As the ladies on the show question the leadership of the men in their lives, Mazhar continues his mission.

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As the ladies on the show question the leadership of the men in their lives, Mazhar continues his mission.

Director(s) Can Evrenol
Writer(s) Yasemin Yilmaz
Air Date 12/15/2018
Introduced This Episode
Tekin Mehmet Yilmaz Ak

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Before Hakan, There Was Mehmed and Murat: Hakan, Kemal

We’re given a quick history lesson this episode dealing with, to a point, the origins of the Immortal vs. Protector battle. One of the first was Mehmed the Conqueror. Using a virtue ring, a special dagger, and shirt of armor, blessed by holy prayer he hunted the 7 immortals who wish to destroy Istanbul and ultimately the world.

Fast forward hundreds of years later and only one immortal, Nazat, remains. As for who came before Hakan, as protector, since they don’t live forever, it was his father, Murat. Yes, in episode 1 he may have been told he was an orphan but this was a lie.


Hakan looking at a picture of Neset, his father Murat, and Kemal.

So, is it safe to assume, since Murat saw Nazat’s face, he was likely murdered by him soon after? Also, considering that idea, how did the Loyal Ones get the shirt, and assumingly the ring and dagger back? Are they at the Protector’s side at all times? Also, if Murat was Hakan’s father, who was his mother? Much less, is becoming the protector a hereditary thing considering you’re supposed to be pure of heart? What would happen if Hakan was a terrible person? Would it just skip a generation?

A True Loyal One & A Possible Nazat: Memo, Tekin. Mazhar, Hakan

While it isn’t made official whether Memo is a loyal one or not, considering Tekin has tortured him for more than a day and has said nothing, he should qualify. Especially since he pays for his silence with his life. Something Hakan doesn’t find out until he is duped by Tekin into showing up. But jokes on Tekin for Hakan, thanks to the shirt, is now bulletproof. Something which is brought to Mazhar who is none to please with this new information.


Tekin talking to Mazhar about trying to get information out of Memo to no avail.
Tekin: We tortured the shit out of him, but he won’t talk.

So, if one absorbs the shirt, does it reappear when they die? Also, while it is doubtful Mazhar is Nazat, how many degrees of separation is he from Nazat? Heck, could there be loyal ones to the immortal and maybe the immortal is similar to a phoenix? That is to say, maybe Mr. Erdem is the immortal and just doesn’t realize it yet? For with the need of a ring to find an immortal, it leads you to wonder if they are reborn, can change form, or something like that.

Not to take away from the obvious of them hiding from the protector to not get killed, never mind the general population to not be captured and dissected. It’s just this show makes me think things will be much more complicated than it appears. Though that could be wishful thinking.

And So It Truly Begins: Zeynep, Kemal, Hakan

As you can imagine, after waiting more than 20 years for the protector to show up, Zeynep is a bit disappointed Hakan is the guy. For one, he knows nothing, isn’t trained, and is crying every other time she looks at him. Plus, he is impulsive and doesn’t listen. Making her job 2x as hard in the process. Yet, after Neset’s death and then Memo’s, it seems he may take things seriously now. Which, per Kemal, means Zeynep can begin training Hakan to take on Nazat.


Zeynep worried about Hakan being ready to be the protector.
Zeynep: Let’s pray that Hakan’s a fast learner.

While it is understood Neset’s bond with Hakan is why he knows nothing, there is this need to question why wasn’t Zeynep and Hakan raised together? I know, it sounds very YA novel the idea of those two growing up together, maybe falling in love, and her learning she is destined to protect him. Yet, considering Kemal was one of the Loyal Ones, you’d think he would have had some interaction with Hakan, as well as Zeynep, even if they were just his uncle and play cousin.

Pushing the thought, how was it decided this whole custody thing would be arranged? For a hot second I thought maybe Neset kidnapped Hakan, but considering how Kemal seemed to recognize Hakan, that seems unlikely. But, perhaps the big issue here is that if Neset was hit by the bullets in a more fatal area, how would Kemal, or Zeynep even find Hakan? Much less, considering he just got shot at, what would lead him to trust them?


Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Leyla calls offering Hakan a security job, which he declines.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Where is Zeynep’s mother?


  1. The show is pushing the need to ask a lot of questions and craft theories.

On The Fence

  1. The Leyla and Mr. Erdem plot could use a boost in interest.
  2. Mazhar, and his team, seem like placeholder villains. They are good enough for now but don’t seem on that level where they can be season 1’s main villains.

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