With corporate espionage, a pending fantasy element, and bullets flying, The Protector starts off a bit weird and with a bang.

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With corporate espionage, a pending fantasy element, and bullets flying, The Protector starts off a bit weird and with a bang.

Creator Nilufer Ipek Gokdel, Seniha Askim Ozbek, Atilla Unsal
Director(s) Can Evrenol
Writer(s) Jason George
Air Date 12/14/2018
Genre(s) Action, Fantasy, Drama
Good If You Like Orphaned Heroes Who Knew Nothing Of The Greatness They’d Become

Secret Societies

Possible Corporate Underworld Stuff

Introduced This Episode
Hakan Çagatay Ulusoy
Memo Cankat Aydos
Neset Yücel Erten
Mr. Erdem Okan Yalabik
Gokhan Ergun Kuyucu
Mazhar Mehmet Kurtulus
Zeynep Hazar Ergüçlü
Kemal Yurdaer Okur
Leyla Ayça Aysin Turan

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The Introduction

Hakan is an orphan who dreams to, with his friend Memo, open a bazaar-like his adopted father Neset. Problem is, after two failed businesses, Neset doesn’t want to invest. Also, he thinks Memo is an idiot and Hakan an idiot for having him as a business partner. So, if they can’t get the money from Neset, they try to get work. For example, Hakan tries to work for this bigwig, who worked his way up from the bottom, Mr. Erdem. Someone whose main focus is the Hagia Sophie and restoring it. Problem is, a man named Gokhan is bidding against him. Well, at least until Mr. Erdem’s associate, Mazhar, takes care of him. Though, Mazhar isn’t just someone who likes to get his hands dirty for work but also other things.

What other things? Well, that is when we bring in the fantasy element. From what we’re told, a shirt Neset has been holding onto is worth 7 figures. Yet, for reasons he doesn’t say at the time, he hides it and later, after Hakan tries to sell it, says it isn’t for sale. But, just so Mazhar can get his hands on it, he has people shoot up the place. Thus leaving his representative in the hospital, Neset dead, Memo being tortured for information, and Hakan meeting Zeynep and Kemal.

Now, who are these two? Well, alongside Neset, they are the loyal ones to The Protector. The person who is supposed to stop The Immoral. Who is that you may ask? Well, the assumption is Mazhar but that’s not confirmed just yet. As of now, all we know is Hakan is The Protector, Hakan and his daughter Zeynep will likely be training him, and Hakan’s world will never be the same.

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The Mixing Of Fantasy, Corporate Stuff, and The Expected Action

Though certainly not the first show to blend different vibes and genres, you have to appreciate The Protector taking a road not traveled too often. For between Mr. Erdem’s goals, The Loyal Ones, and Mazhar bridging the two, we get something which feels unique. I can’t say for sure if it’ll work out in the long run, but there is reason to believe it might.

Why? Well, because Hakan will soon be entering Mr. Erdem’s world. You see, he saves a kid and Mr. Erdem takes not of that. So he instructs one of his coordinators, Leyla, to hire Hakan. Meaning he’ll find himself in close proximity of Mazhar. Pushing them to clash eventually and depending on what kind of powers Hakan gets from being The Protector, beyond invincibility, this could be interesting. Especially since Mazhar has no problem with murder, having people waterboarded, and being a gangster.

On The Fence

The Characters Seem Like They’ll Grow On Us

While the characters are certainly interesting, we’re still at the stage where the foundation is being laid. So it is hard to say if Hakan is the type of hero who can carry a show, if Mazhar can maintain being a quality villain or how the supporting actors will be. That is, whether they simply do just as their role calls for, eclipse some of the characters with more screen time, or maybe be characters barely worth taking note of.

Right now, everything is based on potential.

First Impression: Mixed (Stick Around)

Neset (Yucel Erten) smiling while talking to someone.
Neset (Yucel Erten)

Right now, the idea is really strong and the execution of episode 1 leans towards expectations maybe being met. It’s hard to say though for there is a nice sized cast here and that means quite a few people to develop over the course of the 9 remaining episodes. So between meshing the different narratives, us getting to understand this possibly corporate underworld and the fantasy stuff The Protector has its work cut out for it.

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