”

Brief Introduction

A mother of at least one child, who just got off maternity leave when we meet her. She isn’t one of The Pynk’s top earners but is a staple of the club. Also, she is in an abusive relationship that she tries to hide the extent of the violence.

Additional Information About Keyshawn

  • S1E1: Mississippi is her stripper name
  • Kids’ Name (1.5): Regal and Jayden


Hailey Colton (Elarica Johnson)

Hailey in white.
Hailey aka Autumn Night (Elarica Johnson)

First Noted In – Season 1 Episode 1 “Perpertratin'”

Brief Introduction

There is an air of mystery to Hailey when we meet her. For one, we don’t know if her name is Hailey for sure or just something she tells Andre to create a sense of intimacy or exclusivity. What we do know is where she came from was severely flooded, and, like Keyshawn, she was in a very abusive relationship previously. However, now she is in a small place, with a mattress on the floor, and while miserable and possibly missing a daughter (?), she is at least free.

Additional Information About Hailey

  • S1E1: Her stripper name is Autumn Night
  • My Daughter (1.6): Her daughter’s name was Autumn
  • Stats (1.6): Hailey is 26, 5’9 and 140 pounds.
  • In A Past Life (1.8): She was a corporate accountant


Life is just a long day’s journey into tomorrow.
— Hailey

Andre Watkins (Parker Sawyers and Camden McKinnon)

First Noted In – Season 1 Episode 1 “Perpertratin'”

Brief Introduction

It isn’t clear who Andre is, or what his interest in The Pynk is, though it could be safely assumed he is a cop.

Additional Information About Andre

  • A Heart In Your Hand (1.2): Andre reveals he was born with his heart outside his chest.
  • Britney (1.3): The name of his wife who lives out in Atlanta.
  • Aluma Matter (1.7): Went to Morehouse, thanks to his God Daddy’s money
  • Father (2.8): His father is Abrahams Watkins who has been in prison for murder since Andre was 7


Ain’t nothing necessary, till it is.
— Andre (1.2)

Big L (Morocco Omari)

Big L (Morocco Omari) expressing his worry.
Big L (Morocco Omari)

Character Introduction

First Appears In – Season 1 Episode 2 “Scars” 

Uncle Clifford’s money man who also is his confidant. Perhaps the only one who truly knows how messed up Uncle Clifford’s money is which, for someone who is a ex-con, is an issue since jobs are slim.

Additional Information About Big L



Corbin (Dan J. Johnson)

Corbin (Dan J. Johnson) talking to Andre.
Corbin (Dan J. Johnson)

Character Introduction

First Appears In – Season 1 Episode 2 “Scars” 

Born to a white father, Black mother, and that relationship not being looked highly upon by his half brothers, Corbin struggles a bit. Mind you, not financially, what so ever, especially due to the inheritance he got from his dad passing. But it does appear that Corbin feels out of place in the community and within his family. Which makes his desire to not sell his family’s land, but lease it, yet another issue his half brothers have with him.

Additional Information About Corbin

  • Son of a Maid (1.2): Corbin’s mother was his father’s maid.
  • Best Friends For Life (1.3): Has been friends with Uncle Clifford since elementary school and Uncle Clifford was the only one to know he was Johnny Kyle’s bastard son for a long time.


Mayor Tydell Ruffin (Isiah Washington)

Mayor Tydell Ruffin (Isiah Washington) at a The Pynk's car wash
Mayor Tydell Ruffin (Isiah Washington)

Character Introduction

First Appears In – Season 1 Episode 2 “Scars” 

The mayor of Chucalissa who is, by far, not the best mayor and surely doesn’t maintain a moral high ground. Not to say he is utterly corrupt, but he surely doesn’t keep things on the up and up.

Additional Information About Mayor Tydell Ruffin

  • Historical First (1.3): Is the first Black mayor of Chucalissa
  • Address (2.4): 732 Deerfield Road
  • Shoe Size (2.6): Size 12


Patrice Woodbine (Harriett D. Foy)

Patrice (Harriet D. Foy) talking to the pastor
Patrice (Harriet D. Foy)

Character Introduction

First Appears In – Season 1 Episode 2 “Scars” 

Mercedes’ mother who, at one time, had a terrible drinking problem, and perhaps more. However, with a position in the church, the treasurer, and faking the perception she has turned her life around, she likes to come off as a better woman. However, whenever she needs money or feels a bit down, she reveals the woman Mercedes knows oh too well.

Additional Information About Patrice

  • Why Your Daughter Hates You (1.5): Was putting bills in Mercedes’ name since she was 3.

Pastor Gilfield (Ricco Ross)

Pastor Gilfield (Ricco Ross) talking to Sister Patrice
Pastor Gilfield (Ricco Ross)

Character Introduction

First Appears In – Season 1 Episode 2 “Scars” 

The pastor of Patrice’s church who is very aware of how Sister Patrice is getting the money so the church can get a loan, and has no shame about it.

Additional Information About Pastor Gilfield


Tequan aka DJ Neva Scared (Brandon Gilpin)

Tequan aka DJ Neva Scared (Brandon Gilpin) talking to Lil Murda about music
Tequan aka DJ Neva Scared (Brandon Gilpin)

Character Introduction

First Appears In – Season 1 Episode 3 “Higher Ground”

The DJ of The Pynk who, despite working in a strip club, is actually a teenager. One who goes to what looks like a private school and while well-versed in music, holds multiple intelligences.

Additional Information About Tequan aka DJ Neva Scared

  • Name (2.4): Mercedes says his name is DaQwan


Terricka (A’Zaria Carter)

Terricka (A'Zaria Carter) getting mad at her mom.
Terricka (A’Zaria Carter)

Mercedes’ thirteen-year-old daughter who she gave up when she was a baby but reconnects through dance.

Additional Information About Terricka

  • First Appears In – Season 1 Episode 3 “Higher Ground”
  • Father’s Name (2.3): Cortez
  • Age (2.7): Says she is 14


Shelle (Helen Goldsby)

Shelle (Helen Goldsby) talking to Mercedes about their daughter.
Shelle (Helen Goldsby)

Terricka’s adoptive mother.

Additional Information About Shelle

  • First Appears In – Season 1 Episode 3 “Higher Ground”


Lil Murda (J. Alphonse Nicholson)

Lil Murda (J. Alphone Nicholson) greeting Tequan at school
Lil Murda (J. Alphone Nicholson)

A young rapper who thinks he is up and coming, and wants his music to be on and popping but, most who are introduced to it don’t dig it. For if it isn’t the hook, it’s the beat or the lyrics, and this leads to Lil Murder and Uncle Clifford growing close since he wants Uncle Clifford’s approval. Maybe more.

Additional Information About Lil Murda

  • First Appears In – Season 1 Episode 3 “Higher Ground”
  • Government Name (1.5): His first name is LaMarques
  • The Tape (2.8): When Lil Murda was 15, he did a sex tape – the one Rome tried to hold over his head


Family found is family forever.
— Lil Murda (2.6)

Gidget (Skyler Joy)

Gidget (Skyler Joy) on the phone.


One half of a dance duo with Keyshawn, as well as one-third of what is known as “The Trinity,” Gidget is Uncle Clifford’s favorite white girl and is at least a second-generation stripper. Which is something Gidget is a bit sensitive about.

Additional Information About Gidget

  • First Noted In: Season 1 Episode 4 “The Trap” 
  • Bad Spending Habits (1.4): It’s noted Gidget hasn’t saved any money, unlike Mercedes.
  • Mommy Dearest (1.5): Her mother’s name is Deanna
  • Ole Miss (1.3): Where Gidget was once a cheerleader.


Josh Ventura Plays Wayne Kyle

Wayne (Josh Ventura) with a gun.
Wayne (Josh Ventura)

A member of the city council, Wayne Kyle is the more aggressive and possibly insane one between the Kyle brothers.

Additional Information About Wayne

  • Introduced In Episode Season 1/ Episode 6
  • Head of the City Council (1.3): To be specific, he is the head of the city council and runs things.


Donny Boaz Plays Wyatt Kyle

Wyatt (Donny Boaz) questioning why Corbin doesn't want to sell.
Wyatt (Donny Boaz)

Wayne and Corbin’s brother who, isn’t the most aggressive person and seems to follow along with what his brother wants.

Additional Information About Wyatt


Thomas Q. Jones Plays Mane

Mane (Thomas Q. Jones)


One of Mercedes friends, who clearly has a thing for her but she isn’t necessarily trying to play with him like that. Possibly because him and the law don’t get along but with him knowing how to make fake IDs, he finds himself being put to use.

Additional Information About Mane


Angela Davis Plays Eloise

Eloise (Angela Davis) getting her nails done.
Eloise (Angela Davis)

Eloise is a former stripper, one of the first to “graduate” from The Pynk, and is now Mayor Ruffin’s secretary.

Additional Information About Eloise


Loretta Devine Plays Grandmuva Ernestine

Grand Muva (Loretta Devine) posing.


Uncle Clifford’s grandmother who is the former owner of The Pynk back when it was a club known as Ernestine’s.

Additional Information About Grandmuva

  • Introduced In Episode Season 1/ Episode 6
  • The Struggle Is Real (1.6): Is partial, if not fully blind, due to diabetes.

Quotes & .Gifs

Grand Muva (Loretta Devine) saying she is practical.
Grand Muva (Loretta Devine): But I’m a practical bitch.

Ashani Roberts Plays Britney

Britney (Ashani Roberts) on a video call with Andre.


Andre’s wife, who is a doctor back in Atlanta.

Additional Information About Britney


Diamond (Tyler Lepley)

Diamond (Tyler Lepley) talking to Keyshawn.
Diamond (Tyler Lepley)

The Pynk’s bouncer who takes an interest in Keyshawn’s life.

Additional Information About Diamond

Quotes & Gifs

Derrick (Jordan M. Cox)

Derrick (Jordan M. Cox) talking to Keyshawn.


Keyshawn’s man, and the father of her children, who has drinking issues which has jeopardized his work in the past, and often leads to him beating on Keyshawn.

Additional Information About Derrick

  • Introduced In Season 1, Episode 5

Quotes & Gifs

Montavius Hill (Cranston Johnson)

Montavious being checked before going into the Pynk.


Hailey’s ex, who helped her raise her daughter, that she left for dead and is shocked to see didn’t die on his own kitchen floor.

Additional Information About Montavius

  • Introduced In Season 1, Episode 5
  • Call me Lieutenant (1.8): Is a lieutenant of the Delta Devoted

Quotes & Gifs

Jesse (J. Leon Pridgen)

Jesse (J. Leon Pridgen) offering his jacket to Mercedes.
Jesse (J. Leon Pridgen)

It isn’t clear if maybe Jesse is Mercedes’ father or just familiar with her mother and her, but when we’re introduced to him while she is locked up, he shows an unexpected kindness.

Additional Information About Jesse

  • Introduced In Season 1, Episode 5

Quotes & Gifs

Woddy (Bertram Williams Jr.)

Woddy (Betram Williams Jr.) trying to get Lil Murda to the next level in his career.
Woddy (Betram Williams Jr.)

Lil Murda’s manager who is aware of his sexuality, and cool with it – as long as it doesn’t mess with his paper.

Additional Information About Woddy

  • Introduced In Season 1, Episode 8
  • Eating Habits (2.3): He has been vegetarian for two years

Quotes & Gifs

Every wave ain’t meant to be rode.
— Woddy

Rome (Blue Kimble)

Rome (Blue Kimble) talking business.
Rome (Blue Kimble)

An executive from Atlanta entertainment company, Blue Guap Empire, he comes down to Chucalissa after Keyshawn and Lil Murda go viral and has his sights on managing Keyshawn. Lil’ Murda too, but only if that is required to seal the deal with Keyshawn.

Additional Information About Rome

  • Introduced In Season 1, Episode 8

Quotes & Gifs

Duffy (Dominic DeVore)

Duffy (Dominic DeVore) smoking with Big L
Duffy (Dominic DeVore)

Gidget’s boyfriend, who formerly was just a paying customer, who deals drugs for a living.

Additional Information About Duffy

  • Introduced In Season 1, Episode 8
  • Drugs of Choice (1.3): He sells anything from weed to Oxycotin.

Quotes & Gifs

Mookie (Coco Brown)

Mookie (Coco Brown) greeting Uncle Clifford
Mookie (Coco Brown)

Mookie is a member of Tydell’s family who is known for her cooking.

Additional Information

Quotes & Gifs

Big Teak (John Clarence Stewart)

Big Teak (John Clarence Stewart) fresh out of prison
Big Teak (John Clarence Stewart)

Big Teak is a member of the same gang Lil Murda and becomes a member of his security team when he gets out of jail.

Additional Information

  • Introduced In: Season 2/ Episode 2 “Seven Pounds of Pressure”
  • Prison Term (2.6): Was at least ten years
  • Birthday (2.6): 9/24/1994
  • Death Of His Siblings (2.6): His mom killed his older sister, younger brother (5 years old), and baby sister (8 Months Old) with an 8-inch steel blade when he was 7. Their names were LaChina, Rasheeda, and Quel.
  • Government Name (2.6): Big Teak’s Government name is Thaddeus

Quotes & Gifs

Whisper (Psalms Salazar)

Whisper (Psalms Salazar) reading a sign
Whisper (Psalms Salazar)

Whisper is one of the two newest strippers at The Pynk to replace Gidget and Keyshawn. What is unique about her is that she is into crystals.

Additional Information

Quotes & Gifs

Big Bone (Miracle Watts)

Big Bone (Miracle Watts) doing a happy dance
Big Bone (Miracle Watts)

While she has no skills on the pole, Haley sees her body, as does Big El, as an asset to the Pynk, so she is hired.

Additional Information

Quotes & Gifs

Roulette (Gail Bean)

Whisper (Psalms Salazar) and Roulette (Gail Bean) waiting on instructions
Whisper (Psalms Salazar) and Roulette (Gail Bean)

Roulette is hired alongside Whisper, and like Whisper, she is talented on the pole. However, unlike Whisper, Roulette is more than willing to try Mercedes.

Additional Information

  • Introduced In: Season 2/ Episode 2 “Seven Pounds of Pressure”
  • Brother and Wrestling (2.4): Roulette’s brother, Demetrhrius, was a wrestler before he was killed by police 3 years ago, due to a broken taillight and a cop assuming he had a gun. Because of him, she is familiar with how to wrestle.
    • Brother nickname (2.4): While his name is Demethrius, his nickname was Meechie

Quotes & Gifs

Corey (Marley Santana)

Corey (Marley Santana) working at the skate rental for Uncle Clifford's party
Corey (Marley Santana)

Corey is trade hired to work for Uncle Clifford’s party.

Additional Information

Quotes & Gifs

Cedric Haynes AKA Coach (Sherman Augustus)

Cedric Haynes aka Coach (Sherman Augustus) with a NDA and other contracts for Mercedes to sign so she can get ,000 a week and a condo
“Cedric Haynes aka Coach (Sherman Augustus) with an NDA and other contracts for Mercedes to sign so she can get $10,000 a week and a condo” Christine Swanson, P-Valley, ”The Dirty Dozen,” 2022.

Mr. Haynes, often called “Coach” is a successful businessman who Mercedes has been talking to since he was a regular at The Pynk. But, with her money not being what it used to be, she has taken serious consideration to his past offers to invest in her, with sexual favors being how she pays him back.

Additional Information


Farrah Haynes (Shamika Cotton)

Farrah Haynes (Shamika Cotton) meeting Mercedes for the first time, and not being all that impressed
“Farrah Haynes (Shamika Cotton) meeting Mercedes for the first time, and not being all that impressed,” Christine Swanson, P-Valley, ”The Dirty Dozen,” 2022.

Mrs. Haynes is Coach’s wife who formerly had a strong focus on photography. However, now she appears to mostly act as a housewife who suffers her husband’s affairs.

Additional Information


Lauren Hawkins (Dana Gourrier)

Lauren Hawkins (Dana Gourrier) having fun before she gets sneezed on and flips out
“Lauren Hawkins (Dana Gourrier) having fun before she gets sneezed on and flips out,” Cierra “Shooter” Glaude, P-Valley “Demethrius,” 2022.

Lauren is a health department regulator in Nonconnah County who loves to spend money at The Pynk.

Additional Information

Quotes & Gifs

Chanisse (Joyful Drake)

Chanissse (Joyful Drake) in her kitchen, playing wicked stepmom
“Chanissse (Joyful Drake) in her kitchen, playing wicked stepmom,” P-Valley, “White Knights,” directed by Pamela Romanowsky, 2022, (STARZ)

Chanisse is James’ second wife, Keyshawn’s step-mom, who formerly was an air stewardess.

Additional Information


James (Dejean Brown)

James (Dejean Brown) in the center, with his step-daughters and their winter formal dates
“James (Dejean Brown) in the center, with his step-daughters and their winter formal dates,” P-Valley, “White Knights,” directed by Pamela Romanowsky, 2022, (STARZ)

While it isn’t 100% clear what James does for a living, it is noted he has money and the women of his life benefit from it. But, unfortunately for them, he is a scoundrel, as shown by cheating on Keyshawn’s mom with Chanisse and molesting Chanisse’s daughter Alisha.

Additional Information


Alisha (Kadianne Whyte)

"Alisha (Kadianne Whyte) at cheerleading tryouts
“Alisha (Kadianne Whyte) at cheerleading tryouts,” P-Valley, “White Knights,” directed by Pamela Romanowsky, 2022, (STARZ)

Alisha is Keyshawn’s step-sister who made it onto the cheer squad and had a bit of a reputation amongst the boys. One she neither confirms nor denies.

Additional Information


Laronica (Huntah Anarkelda Finnie)

Laronica (Huntah Anarkelda Finnie) at lunch with Alisha and Keyshawn, talking about winter formal
“Laronica (Huntah Anarkelda Finnie) at lunch with Alisha and Keyshawn, talking about winter formal,” P-Valley, “White Knights,” directed by Pamela Romanowsky, 2022, (STARZ)

Laronica is Alisha’s little sister who gets on her last nerves and occasionally bickers with her.

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Georgie (Lee Garlington)

Georgie (Lee Garlington) enjoying watching the men squirm
“Georgie (Lee Garlington) enjoying watching the men squirm,” P-Valley, “Savage,” directed by Melanie Mayron, 2022, (Starz)

Georgie is one of the key investors in the Promised Land Casino,  and, especially after her husband died, she has taken it upon herself to play a more active role in its creation.

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Bill (Bill Winkler)

Bill (Bill Winkler), sitting next to Andre, surprised Georgie is in the cigar room,
“Bill (Bill Winkler), sitting next to Andre, surprised Georgie is in the cigar room,” P-Valley, “Savage,” directed by Melanie Mayron, 2022, (Starz)

Bill was long the visible head of getting Promised Land Casinos off the ground, but with entrusting Andre to get the job done, things fell apart.

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  • Introduced In: Season 1


Beulah (Nyahale Allie)

Beulah (Nyahale Allie) at The Pynk, offering her mom a drink and the opportunity to go in peace
“Beulah (Nyahale Allie) at The Pynk, offering her mom a drink and the opportunity to go in peace,” P-Valley, “Jackson,” directed by Jennifer Arnold, 2022, (Starz)

Beulah is Uncle Clifford’s mother, Ernestine’s daughter, who is no longer with us.

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Pico (Zachariah Rogers)

Pico (Zachariah Rogers) begging for his life
“Pico (Zachariah Rogers) begging for his life,” P-Valley, “The Death Drop,” directed by Millicent Shelton, 2022, (Starz)

Pico is a member of a HVH rival gang who pics with Lil Murda.

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Terrance (Tahj A. Vaughans)

Terrance (Tahj A. Vaughans) showing up for his appointment with Whisper
“Terrance (Tahj A. Vaughans) showing up for his appointment with Whisper,” P-Valley, “The Death Drop,” directed by Millicent Shelton, 2022, (Starz)

Terrence is a regular at The Pynk who loves that it, unbeknownst to Uncle Clifford and Hailey, now has sex services

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Tina Snow (Megan Thee Stallion)

Tina Snow (Megan Thee Stallion) asking if Lil Murda ready?
“Tina Snow (Megan Thee Stallion) asking if Lil Murda ready?,” P-Valley, “Snow,” directed by Jenée LaMarque, 2022, (Starz)

Tina Snow is a popular rapper who, thanks to DJ Neva Scared working on her latest record, partners up with Lil Murda for a song and tour.

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Toy (Olivia “Melo J.” Jackson)

Toy (Olivia 'Melo J.' Jackson) surprised when Roulette gives her money
“Toy (Olivia ‘Melo J.’ Jackson) surprised when Roulette gives her money,” P-Valley, “Snow,” directed by Jenée LaMarque, 2022, (Starz)

Toy is a now former member of The Pynk known for her allergies, which, Uncle Clifford believes, at one time, was COVID and got multiple people sick.

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Cyntonia (Martika “Maria Jade” Thompson)

Cyntonia (Martika 'Maria Jade' Thompson) flipping out for she thinks Lil Murda was disrespecting her on stage
“Cyntonia (Martika ‘Maria Jade’ Thompson) flipping out for she thinks Lil Murda was disrespecting her on stage,” P-Valley, “Snow,” directed by Jenée LaMarque, 2022, (Starz)

Cyntonia is the mother of Pico’s children.

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