Mazhar and Hakan come face to face, and the trekking of the Protector’s weapons begins.

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Mazhar and Hakan come face to face, and the trekking of the Protector’s weapons begins.

Director(s) Can Evrenol
Writer(s) Emre Ozpirincci
Air Date 12/14/2018
Introduced This Episode
Ayse Sebnem Sönmez
Can Celal Ozturk

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Training & Day Jobs: Hakan, Zeynep, Kemal

Thankfully for Zeynep and Kemal, Hakan is receptive to their training and not much of a whiner. That is even as Zeynep whoops his behind in hand to hand combat and Kemal places a hot piece of rock in his hand. All for the purpose of building up pain tolerance and teaching him to fight. Well, and to control the shirt’s abilities to protect him. But, that isn’t all we see.

When Kemal isn’t training Hakan, he is looking into Suzan’s death and killer and as for Zeynep? Well, she is a teacher’s assistant at the university, with a specialty in Ottoman weapons and armor. Oh, and she is sleeping with a professor. Strictly just that though, she doesn’t want a relationship.


Is being a Loyal One like being a Protector in that it is a task which is hereditary? That Kemal’s parents were Loyal Ones so naturally Zeynep was made one? Also, does each one have a certain specialty? Clearly, Zeynep is adept at martial arts and handling a gun, as we see later on, but what about Hakan? While he works with a bunch of screens, pushing the idea he has hacking abilities, if that were true then he would just hack the hospital’s security system vs. getting a security guard involved.

The Ring Bearer: Ayse, Can, Zeynep, Hakan

For The Protector to find and kill an Immortal they need the shirt, which Hakan has, the ring, which Ayse has, and also the dagger. Unfortunately for Hakan, multiple Loyal Ones have the different pieces and it seems their policy is not speaking to one another after assigned their item. Perhaps explaining why Neset kept Kemal and Zeynep a secret. Beyond the whole idea of protecting him from the truth, which is slightly biting Hakan in the behind.

But, at the very least, finding Ayse wasn’t too difficult. Yes, there was someone masquerading as her son, Can, trying to get the ring. Also, we learn Ayse only had the band and not the stone, but you gotta fill up ten episodes somehow.


How large is The Immortal’s, or rather Mazhar’s network? Also, is he basically using Mr. Erdem’s money to finance the whole operation? One thing brought up by Hakan, when speaking to Zeynep, is how are they financing all they do? For, from what we see, there isn’t some kind of Assassin’s Creed kind of network in place to finance either the assumed good guys or bad guys. At least, I don’t believe that Neset and the rest are living the way they do just to keep a low profile. I could be wrong though.

But, with thinking that, it makes you wonder why wouldn’t The Immortal be rich? Yes, they are in constant worry of a Protector possibly killing them but there is also so much they could invest in and while we’re down to one last Immortal, imagine the network they once had. I mean, big picture, if they spread out across Eurasia, Africa, and the Americas, they could have long ruled the world. Plus, if they can have children, immortal or not, that would allow their business to continue and them to mask their inability to age. I can’t say the show’s world goes that deep though.

This Is About A Job: Leyla, Hakan, Mazhar, Mr. Erdem

Mazhar welcoming Hakan to his crew.
Mazhar: Welcome to my crew.

Leyla looks high and low, even goes to Hakan’s old neighborhood, because Mr. Erdem is very serious about hiring Hakan. Leyla even makes it seem she’ll pester Hakan about it, as Mr. Erdem does to her, unless he rejects the offer to Mr. Erdem’s face. Leaving you to wonder why would Hakan’s Loyal Ones let him go by himself to meet Leyla, since she could be an associate of the Immortal?

Yet, considering we learn the security position would be under Mazhar, who has little interaction with Leyla, maybe she isn’t the one to be worried about. Especially since Mazhar mentions Can in Hakan’s presence and Hakan decides to work for Mazhar. Pushing the idea that his Loyal Ones may want to monitor him a bit more closely. Especially if Hakan gets it in his head he is a secret agent and can handle Mazhar alone.


So, on top of the finance issue there comes the question of how much alone time can and should Hakan have? There are people with snipers out there trying to kill him, just for being aware of the shirt. So as Loyal Ones, shouldn’t at least one be with him at all times? If not at least watching over him? Especially considering Hakan is still in training and doesn’t know how to fight yet.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

Zeynep explaining a bulletin board filled with news articles.
Zeynep: We suspect these were cause by the last Immortal.
  1. How do Immortals identify Protectors?
  2. When Zeynep refers to actions done by “the last Immortal” does she mean the last one discovered or the last one alive – period?


  1. With Hakan working under Mazhar, this lights a fire up under the show since now Hakan likely thinks he has the upper hand.

On The Fence

  1. While not plot holes, there are somethings this show leaves you questioning that you’d want to be addressed.
  2. Though we do have a few action scenes, from Zeynep training Hakan to Ayse killing Can, there isn’t that certain vibe which makes each moment flinch-worthy. There is no sense of pain or the need to say “DAMN!” watching any of the fights.

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