Wayne: Season 1/ Episode 1 “Chapter One: Get Some Then” [Series Premiere] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Wayne may very well be the first show that makes you want to have YouTube Premium.

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Wayne Season 1 Episode 1 Chapter One Get Some Then [Series Premiere] - Title Card

Wayne may very well be the first show that makes you want to have YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium
Creator Shawn Simmons
Director(s) Iain B. MacDonald
Writer(s) Shawn Simmons
Air Date 1/16/2019
Genre(s) Comedy, Drama, Young Adult
Good If You Like Teenage Debauchery

Teen Psychopaths With A Heart of Gold

Road Trip Shows

Isn’t For You If You Find Bad Ass Kids Annoying

Don’t Like A Lot Of Vulgarity

Aren’t Much For Violence

Introduced This Episode
Wayne Mark McKenna
Wayne Sr. Ray McKinnon
Del Ciara Bravo
Orlando Joshua J. Williams
Gail Lisa Berry
Bobby Dean Winters

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The Introduction

Wayne is a local legend. Mind you, it isn’t for the best reasons. He is actually known to be a bit of a terror, but he isn’t necessarily a bully. If anything, he’s the type to get revenge for people. It’s something he inherited from his father who raised him after his mom took off when he was 5. However, things are changing in Brockton for Wayne, and it might be time to leave. However, before doing so, Wayne leaves all of his dad’s XXX magazines to his hustler friend Orlando, and he asks this girl he just met, Del, if she wants to join him on a trip to Ocala, Florida. A trip not so much to see the mom who abandoned him, though that may be optional, but to get the car she took his dad wanted him to have.



Wayne (Mark McKenna) before he throws a piece of ice through Gail's ex's window.
Wayne (Mark McKenna)

What you have to love about our title character is that, as much as he may appear to be an ass****, he’s a nice guy. It’s just he doesn’t like to see people, nice people especially, f***ed with. Also, he has an issue with impulse control and can’t lie to save his life. But, you can see a heart of gold with this kid. Take him throwing ice through the window of his dad’s caretaker’s, Gail, ex’s business. Yes, him doing that and taking mad punches was psycho, but he got his point across.

And in general, his interactions with people show, as long as you aren’t an ass, you’ll be fine. Look at his relationship with Orlando. It isn’t clear if those two are friends or simply know each other, but between him and Wayne Sr., we see that Wayne isn’t a bad guy. Heck, bring in Del, and you get the idea that Wayne might be like a lot of maladjusted people. He acts out to let his frustrations out if not because that’s one of the main ways he knows how to show he cares about you. That is, beating the hell out of people who bother you.

Wayne & Del’s Pending Relationship

Del (Ciara Bravo) and Wayne (Mark McKenna) heading to Florida.
Del (Ciara Bravo) and Wayne (Mark McKenna)

Del was in a tough spot before Wayne came around. Her dad, Bobby, would talk down to her, probably not give her any money to do anything, and likely hit her if she got on his nerves. So, as any kid from a working-class – bad area would do, she created a hustle. One that led her to Wayne’s doorstep and now into his life.

Which, to me, is going to create a very interesting romance. Why? Well, you got two people who didn’t grow up with the best kind of love. Wayne grew up without his mom and while his dad seemed cool in the end, who knows what he was like before he got cancer. For what we know, the cancer chilled him out, and he might have been a prick before that. As for Del? With her mom also high tailing it, and her family not that affectionate, you can see she is going to learn about love and feeling protected, not smothered, through Wayne.

As you can imagine, seeing these two slightly maladjusted people learn love through one another is going to be tumultuous at times. There is going to be a lot of mistakes, yelling, but that stemming from not knowing what a healthy expression of love is and not being used to someone looking out for them. So them both letting their guard down with one another, relying on someone fully, I can feel the tears coming already.

First Impression: Positive (Watch This)Recommended

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Like a lot of people, the last thing I want is yet another monthly subscription package. While $12 isn’t a lot of money, it adds up in time. However, while YouTube Premium, formerly YouTube Red, didn’t really have anything worth that price, even if just for a month, Wayne seems worth it. We get a badass lead, who has this sweet, but potentially vicious, pitbull vibe to him, and with Del by his side, you can see a nice little dysfunctional thing going. The kind which, of course, will lead to cute moments, her calling him a d***head, and him looking down feeling bad about what he did like a scolded puppy. Moments I can’t wait to see for this show does seem like it is going to have you feeling a multitude of emotions.

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