What Happens In The Dark (2023) – Review and Summary

“What Happens In The Dark” shows some signs it could have been interesting, but instead, it is lukewarm thanks to a lack of information about what’s going on, how we got here, and who is dishing out the consequences.

Title Card - What’s Done In The Dark (2023)

General Information

Director(s) J. Ford
Screenplay By Melanie Clarke-Penella
Based On Story By J. Ford and Kingsmen Media
Date Released (Tubi) September 14, 2023
Genre(s) Crime, Drama
Film Length 1 Hour 25 Minutes
Content Rating Rated TV-MA
Noted Characters and Cast
Trevor Hakeem Sharif
Rueben Eric Nolan
Ava Adrianna Alphonso
Kelly Lexi DiLucia

Content Rating Explanation

“What Happens In The Dark” contains:

  • Dialog: Some cursing
  • Violence: Gun violence
  • Sexual Content: Sexual Situations, but no nudity
  • Miscellaneous: Some drinking

Film Summary

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Trevor appears to be a stand-up guy. He works for his uncle Rueben at his real estate company, is married to a woman named Ava, with whom he is trying to have a child, and seems to be doing well. However, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Trevor, and as “What Happens In The Dark” goes on, we learn about all of his secrets.

Character Descriptions

Please Note: This character guide is not an exhaustive list of every cast member, and character descriptions may contain what can be considered spoilers.


Trevor (Hakeen Sharif)
“Trevor (Hakeen Sharif),” What Happens In The Dark, directed by J. Ford, 2023, (Tubi)

From what it appears, Trevor was doing everything right. He got a good job, working for his uncle, was married and trying to have a kid, and even helped out friends who are trying to do something for themselves. However, looks are deceiving as it is revealed that Trevor’s lifestyle isn’t solely from selling real estate.


Uncle Rueben (Eric Nolan)
“Uncle Rueben (Eric Nolan),” What Happens In The Dark, directed by J. Ford, 2023, (Tubi)

Rueben is Trevor’s uncle via his father, who owns the real estate firm he works at.


Ava (Adrianna Alphonso)
“Ava (Adrianna Alphonso),” What Happens In The Dark, directed by J. Ford, 2023, (Tubi)

Ava is Trevor’s wife, who is an artist, seemingly with a trust fund that allows her to work and stay at home. But, it isn’t just the money and her career that has her home, but also her struggle to get pregnant and perhaps mental health issues.


Kelly (Lexi DiLucia)
“Kelly (Lexi DiLucia),” What Happens In The Dark, directed by J. Ford, 2023, (Tubi)

Kelly works with Rueben and Trevor, and spends a good amount of time off ensuring she can have a long-term position in the company.


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Our Rating: Negative (Acquired Taste)

Low Points

You Aren’t Invested In Any Of Trevor’s Relationships

Whether it is Trevor’s marriage, his relationship with his uncle, or the various people he interacts with regarding his more shady business dealings, there isn’t any chemistry there. His romantic relationships are bland, and even the writing doesn’t click. His relationship with his uncle? Flat, even with being a father figure to Trevor.

As for all the shady people in his life? Whether he owes them money, they owe him, or his dealings with this one woman named Kelly? I would say they don’t even fit a trope or come off basic. Rather, they are uninspiring, illicit not a single reaction, and not a single character fulfills their role as a supporting role.

On The Fence

Too Much Goes Unexplained

“What Happens In The Dark” doesn’t really do details. Yes, Ava is on IVF meds, but she seems to also be on something psychological, but that isn’t gone into. It’s just pushed she has a mental illness. As for all of Trevor’s illegal dealings? How he got into the game isn’t developed. Who does he owe money to that is threatening his life and family? Your guess is as good as mine.

Heck, his situation with Kelly? Why did he choose her out of all the people he could? There is nothing said there.

Now, was there room to explain everything? Absolutely, and there is some desire early on to understand how Trevor’s life got this way. However, any opportunity there was to go deeper and figure out a way to explain things was ignored. Leaving you lacking the information to theorize anything, yet being aware of what’s going on in this person and that person’s life on a need-to-know basis.

Who Is This For?

“What Happens In The Dark” is for those who don’t like dramas that bog themselves down with details but would rather focus on someone’s downfall, even if you aren’t sure about their peak.


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What Happens In The Dark (2023) – Overview


Unfortunately, “What Happens In The Dark” has very little to offer viewers due to avoiding developing its characters and story beyond what often feels like a need-to-know basis. Add in, unlike an action movie, comedy, or horror, there isn’t anything there to compensate for its meek story and characters, and it becomes something to watch if nothing is on, but certainly not a film that demands your attention.

  • You Aren’t Invested In Any Of Trevor’s Relationships - 63%
  • Too Much Goes Unexplained - 72%


  • N/A


  • Too Much Goes Unexplained
  • You Aren’t Invested In Any Of Trevor’s Relationships

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