Character Guides The Cast and Characters of Netflix's The Protector

The Cast and Characters of Netflix’s The Protector

The cast and characters of the Netflix program The Protector with a brief description of each character and their story (with spoilers).

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Characters description and pictures used are changed as notable information is presented and better screenshots are taken.

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Çagatay Ulusoy Plays Hakan

Hakan (Cagatay Ulusoy) in the prized shirt his father didn't want to sell.
Hakan (Cagatay Ulusoy)

First Noted In: Season 1/ Episode 1

Who Is Hakan

Hakan is an orphan who was raised by Neset and dreamed of owning his own bazaar. One which, similar to his dad, would specialize in antiques. This was the dream he had and would co-run with his friend Memo. However, things change upon learning he is The Protector.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Thus far, he has had two failed businesses.


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