Character Guides HBO’s Euphoria: Cast, Characters & Descriptions (with Spoilers)

HBO’s Euphoria: Cast, Characters & Descriptions (with Spoilers)

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A character guide for HBO’s Euphoria featuring cast members names, character descriptions, and noteworthy information.

Descriptions are updated as new information is presented, and images changed as better ones are captured.


Rue (Zendaya)

Rue smiling on the first day of school.
Rue (Zendaya)

Character Description

First Noted In: Season 1, Episode 1 “Pilot” [Series Premiere]

Born 9/14/2001, Rue’s life has been riddled with trauma. It’s so bad actually that there are gaps in her memory from blocking things out and she is upfront that, as a narrator, she isn’t the most reliable. However, from what she says, we are told she has suffered from panic attacks since she was 11 and was even given liquid Valium to calm her down. Between that and her father dying when she was 13, that is what pushed her to be an addict. And even though she recently OD’d, and her sister found her nearly lifeless body on the floor, she still pursues that high which takes her away from the pain.

Additional Information About Rue

  • Over her lifetime, Rue has been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, general anxiety, and was considered possibly bipolar.
    • We’re told in episode 7 she formerly took medication for being manic-depressive but stopped. However, with her being sober, as of that episode, it makes the need for her former medication spike.
  • She can’t remember much between the ages of 8 and 12.
  • Rue started to take Oxycontin when she was 13 and it was actually her dad’s Oxycontin she got high off of.
  • In season 1, Rue is 17.
  • Lexi is one of Rue’s sources of information.
  • Rue is somewhere on the queer spectrum.
  • Rue’s first kiss was when she was 12 and since then she has given 4 handjobs, two blow jobs, and had sex with a boy once. She has also french kissed Lexi, but never been in love.
    • Lost her virginity at 15.


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