Double Cross: Season 1 – Review/ Summary (with Spoilers)

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The second season of Double Cross improves on the first, thanks to Robin’s inclusion and the Detective Ryan hell-bent on justice.

Network AllBlk
Creator(s) Christel Gibson
Aired 1/14/2021 – 2/11/2021
Episodes 6
Genre(s) Action, Crime, Drama
Noted Cast
Eric Jeff Logan
Erica Ashley A. Williams
Robin Judy Johnson
Mother Christine Kellogg-Darrin
Brian Jaylyn Faith Malonte’ Neal
Detective Ryan Darrin Dewitt Henson
Detective Lopez Gabriela Smith
Dr. Cintron Tremayne Norris

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Season Summary

After being kidnapped, Eric and Erica find themselves in a cell and unsure what happened and where are they. The answer? In the same cell Robin was taken and isolated for a notable portion of her life. And for most of the season, Robin is the one trying to keep the twins in that cell. However, with Eric and Erica too crafty to end up stuck, they break out and make a plan to get all the girls and Robin, free from a woman only identified as “Mother” and her crew.



While Down A Comical/Outrageous Character, Brian Tried To Compensate (82)

Brian in a HR meeting

The borderline campy moments that made you laugh in the first season still exist, but only Brian gives that to you consistently since no one replaces (though how could they) Ms. Audrey. For if it isn’t his fear when Eric learns what he did to Erica, it is him being foiled when trying to take down the cross twins. And while there are moments when you want to feel for Brian, especially as we learn about his past, he remains that person you love to hate.

Both Robin’s Potential And What She Did In Season 2 (87)

Robin’s introduction was shocking and ended season 1 on a high note. In season 2, Robin lives up to the hype she created and leaves you wondering what she will do next? For if it isn’t having an affair with Detective Ryan, whose wife we meet, it is learning of her relationship with Brian and her war with her peer Imani for the control of “Mother’s” empire.

Add in her push and pull relationship with the Cross Twins, who struggle with accepting and helping Robin, and it makes it so Robin damn near steals the show from the two people front and center on all of Double Cross’ marketing. Heck, even in terms of a possible third season, there is more to expect and want from Robin than almost any other character we’re introduced to.

Detective Ryan catching Robin's eye

The Special Effects Were Better Than Season 1 (81)

When it comes to Double Cross, one of the main things from season 1 that had to be criticized was the special effects of the final episode. In season 2, things improve by the effects being kept practical, and it works. Not to imply season 2 is tame, for Eric does use his torture room a few times. It’s just the show seems to focus less on the shock and more on building up the characters it knows you love.

On The Fence

At Times, Things Felt Rushed (77)

When it comes to AllBlk productions, there is 0 fat. Each series is lean, and, unfortunately, the side effect of lean shows is that it makes a lot of storylines feel rushed. For example, the twins escape their cells insanely fast, to the point it undermines Mother’s organization. How quickly Detective Ryan and Lopez’s investigation gets shut down, it feels rushed.

Yet, when it comes to some of those things, like Detective Ryan and Lopez’s investigation, you’re glad they end because how could that be made interesting? Especially for a show that doesn’t want to be taken too seriously but rather be fun, zany, and keep you on your toes? But, we must admit, when it comes to Robin messing around with Detective Ryan and the Cross Twins trying to reconcile with Robin, it makes you wish we got at least ten episodes.

Erica and Eric knocked out and chained up

And even outside of Robin, just getting more of how Mother’s organization works, what Imani and the others went through, there is so much we get an idea of but unfortunately not the full picture.

The Twins Taking A Backseat (78)

It’s a bit strange but, the twins don’t feel like the stars of season 2—Erica’s storyline stalls, mainly due to Eric putting her on ice. And even with her making progress with Cintron, it isn’t like they get engaged, he discovers the truth or anything like that. Then with Eric, while we meet one of his exes, they get together, and Eric has battles with Imani and Detective Ryan, honestly, those two feel eclipsed by Robin.

She is more violent, sexual and presents more intrigue than the twins in season 2. And honestly, we’re not mad about it. For it means season 3, the Cross siblings, not just twins, could be front and center and causing chaos.


Rating: Positive (Watch This)

Double Cross improves in its second season by strangely having its leads from season 1 step back to allow supporting characters to step up and be focused on. For whether it is Robin’s trauma, Detective Ryan’s personal life, or Brian beyond what was presented in the first season, once more you are left wondering what will happen next? Also, how long will you have to wait to see what the Gibson siblings produce next?

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While Down A Comical/Outrageous Character, Brian Tried To Compensate - 82%
Both Robin's Potential And What She Did In Season 2 - 87%
The Special Effects Were Better Than Season 1 - 81%
At Times, Things Felt Rushed - 77%
The Twins Taking A Backseat - 78%


Whether it is Robin's trauma, Detective Ryan's personal life, or Brian beyond what was presented in the first season, once more you are left wondering what will happen next?

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