The Bold Type remains a flagship program for FreeForm as it explores mature takes on relationships, continues to develop the ladies, and addresses workplace issues.

Creator(s) Sarah Watson
Genre(s) Drama, Comedy, Romance, Young Adult
Good If You Like ·       Shows Which Address The Issues A 20 Something Could Go Through, But Not Be Over The Top

·       Healthy Relationships

·       People Who Are Middle Age And Fabulous

Isn’t For You If You ·       Want Men To Be More Than Love Interest, Mentors, or Insanely Annoying
Noted Cast
Jane Katie Stevens
Ryan Dan Jeannotte
Kat Aisha Dee
Councilman Reynolds Matthew Kabwe
Tia Alexis Floyd
Adena Nikohl Boosheri
Sutton Meghann Fahy
Oliver Stephen Conrad Moore
Carly Kiara Alondra Groulx
Jacqueline Melora Hardin
Patrick Peter Vack
Lauren Emily Chang
Richard Sam Page
Alex Matt Ward
Pamela Dolan Laila Robins
Angie Shyrley Rodriguez

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The Bold Type Season 3 Summary

A new season and slightly less drama. Starting with Jane, she chooses Pinstripe, aka Ryan, to be her boyfriend and things settle in nice. There are many moments in which, if this was any other show, they’d have large blowups, but instead something Ryan does during his book tour causes a major issue. Switching to Kat, as the lesbian bar, Wild Rose, is shut down, partly thanks to a callous man, Mr. Reynolds, she is compelled to do something and ends up running for Council person. A task which leads her to meet Tia, a love interest, who helps Kat get over Adena.

Well, at least until Adena shows up and rocks Kat’s world. Though, not in some petty, “I see you are trying to move on before I found someone new” kind of way. Adena has worked on herself, and that is why she is returning. Problem is, Kat has been crying, cleansing, working her butt off, so Adena’s return might allow for some sense of closure, but is still bad timing.

As for Sutton? Well, she continues to take advantage of this newfound stability in her life to see if becoming the next Oliver is really what she wants in life. Something Oliver is okay with and, as always, Richard supports, even as he is struggling with what is next in his own life.

Speaking of what’s next, Oliver adopts the child of his ex, Carly, and Queen Jacqueline has to contend with a young man named Patrick, who is all about the dot com. Leading to a series of battles that Jane gets involved in as Patrick recruits her to work for the online side of Scarlet instead of print. Making it so, hell or high water, she plans on trying to return Jacqueline to prominence and either put Patrick in his place or run him out. If she doesn’t get fired for being so petty.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What happened to Lauren?
  2. Will we meet Sutton’s dad in the future?
  3. What is the possibility, outside of a wedding, of meeting Richard’s family?
  4. Considering we met Kat’s parents, and Sutton’s mom, will we meet Jane’s brothers or dad ever? There was a lot of mention of family this episode, and it reminded me we have no idea what her family looks like.


The Relationships – 95

With watching a lot of shows featuring teens or twentysomething-year-olds, it means a huge amount of relationship drama. However, The Bold Type doesn’t do that. When it comes to Richard and Sutton, despite their age difference, they don’t really clash. Yes, Sutton has issues with Richard using his money and her uncomfortable with depending on him, but they squash that. Also, when it comes to Richard opening up about his dad dying, while it takes some work, it happens.

However, the best example might be Jane and Ryan. Primarily due to Ryan presenting a slew of moments which, if this was any other show, Jane would flip out on a regular basis. Be it him coming home late at night, not going to a party Sutton and Richard were throwing, and other moments, she doesn’t flip out. Also, in episode 6, after Jane vents about a situation, she reminds Ryan that even when she is going through stuff, she it doesn’t mean she won’t be willing and able to celebrate his accomplishments.

Though, depending on how you look at it, they may stretch the maturity thing a bit far after Ryan kisses someone, tells Jane, and they don’t break up. Granted, the trust is broken, and he’ll have to earn it back. However, the way she weighs the pros and cons of having Ryan in her life, and doesn’t necessarily make a snap decision, it is so foreign that it makes you question if the girl is d***matized.

Kat – 89

Kat noting she isn't choosing Adena or Tia, but herself.What makes Kat so wonderful is, aside from being the rare depiction of a privileged Black girl, is that she is flawed but not messy. Prime example, the end of her and Adena has her all messed up, and when Adena returns to her life, it leads you to believe there is a good chance she may cheat on Tia. However, Kat vocalizes that she is working through things, in speaking with Tia, and respects Tia as a person. Especially considering Tia was closeted before meeting Kat and is learning how to be comfortable as a queer young woman with Kat by her side.

And then with Adena, you have to love the fact Kat recognizes she still has feelings for Adena, yet recognizes her mind isn’t in the place to be with her. Don’t get me wrong, a part of her wants to pick up from where she left off. However, it seems there is this recognition that just because Adena recognized where she went wrong and grew from that, it doesn’t mean Kat should welcome her back with open arms. Plus, there are more conversations needed to heal old wounds, and those wounds can only truly heal as friends. Which, as both recognize, for them it can be very all or nothing so until they figure a way to deal with the weight of their previous relationship, they can’t start a new one.

But, personal life aside, there is also the fact Kat is a woman of action and isn’t one to just vent and complain. Take note of her campaign. Originally, she was volunteering for someone else, but with her speaking up for that women, she eclipsed her and led to that woman dropping out, and Kat being pushed to run instead. Which, despite some hesitation, she did and only lost within what could be seen as a margin of error. And as for her work at Scarlett, compared to Jane, she worked marvelously with Patrick and, despite him often crossing boundaries, I’d submit he helped, alongside Tia, step up her social media game.

Sutton – 88

Sutton noting, while capable of doing things the hard way, there is a easier way to do things.

Each year Sutton sheds a bit of fear of the possible and seeks out the various opportunities which are available to her. This season dealt with her becoming a designer after a last minute change to save a model. Now, was her journey as heart-wrenching as her becoming Oliver’s assistant and adjusting to him? No. This time she had support. But, as noted above, Sutton had to find a way to get past her issues with her father and her feelings about money for Richard to invest in her. Because, essentially, that was the thing to conquer this season.

In season 1, it dealt with believing in herself and being willing to ask for help to pursue her dreams vs. do what made financial sense. Following that, in season 2, the focus was proving herself to her peers, her boss, and learning how to manage having a sense of autonomy and power. Leading to what she conquered this season which is not only recognizing that power but doing something with it beyond your job. Alongside, in her relationship, allowing it to evolve in such a way where you are not so much dating but prepping for marriage.

Also, one last thing, you have to also appreciate how she handled the whole Carly situation. Between giving advice to Oliver to checking her privilege when it comes to being a slim young woman, she aced being a role model and someone who can be a big sister figure.

Jacqueline’s Rebirth & Oliver’s Next Chapter – 85

Speaking of Carly, you have to appreciate how she was part of opening Oliver up to us a little bit. For while we knew he was a boy from the middle of nowhere who worked his way up, is Black and proud, and things of that nature, his present-day life was a mystery. We didn’t see him with anyone at parties, didn’t talk about dating, but then with Carly, we got a taste of not only his past dating life but also learned he wanted to be a dad. Something he struggles with, yeah, but it isn’t like Carly is a baby. She’s in middle school, the hormones are about to kick in, and Oliver hasn’t really slowed down at work. Which will certainly make it interesting to see how a single man handles raising a child on his own.

But, not to be outdone, there is also Jacqueline. Someone who is dealing with ageism from the board, as well as their new favorite Patrick, while not being 100% sure what will be her next movie. Something I appreciated for often Jacqueline is a sage, a benevolent leader, but rarely someone threatened or on the ropes. So this shift was welcomed, especially with Jane really bucking up ready to do anything and everything to get people to respect Jacqueline. It was so cute. A waste, since Jacqueline seemingly got fired, but the shock of that happening is of itself also a plus for it makes you realize how a title and experience does not protect you when you could affect a company’s bottom line.

Learning What A Councilman Does – 80

There are tons of titles in government, but while the federal government gets a huge amount of attention, local government doesn’t get the same. At least beyond the title of governor and mayor. So the explanation we got in episode 4 really helped flesh out how important local politics can be. After all, a local politician today can end up on a larger platform depending on the support they were given.

Low Points

Pamela Dolan Was Such A Disappointment – 60

Pamela Dolan (Laila Robins) noting she isn't affected by what is allegedly happening.
Pamela Dolan (Laila Robins)

Considering what a big name she was touted to be, how vicious her reaction to the article calling her out was built up to be, her appearance and reaction fell flat. Which negatively affected Jane’s storyline, which was already floundering in intrigue, outside her relationship with Ryan, and made it seem the show wanted to address #MeToo/ #TimesUp issues, as it did in the second season, but wasn’t sure how to deal with them long term. For if it wasn’t Alex’s dealings with the #MeToo movement, mentioned below, it was this situation that led to you feeling the writers were pushed to address it, but weren’t necessarily comfortable with how to handle it. If not, after Sutton dealing with it in the second season, felt they were milking the topics, so they did what FreeForm maybe pushed on them, to keep them happy, but put more focus into other things.

On The Fence

Alex – 79

Since the failed attempt to be Sutton’s boyfriend, Alex has been a bit of a floater. He shows up, doesn’t do or say all that much, outside of make Kat have a slight identity crisis, and that’s it. At least, in season 2, that was the gist of his character. In season 3? Oh, he gets to have two, maybe three, major moments!

The first is him being the perpetrator of a #MeToo situation. One that honestly doesn’t hit him that much after the episode, but during episode 3, the show explores how complicated things are from being called out, presenting your side, as well as cancellation culture. Unfortunately though, recovering from being cancelled isn’t gone into.

Angie and Alex on top of each other.

However, following that, Alex does end up becoming roomies, temporarily, with Jane, and makes her as an individual tolerable. Also, he ends up with Angie, Kat’s assistant! Unfortunately, though, there is no build to them dating and no word on how she felt on the whole #MeToo article.

Patrick – 75

Patrick is a complicated character. Not because he is written to be complex himself, but in trying to understand his motives and how to feel about him is difficult. For one, he is pushed to be a feminist of some kind, yet is clearly on the side of those trying to push Jacqueline out. Also, he has previously fought for equality in the workplace but exploits Kat while she is having a depressive episode and also digs into Jane’s business. Which, with her being a writer, who just got back into the fold, can you imagine her trying to push back against the board’s new golden child?

Well, she does, and someone there are no repercussions, even when e-mails are exposed, and her hatred of Patrick gets out. Of which his response is him getting it and some attempt to craft him as a victim. If not someone misunderstood. However, in the long run, you realize Patrick is about winning over people with grand gestures as he, on the sly, does a lot of shady things. All so he can maintain this idea he is this eccentric guy who is really nice, when really he is an a**hole.

Jane – 74

The problem with Jane is the same problem she has had since season 1, when you compare her to Kat and Sutton, she is out of place. Jane is that girl you are so used to seeing in shows like this. One who makes leaps and bounds, despite what she says and does, and even when she falls on her behind it is on a high thread count, memory foam, pillow. Making it so there are few, if any, reasons to invest in her and she slowly morphs into a brat.

Case in point, while Patrick is an ass, her trying to take him down because she is mad she no longer works for Jacqueline was childish. Also, her telling off her boss, even if it wasn’t at a work event, was jaw-dropping. And despite who Patrick is, there remained the question of who Jane thought she was to talk to someone that way to their face, never mind, when the e-mails came out, be like, “Yeah, I said it – and what?!”

Jane revealing she drinks because of Patrick.

Making her relationship with Ryan, and being Alex’s roommate, one of the few positive things this season. If only due to Alex challenging her, and picking with her a bit, and Ryan showing there is some form of maturity when it comes to Jane. At least when she is getting what she wants anyway.

Tia – 76

The thing about Tia is that she is in a weird position due to the Kat x Adena thing. She is almost a rebound, but when you take note Tia wasn’t out, and Kat gave her the courage to explore being with a woman, that complicates things. Also, Tia is sweet, mature like the rest, and has the kind of story you want to dive into. However, as much as you have to appreciate Kat making Black friends, outside of work, there remains the question of how and if Tia will be integrated in the next season? Much less, with the campaign over, what is next for her to do to make it so she isn’t just a puppy following Kat around?

Overall: Positive (Watch This)

The beauty of The Bold Type is that it isn’t a purely progressive, women will conquer all no matter what show. As seen by Jacqueline likely being fired, and Kat not winning her election, essentially losing to two men, character don’t just steamroll anyone and everyone because they want something. Instead, as shown by Sutton, you have to work hard and not just gain experience but grow as a person. Which may skip Jane’s character a lot, but they have to have that one girl don’t they?

But, outside of Jane, how the show handles #MeToo & #TimesUp situations, as well as the oddly crafted Patrick, season 3 was awesome. I will say though, even with this being rated positive, it is by the skin of this show’s teeth. For I do think we’re coming to that point where the end game should be talked about for I don’t know if this show can do more than 2 more seasons. Even when you consider the shakeup of the print magazine possibly being no more.

Has Another Season Been Confirmed?


Thoughts On Another Season

Kat going to Adena's home.

My issue, hinted at above, is that the show needs to be equal in personal growth and professional growth to work. As of now, relationship-wise, these girls are acing it. Yes, Kat is single, but dammit we need to see more single young women on TV. Especially ones who aren’t moping about it or going through a ho phase. Then, in terms of their professional lives, Kat has sort of hit a glass ceiling and Jane? Well, while this Pamela Dolan story may lead her to doing panels and things of that nature again, she remains the most immature character. One who isn’t going to change, she is who she is, and in that we see a problem. Mostly due to Jane being treated as a central, if not the lead character. So it is almost like Sutton and Kat can only go so far if Jane hasn’t reached that point yet.

Leaving the need to question, what can this show do for another, if not two, more seasons? It is already struggling with workplace topics like #MeToo and #TimesUp. So, outside of Kat looking for a promotion, Oliver maybe trying to be a co-director, so he can delegate more stuff to Sutton, but make a decent salary, what’s next? What can be done? Since they can’t leave Scarlett, yet Scarlett is a ball and chain to this show.

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Season/ EpisodeSynopsisEpisode InformationTopics & Focused Characters
Season 3, Episode 10 “Breaking Through The Noise” [Season Finale]In the season finale, a handful of unexpected things happen. Some of which are welcomed but one major thing may leave your jaw on the floor.
Director(s) Victor Nelli, Jr.
Writer(s) Lijah J. Baraz, Becky Hartman Edwards, Celeste Vasquez
Air Date 6/11/2019
  • I Dreamed A Dream: Sutton, Oliver, Richard
  • Sometimes What The Mind Needs Is More Important Than What The Heart Wants: Kat, Tia, Adena
  • Making Sacrifices For What You Want:Jacqueline, Jane, Ryan, Patrick
Season 3, Episode 9 “Final Push”It’s all about to come to a head for Kat’s future in politics, Sutton in terms of design, and Jane’s article. However, what journey doesn’t have bumps in the road?
Director(s) Kimberly McCullough
Writer(s) Neel Shah
Air Date 6/4/2019
  • Changing Course: Sutton, Carly, Oliver, Richard
  • Playing With Trouble: Kat, Adena, Tia, Jane, Ryan
  • A Win For Some, Loss For Others: Kat, Jane, Ryan, Patrick, Jacqueline, Pamela
Season 3, Episode 8 “Revival”Adena returns and has to deal with how she left things. Also, Sutton is pushed to recognize she is in a partnership and Jane? Well, she preps to take on Pamela Dolan.
Director(s) Geary McLeod
Writer(s) Matt McGuinness
Air Date 5/28/2019
  • A Book & A Photo: Alex, Jane, Adena, Jacqueline
  • Accepting Help When Offered: Sutton, Richard
  • The Troubles Of A First Love: Kat, Tia, Adena, Jane, Sutton
Season 3, Episode 7 “Mixed Messages”The ladies of The Bold Type find themselves having difficult conversations with their significant others. Mainly due to either lack of empathy or communication.
Director(s) Geary McLeod
Writer(s) Wendy Straker Hauser, Nikita T. Hamilton
Air Date 5/21/2019
  • Closed Mouths Don’t Get What They Want: Alex, Jane, Ryan
  • Suffocating On The Silence: Sutton, Richard, Jacqueline
  • Getting To Know You: Tia, Kat, Adena
Season 3, Episode 6 “TBT”The hackers release the e-mails, and with that, it means not only damage control but also a walk down memory lane when things were simpler – sort of.
Director(s) Anna Mastro
Writer(s) Céline Geiger and Amy-Jo Perry
Air Date 5/14/2019
Introduced This Episode
Bobby Peter Francis James
Pamela Dolan Laila Robins
  • Minor Fallout: Jacqueline, Andrew, Oliver, Jane, Bobby
  • The Way We Were: Sutton, Richard, Jane, Jacqueline, Lauren, Kat, Bobby
  • A Drink To Progress: Kat, Tia, Jacqueline, Bobby, Sutton, Richard, Jane, Ryan
Season 3, Episode 5 “Technical Difficulties”As Sutton meets Richard’s friends, Kat approaches Tia and Jane deals with Scarlet being hacked – and waits for the fallout.
Director(s) Anna Mastro
Writer(s) Lijah J. Barasz, Celeste Vasquez
Air Date 5/7/2019
  • Putting Yourself Out There: Tia, Kat
  • The Truth Is Often Scary & Has Grave Consequences:Jane, Jacqueline, Patrick, Richard
  • Don’t Rain On My Parade: Sutton, Richard
Season 3, Episode 3 “Stroke of Genius”On top of a lot of fun sex talk, The Bold Type gets real about consent and women being pressured into sex – with Alex being the one focused on.
Director(s) Jamie Travis
Writer(s) Neel Shah
Air Date 4/23/2019
Introduced This Episode
Linda Mary Zu Zahalan
Kristen Alli Chung
Tia Alexis Floyd
  • From Vanilla To Candle Wax/ I Dreamed A Dream: Ryan, Jane, Sutton, Richard, Oliver
  • Councilwoman Kat Edison?: Kat, Tia, Linda, Sutton
  • Alex Faces #MeToo: Alex, Kristen, Sutton, Jane, Kat, Jacqueline, Patrick
Season 3, Episode 4 “The Deep End”Patrick’s presence continues to create friction and a work environment Jane doesn’t believe she can flourish in as Sutton and Kat look at life outside of Scarlet.
Director(s) Jamie Travis
Writer(s) Becky Hartman Edwards
Air Date 4/30/2019
  • A Critique Doesn’t Mean Stop: Sutton, Oliver, Carly
  • The Problem With Politics: Kat, Tia
  • 10 Years In, One Foot Out: Patrick, Jane, Jacqueline
Season 1/ Episode 1 “Pilot”What The Bold Type presents is what FreeForm is known for mixed with what made ABC Family great. It has FreeForm’s obsessive need to feature modelesque attractive young people. However, it also contains ABC Family’s ideology of pushing past the superficial and present stories and characters its viewers will become loyal to.
Season 1/ Episode 2 “O Hell No”The Bold Type continues to present a different voice for the young woman. One which brings on the different thoughts, dreams, fears, and personality types without necessarily feeling like tropes. For there is a serious effort by the writers to present real people with layers and complexities and not some mindless guilty pleasure.
  • Money or The Dream: Sutton, Richard, Alex
  • The Big O: Jane, Jacqueline
  • Mistaken Identity: Kat, Adena
Season 1/ Episode 3 “The Woman Behind The Clothes”

As a 25-year-old Black dude, meaning I’m Sutton’s age, who watches shows of which I’m probably not the aimed for demographic, it can be weird. Only because sometimes folks don’t get it. Why would someone your age watch Andi Mack or even something like The Bold Type? Well, it is because we live in an age where yes, a show may be aimed at tweens, teens, women, or certain demographics. However, between the writers and actors, they expand on what can be considered a woman’s issue, a teen issue, a Black issue, or what have you, and show how it is really universal. Just with different flavors or spices to make it unique and identifiable for one population. All the while, not alienating the general populace.

Sort of like eating food from a different culture. You don’t have to be Italian, Indian, or Ethiopian to enjoy their food. But there are certain things, unless you were raised in that culture, you may not understand the significance behind fully.

As for what brought all this up? Honestly, it is the power of the show, of which we go into episode 3 “The Woman Behind the Clothes” below.

  • Taking Initiative: Sutton
  • Type with Kindness: Kat, Jacqueline
  • The Issues with Preconceived Notions: Jane, Ryan
Season 1/ Episode 4 “If You Can’t Do It with Feeling”Taking initiative, believing in yourself, and not giving up. Generally, these are framed messages in a school. Yet, with The Bold Type, they are made into real world examples. The kind you can really follow and inspire to incorporate into your life. For, as said in episodes 1 -3, this is a show made to think beyond petty villains and soap opera drama. It is about presenting the real life of characters whose circumstances are rooted in some form of reality. A reality which can be relatable to viewers.
  • The Up and Comer: Jane, Jacqueline
  • A Whole New World: Adena, Kat, Jacqueline
  • My True Self: Sutton, Oliver
Season 1/ Episode 5 “No Feminism in the Champagne Room”

Though I consume so many hours of media weekly, I still find it amazing when a movie or show has a moment that gets me teary eyed or inspired. For, to be honest, sometimes I just feel like I’m on autopilot but then there is Wednesday and Thursday morning when I usually watch The Bold Type and Queen Sugarand I feel renewed.

For while there are certain elements of both which may not seem new, there is a richness to their characters, of very different worlds, which have this human quality. Not a character who has one storyline thrown at them after the next, but someone experiencing life. One you can find inspiration, empathy, and even a need to reflect due to watching.

  • Jane’s First Lawsuit: Jane, Richard
  • A Leap of Faith: Kat, Adena
  • A Safety Net: Sutton
Season 1/ Episode 6 “The Breast Issue”Outside of one or two moments which are eye roll worthy, The Bold Type remains consistent. All the while setting us up for the idea, not everything will be an obstacle these girls can overcome. Because sometimes the “enemy” is genetics.
  • Working Your Network/Shooting Your Shot: Sutton, Alex
  • The Nipple Wars: Kat, Jacqueline
  • BRCA1 Gene: Jane, Jacqueline
Season 1/ Episode 7 “Three Girls In a Tub”After watching Kat take on the patriarchy and discrimination, Jane be… Jane, and Sutton work her ass off to get to where she is — we get an episode which has major things happen, but in a very subdued way.
  • Playing the Bad Guy: Kat, Jacqueline, Richard
  • Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places: Jane, Jacqueline, Ryan
  • Ending Things On a High: Sutton, Richard
Season 1/ Episode 8 “The End of the Beginning”With layoffs hitting Siemen, and possibly Scarlet, so comes the question of what life could be like if any of the ladies lost their jobs.
  • The One With The Most Options: Kat, Adena, Jane, Sutton
  • The Backup Plan: Alex, Jane
  • Don’t Let Someone Else Steal Your Shine: Cassie (Jess Salgueiro), Sutton, Jacqueline
Season 1/ Episode 9 “Before Tequila Sunrise”There are some twists and unexpected turns in The Bold Type’s season 1 penultimate episode. The kind which definitely will make the wait for season 2 difficult.
  • Does Alcohol Expose True Feelings or Just Leads You To Give Into Temptations?: Ryan, Sutton, Alex, Jane
  • Do I Stay or Should I Go?: Jane, Jacqueline
  • Should I Stay or Should I Go?: Kat, Adena
Season 1/ Episode 10 “Carry the Weight”The Bold Type ends its first season reminding fans, and those curious, what it is essentially about. Finding love, making mistakes, showing initiative, and realizing there is more to life than your 9 to 5 and parties. Whenever possible, find meaning in your work and life for that is what makes you the bold type.
  • Working Hard and Difficult Conversations: Sutton, Alex, Richard
  • 2 Million Means Nothing Without 1: Kat, Jane
  • I’ll Leave You With This: Jane, Jacqueline
Season 2, Episode 1 “Feminist Army”The Bold Type is back and though only two weeks have gone by in their world, it feels like so much has happened.
Director(s) Victor Nelli, Jr
Writer(s) Amanda Lasher
Air Date Hulu: 6/6/2018

Freeform: 6/12/2018

Actors Introduced
Mitzi Katherine King
Emma Cox Brittany LeBorgne
  • Don’t Wanna Bring Other Women Down: Jane, Victoria, Jacqueline, Emma
  • Sleeping Your Way To The Top: Sutton, Alex, Richard, Mitzi
  • You Never Eat Me Out: Adena, Kat, Jacqueline
Season 2/ Episode 2 “Rose Colored Glasses”What’s in a reputation or a label and how much should one alter it considering their environment? Those are the questions posed.
Director(s) Victor Nelli, Jr.
Writer(s) Wendy Straker Hauser
Air Date 6/12/2018
Actors Introduced
Dr. Marcus Edison Curtiss Cook
Dr. Susan Edison Fiona Highet
  • It Just Isn’t A Good Fit: Jane, Victoria
  • Check Yourself But Don’t Wreck Yourself: Sutton, Mitzi, Oliver, Jacqueline
  • What’s In A Label?: Adena, Kat, Marcus, Susan, Alex
Season 2/ Episode 3 “The Scarlet Letter”Networking and doing what you love, even when it is just a gig, is the focus of a multi-layered lesson episode. Which also includes learning from failure.
Director(s) James Travis
Writer(s) Celine Geiger
Air Date 6/19/18
Actors Introduced
Cleo Siobhan Murphy
  • The Importance of Networking: Adena, Kat, Sutton, Jane, Ben
  • Working With Friends: Sutton, Oliver, Adena, Kat, Jane
  • Navigating Failure & Learning From It: Jaqueline, Cleo, Jane
Season 2/ Episode 4 “OMG”Jealousy is a major issue as relationships and career progress are compared and contrast amongst the ladies.
Director(s) Jamie Travis
Writer(s) Neel Shah
Air Date 6/26/2018
Actors Introduced
Brooke Alexandra Turshen
  • Ryan (Pinstripe) vs. Ben (The Doctor):Ryan, Ben, Jane
  • What’s Your Body Count?: Kat, Adena
  • Put It On The Card: Sutton, Kat, Brooke, Jane
Season 2/ Episode 5 “Stride of Pride”As Kat fights the lack of diversity at Scarlett, Jane deals with another magazine’s push for diversity keeping her unemployed. All while Sutton deals with being part of an affair.
Director(s) Anna Mastro
Writer(s) Michelle A. Badillo, Caroline Levich
Air Date 7/4/2018
Actors Introduced
Angie Shyrley Rodriguez
Dillon Kevin McGarry
Leila Katerina Tannenbaum
Allison Caitlyn Sponheimer
  • I Didn’t Mean To Be The Other Woman:Sutton, Allison, Richard, Dillon
  • Check Your Privilege: Jane, Ryan, Kat
  • Professionally a Boss, Personally a Mess: Angie, Kat, Jane, Leila
Season 2/ Episode 6 “The Domino Effect”Things switch up in this episode of The Bold Type as Jane rebounds from all her struggles while Kat and Sutton are dealing with serious relationship woes.
Director(s) Anna Mastro
Writer(s) Amy-Jo Perry
Air Date 7/10/2018
Actors Introduced
Elena Victoria Sanchez
Jessica Tattiawna Jones
  • The One That Got Away: Sutton, Jessica, Brooke
  • Tempted By The Lips of Another: Kat, Adena
  • Everything Is Coming Up Jane: Jane, Jacqueline, Elena
Season 2/ Episode 7 “Betsy”Open relationships, gun violence, and gun ownership get featured and only as The Bold Type knows how.
Director(s) Marta Cunningham
Writer(s) Matt McGuinness
Air Date 7/17/2018
Actors Introduced
Gina Olivia Luccardi
  • An Open Relationship: Adena, Gina, Kat
  • Team In Control: Sutton, Oliver, Brooke
  • Jane (Nearly) Always Gets Her Way:Jane, Sutton, Jacqueline
Season 2/ Episode 8 “Plan B”As Jane’s BRCA diagnosis comes back to haunt her, Sutton is put into a boss position and Kat into an awkward one thanks to Cleo.
Director(s) Marta Cunningham
Writer(s) Becky Hartman Edwards
Air Date 7/24/2018
  • Do Your Research & Read the Fine Print: Kat, Cleo, Jacqueline
  • By Any Means Necessary: Sutton, Oliver
  • Plan B: Ben, Jane, Kat
Season 2/ Episode 9 “Trippin'”We finally meet Sutton’s mom, Barbara, and Kat finds herself going toe to toe with Jacqueline as Jane toils over Ben, Ryan, and having BRCA.
Director(s) Victor Nelli, Jr
Writer(s) Céline Geiger, Neel Shah
Air Date 7/31/2018
Actors Introduced
Barbara Rya Kihlstedt
  • A Time To Be Young and Dumb: Ryan, Jane, Ben
  • Communication is Necessary:Jacqueline, Richard, Kat, Adena
  • Mommie Dearest: Sutton, Barbara, Jane
Season 2/ Episode 10 “We’ll Always Have Paris”While one of the ladies gets their happy ending, when it comes to the rest we adore, it seems they are at a crossroad, or end, of their relationships.
Director(s) Tara Nicole Weyr
Writer(s) Annie Weisman
Air Date 8/7/2018
  • My Own Knight In Shining Armor: Ben, Ryan, Jane, Jacqueline
  • Some People Wait A Lifetime For A Moment Like This: Richard, Oliver, Sutton, Jessica
  • Some Endings Call For Tears & Others A Celebration: Kat, Adena, Coco, Jacqueline
Season 3, Episode 1 “The New Normal”One of the greatest shows dedicated to being a young professional returns, and it’s as dramatic, emotional, and life-affirming as ever.
Director(s) Victor Nelli, Jr.
Writer(s) Wendy Straker Hauser
Air Date 4/9/2019
Introduced This Episode
Eli Randy Thomas
Patrick Peter Vack
  • Ryan Won: Ryan, Jane
  • Meet Patrick: Patrick, Jacqueline, Jane
  • #BeReal: Richard, Eli, Sutton, Patrick, Kat, Adena, Jacqueline, Jane, Alex
Season 3, Episode 2 “Plus It Up”Oliver has a secret which is affecting his job, Jane pushes Ryan away, and someone decides to get on Kat’s bad side. Oh, and Patrick is low-key trash.
Director(s) Ellen S. Pressman
Writer(s) Amanda Lasher, Matt McGuinness
Air Date 4/16/2019
Introduced This Episode
Themselves Sasha Velour
Carly Kiara Alondra Groulx
Councilman  Reynolds Matthew Kabwe
  • We Need To Talk About Oliver: Oliver, Carly, Sutton, Richard
  • Lines Are Being Crossed Here: Patrick, Ryan, Richard, Sutton, Jane
  • I’m Not One To Underestimate:Jacqueline, Councilman Reynolds, Sasha Velour, Patrick, Kat
The Relationships - 95%
Kat - 89%
Sutton - 88%
Jacqueline’s Rebirth & Oliver’s Next Chapter - 85%
Learning What A Councilman Does - 80%
Pamela Dolan Was Such A Disappointment - 60%
Alex - 79%
Patrick - 75%
Jane - 74%
Tia - 76%


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