Burning Body - Season 1

Austin Estrada

Review By

Laura Sarmiento Pallarés

Created By

Crime, Drama, Thriller, Non-English (Spanish)

September 8, 2023


Released (Netflix)


Rosa's boyfriend just died under mysterious circumstances. She is also dealing with a custody battle, and as the investigation into her boyfriend's murder begins, Rosa's secrets come out.

Noted  Characters and Cast

Rosa (Úrsula Corberó), Albert (Quim Gutiérrez), Javi (Isak Férriz), Ester (Eva Llorach), Pedro (José Manuel Poga) and more

Episodes to Anticipate

1.1, “The Reservoir,” sets up the premise and mystery of the show. 1.2, “Two Rosas” gives insight into the crime. 1.7, “May 1st, 2017” shows how the crime unfolded.

Review Summary

"Burning Body" knows it is a melodrama and fully embraces it through every relationship and interaction Rosa has throughout the eight-episode season.

Review Summary

Unfortunately, "Burning Body" may peak early on for some, if not halfway through the season as Rosa loses her luster as a lead character.

Who Is this For?

Fans of soap operas, telenovelas, and adaptations of real scandals might enjoy “Burning Body.”

"The Vigilante" also focuses on a mystery, but is an action movie with a lead who will hold your attention longer than Rosa.