BBC One/ HBO’s Years and Years: Cast, Characters & Descriptions (with Spoilers)

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A character guide for BBC One/ HBO’s Years and Years featuring cast members names, character descriptions, and noteworthy information.

Descriptions are updated as new information is presented, and images changed as better ones are captured.

Season/ EpisodeSynopsisEpisode InformationTopics & Focused Characters
Season 1, Episode 6 [Series Finale]The show ends at 2034 and the 5 years covered bring about drastic change not just for the Lyons family but also the UK – can you guess how?
Director(s) Lisa Mulcahy
Writer(s) Russell T Davies
Air Date 6/18/2019
Introduced This Episode
Lincoln Aiden Li
Yvonne Zita Sattar
  • 2029
  • The Fall of Rook’s Government: Edith, Bethany, Viktor, Yvonne, Celeste, Muriel, Stephen, Rosie, Vivienne, Yvonne
  • 2030 and Beyond: Edith, Bethany, Vivienne, Rosie, Stephen, Lincoln
Season 1, Episode 5We reach the year 2028 and between a housing crisis, floods, and more, so comes the question of how will Vivienne Rook handle it all?
Director(s) Lisa Mulcahy
Writer(s) Russell T Davies
Air Date 6/11/2019
Introduced This Episode
Woody Kiernan O’Brien
  • Welcome to 2028
  • As It All Goes To Hell: Muriel, Celeste, Bethany, Stephen, Rosie
  • The Erstwhiles, Revenge, Following Precedents: Stephen, Vivienne, Bethany, Viktor, Edith, Woody
Season 1, Episode 4After a rather tame episode 3, things ramp up more, and on top of revolutions, there is a death on the show.
Director(s) Simon Cellan Jones
Writer(s) Russell T Davies
Air Date 6/4/2019
Introduced This Episode
Fran Sharon Duncan-Brewster
Jonjo George Bukhari
  • And The World Continues To Implode
  • Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures: Rosie, Jonjo, Edith, Fran, Daniel, Viktor
  • Karma Strikes: Stephen, Celeste, Muriel, Daniel, Viktor
Season 1, Episode 1 [Series Premiere]Years and Years may potentially be one of the most memorable shows of the summer, if not the year.
Creator(s) Russell T Davies
Director(s) Simon Cellan Jones
Writer(s) Russell T Davies
Air Date 5/14/2019
Genre(s) Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi
Good If You Like Seeing How The Present Becomes a Dystopic Future

Shows Focused On A Family Vs. A Bunch Of Disconnected Characters

Political Satire

Isn’t For You If You Want To Watch Something Optimistic About The Future
Introduced This Episode
Rosie Ruth Madeley
Daniel Russell Tovey
Stephen Rory Kinnear
Lincoln Aaron Ansari
Celeste T’Nia Miller
Bethany Lydia West
Ruby Jade Alleyne
Vivienne Emma Thompson
Ralph Dino Fetscher
Muriel Anne Reid
Edith Jessica Hynes
Lee Callum Woolford
Season 1, Episode 2After the events of the last episode, bad turns worse as the US spirals, the world heads towards authoritarianism, and yet another crisis.
Director(s) Simon Cellan Jones
Writer(s) Russell T Davies
Air Date 5/21/2019
Introduced This Episode
Viktor Maxim Baldry
  • The Bad News Is: Bethany, Celeste
  • Roll Back The Clock: Viktor, Ralph, Daniel, Edith, Muriel, Celeste
  • A Humbling Experience: Celeste, Stephen, Vivienne
Season 1, Episode 3The rest of the world is set aside as we come upon 2026 and between a death in the family, elections, and grave mistakes, the Lyons family are dealing with a lot.
Director(s) Simon Cellan Jones
Writer(s) Russell T Davies
Air Date 5/28/2019
Introduced This Episode
Lizzie Shannon Hayes
Elaine Rachel Logan
Steven Craig Gazey
  • The Year Changes, But Things Remain The Same: Edith, Stephen, Celeste, Ruby, Lincoln
  • Like Father, Like Sons: Steven, Elaine, Stephen, Viktor, Daniel, Rosie, Edith
  • What A Wonderful World: Lizzie, Bethany, Vivienne, Celeste


Ruth Madeley As Rosie

Rosie (Ruth Madeley) talking to a guy she fancies.
Rosie (Ruth Madeley)

Is First Noted In

Season 1, Episode 1 [Series Premiere]

Character Introduction

Rosie is the youngest of the Lyons family and, when introduced to her, she is a chef manager at a school which has approximately 1,200 students. Also, she is a single mother, not necessarily by choice, to two boys and has a serious issue with her father, Vince.

Additional Information About Rosie

  • Rosie’s condition, Spina bifida, the actress also has.
  • Rosie votes 4 Star party