The Cleaning Lady: Season 2 – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

The second season of “The Cleaning Lady” is a prime example of a sophomore slump, as it struggles to keep the focus on Thony, as her storyline drags out, and others try to emerge.

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Thony and Arman standing opposite of one another

The second season of “The Cleaning Lady” is a prime example of a sophomore slump, as it struggles to keep the focus on Thony, as her storyline drags out, and others try to emerge.

Network FOX
Created or Developed By Miranda Kwok
Based On La Chica que Limpia
Executive Produced By Rose Marie Vega, Paola Suárez, Shay Mitchell, David Dean Portelli, Michael Offer, Miranda Kwok, Melissa Carter
Genre(s) Action, Crime, Drama
Noted Cast
Luca De La Rosa Valentino LaSalle, Sebastien LaSalle
Thony De La Rosa Elodie Yung
Marco De La Rosa Ivan Shaw
Robert Kamdar Naveen Andrews
Garrett Miller Oliver Hudson
Arman Morales Adan Canto
Nadia Morales Eva De Dominici
Chris De La Rosa Sean Lew
Ginger Cline Susan Anton
Fiona De La Rosa Martha Millan
JD Harris Ryan Sands
Jaz Faith Bryant
Jon Price Mac Brandt
Hayak Barsamian Navid Negahban
Julian Cortés Nick E. Tarabay
Agent Katherine Russo Liza Weil
Bosco Rocko Reyes

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


As always, Luca’s health is in flux, and with that, Thony does whatever it takes to keep him alive and with her. However, throughout the season, she struggles to do so because Marco kidnaps Luca, a new major power named Robert Kamdar reenters Arman and Nadia’s world, and Thony constantly finds herself, as always, being put on the defense. Which, in some ways, is when Thony thrives but managing the personalities of the criminal underworld, Garrett, and the FBI, alongside dealing with personal problems like her husband, Fiona, and all Luca demands as a sickly five-going on six-year-old? It’s a lot to contend with, and Thony keeping her hands clean is increasingly becoming difficult.


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Our Rating: Mixed (Stick Around)

Notable Performances, Moments, or Episodes

Sean Lew as Chris

Chris riding his bike, heading straight towards a truck
“Chris riding his bike, heading straight towards a truck,” The Cleaning Lady, “Bahala La,” directed by Marie Jamora, 2022, (FOX)

Early in season 2, a lot of attention is thrust onto Chris as his character becomes more than a child who recently discovered he is a TNT (an undocumented immigrant). With him having to deal with the trauma of accidentally killing his uncle, watching Lew process that and get a short-term spotlight was a treat. It showed he was ghastly underutilized, and thankfully, while his first major time in the sun petered out by mid-season, there is potential for him to come roaring back in season 3, as he becomes the first one of his family to really hold Thony accountable for her pyrrhic pursuits of keeping Luca alive.

Susan Anton as Ginger Cline

Ginger Cline (Susan Anton) celebrating her last performance
“Ginger Cline (Susan Anton) celebrating her last performance,” The Cleaning Lady, “The Brit,” directed by Lou Diamond Phillips, 2022, (FOX)

Ginger Cline appears in one sole episode, episode 5, but her impact is undeniable. Mind you, it could be because she is very out of place in “The Cleaning Lady.” There is no dark cloud over her head or a tone in her voice that makes you think all she knows is stress. Ginger is bubbly and brings a sense of life and joy to her scenes, and considering she was Fiona’s first notable client for her new company, there were hopes of seeing her more.

Alas, that didn’t happen, but maybe she could still show up in season 3.


So Much Potential For Characters Who Didn’t Get Notable Focus In Season 1

Season 2 of “The Cleaning Lady” had promise at one time. Major deaths sprinkled throughout the early episodes left a bit of a vacuum. Now, originally, the thought was this meant new, more formidable, and challenging villains for Thony, Arman, and Garrett to face, but that didn’t come to pass. The end of new and old characters brought opportunities for supporting stars to get the spotlight.

Unfortunately, no one got that spotlight for the entire season. At best, they did for half of the season, but when it comes to Chris and Nadia, as well as Fiona at times, it was a treat. Chris, as noted above, got to be more than Fiona’s son. His issues with being a TNT, and the guilt of what he did, allowed us an exploration into his psyche and allowed him to develop into the type of character the show needed.

Chris’ frustration with his own life evolves into him daring to call out Thony and not allowing her to maintain some semblance of being a victim of circumstance. Unlike so many others, he doesn’t look or hear about Luca and wants to give Thony a break – he will hold her feet to the fire.

Nadia smiling at Arman
“Nadia smiling at Arman,” The Cleaning Lady, “Spousal Privilege,” directed by Chi-Yoon Chung, 2022, (FOX)

Then with Nadia, sadly, we get teased throughout the season, but it’s hard to say if that is in a good way or bad way. Yet, that is the allure of Nadia this season. As a new character, Robert Kamdar, the man who brought Nadia from South America to the United States, begins dropping information about Nadia, you get to understand she is a hustler. One who we thought was just good at numbers but might be good at playing men as well. Especially considering how things end for her in season 2, where she becomes a major player and Arman appears to be her hired muscle.

This leads us to Fiona. Multiple times throughout the series, Fiona has had moments when she isn’t Thony’s lackey or dependent on her. Fiona gets that opportunity again this season as her ex and Jaz’s father, JD, is introduced; she starts her own company, with Thony’s backing, and finds herself blackmailed by a man named Jon Price. But, while Fiona’s story does have moments showcasing her as an individual, again, it is in a potential season 3 where she may truly shine. Especially since her loyalty to Thony, and being willing to get involved in her illegal activities, doesn’t lead her to be bailed out as usual.

Nearly Everyone Learning Thony Will Sacrifice Anyone For Luca

Thony has the emotional intelligence to manipulate situations and people in a way that is not to be underestimated. Her use of Luca, as a shield against criticism and even prosecution, is masterful. I mean, look at Arman. The whole romantic subplot he and Thony could have had died, but you can fully believe, for this kid, who isn’t his, and he has probably spoken to a few times, he would sacrifice it all. Which includes his marriage!

Nadia noting that Thony's decision to help Robert got Arman killed
“Nadia noting that Thony’s decision to help Robert got Arman killed,” The Cleaning Lady, “Trust,” directed by Tawnia McKiernan, 2022, (FOX)

This, at times, feels unbelievable, but considering how Thony also has Garrett able to calm down and align with her, even in a threeway between her and Arman? Never mind, big bad Robert, too nearly falling for Thony’s use of motherhood to negotiate terms? It helps you understand Thony’s desperation is real but is sometimes also used as a ruse to gain the power she needs so that she doesn’t have to use her child. And by the end of season 2, more and more it seems that what Thony has done for Luca has exposed her to so much wickedness that there may be no going back to cleaning after people or being a brilliant medical professional. Thony may not have embraced this dark path she is on, but she walks it with her head held high in heels.

Low Points

Running Through Villains And Adversaries With Little Consequences

“The Cleaning Lady” has a villain problem. Alongside Hayak, we are given 3 villains and one criminal organization, and everyone ends this season as a disappointment. Hayak, the big evil of season 1, is eliminated to little consequence. His daughter doesn’t ask questions, and despite having an international organization, we don’t see or hear of any effect of this major player dying. Well, beyond Arman losing his co-signer and having to partner with Robert.

Following him, we got Jon Price, a minor villain compared to the others, since his focus is blackmailing Thony’s family about Marco’s murder. He shows up and is eliminated within a few episodes. Then comes Julian Cortés, who seems like he’ll be the next thing to worry about, based on Garrett hyping him up. Yet, we see him maybe three times before he is killed off.

Which leads us to Sin Cara. They are someone brought up, but their leader isn’t introduced this season. However, when they strike, as Arman believed they eventually would, because of his deal with Bosco, we don’t see them beyond chasing Arman and Thony once. And, in that chase, they let Arman and Thony get away, and, despite automatic weapons and multiple people chasing Thony and Arman, they don’t hit Arman’s vehicle or Thony and Arman at all. But, like a handful of other characters or organizations, things are left for them to make a comeback. Especially since Robert is no longer financing Thony’s protection and Arman finds himself reemerging as a major player in the game.

Robert dismissing Arman
“Robert dismissing Arman,” The Cleaning Lady, “Truth or Consequences,” directed by Ben Hernandez Bray, 2022, (FOX)

And that brings us to the villain who is seen the most this season: Robert Kamdar. We’ll admit Robert does benefit from developing Nadia, as he is a key part of her getting to the US and being with Arman. However, as a villain, he is a mixed bag. For the most part, he is a money man. On top of that, with Hayak leaving such precedence, Robert may have the tone of someone notable or formidable, the stature even, but his actions? Not so much. He shields himself in such a way that, while you have to respect him being the puppet master, it makes him not having any notable soldiers unfortunate. Add in how much he fawns over Nadia and makes minimal effort to kill Arman? Like damn near every villain since Hayak, he feels like a placeholder.

Garrett’s Relationship With Russo

To us, Russo developing romantic feelings for Garrett was a disservice. Agent Russo, talented as she is, couldn’t simply be invested in Garrett as a friend or as his supervisor? Wanting him to win since she has made so many sacrifices to cover his highs and lows?

To me, those two damn near becoming a couple is a product of underestimating Russo’s actress and her ability to convey closeness without there being something romantic or potentially sexually there.

On The Fence

The Clinic

The clinic, where Thony was supposed to use her skills to help the under or uninsured, ends up just being a storage place for drugs. This sucks in a way, because it was presented as an alternate motivator for Thony rather than everything being about Luca. Which, you can submit, with Thony making an effort, as an international drug dealer/ broker, she does make an effort to help people. However, Luca trumps anything else.

But, while the clinic doesn’t live up to its potential, at the very least, the space does become a front for Fiona’s Cleaning Lady service.

What’s Working & What’s Not

What’s Working

Fiona and Thony watching Luca recover from Sinusoidal Obstruction Syndrome
“Fiona and Thony watching Luca recover from Sinusoidal Obstruction Syndrome,” The Cleaning Lady, “The Ask,” directed by Loren Yaconelli, 2022, (FOX)
  1. Thony’s journey to becoming a villain

What’s Not

  1. How the show treats characters who can be seen as villains by either killing them off or neutering them

Who Is This For?

The second season of “The Cleaning Lady” might lean towards those who were fans of the first season more than newcomers. But, if you are someone who likes people like Thony finding ways to get out of bad situations they don’t deserve to, that could also drive you to watch season 2 with fervor.

Thony and Arman standing opposite of one another
The Cleaning Lady: Season 2 – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)
Season 2 of “The Cleaning Lady” is a sophomore slump, no doubt about it. However, the way it sets up the end of the season does give it the potential to bounce back in a way to at least make season 3 on par with season 1.
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Nearly Everyone Learning Thony Will Sacrifice Anyone For Luca
So Much Potential For Characters Who Didn't Get Notable Focus In Season 1
Susan Anton as Ginger Cline
Sean Lew as Chris
The Clinic
Garrett's Relationship With Russo
Running Through Villains And Adversaries With Little Consequences

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