Besties: The Ultra Mini-Series – Act 1 Review/ Summary (with Spoilers)

Title Card - Besties The Ultra Mini-Series - Act 1 (Instagram)

In Act 1 of “Besties,” we’re introduced to a small group of friends and lovers, all trying to get the most of their relationships – sometimes selfishly.

In Act 1 of “Besties,” we’re introduced to a small group of friends and lovers, all trying to get the most of their relationships – sometimes selfishly.

Network Instagram
Creator(s) Christina Genae Richardson
Aired 2/14/2019
Genre(s) Comedy, Romance, Young Adult
Noted Cast
Rayven (Ray) Alina Carson
Eric Zarrette Zeyi Rogers
Tameka Nessa Noel
Victoria Ramona Tim Kee
Tatiana Tiana Mendez
Mark Moses Sesay
Jered John Lee

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Season Plot Synopsis

Act 1 is an introduction. During it, we meet our lead, Ray, short for Rayvan, her bestie Eric, and are introduced to the central issue: Being able to have sex without catching feelings. This is a HUGE problem for Rayvan since she doesn’t want to inherit a ho label. So, to counteract that, she usually dates a guy for a while and then drops them.

But, she doesn’t want to live like that anymore, so between Eric and her roommate Tameka, she is looking for alternatives. However, what she doesn’t know is they are far from experts, considering what’s going on in their lives, as well as their partners.


The Diversity Of The Women

Whether we’re talking about 26-year-old Rayvan, her roommate Tameka, or the other women we meet, Victoria and Tatianna, each one has a distinct personality, career goal, and handling of love. With that, despite each episode being around five to eight minutes, you are given as much diversity as you would in a half-hour show.

But I think the real kicker here is that you can easily, and quickly, connect with all of them. Be it Rayvan, who dates for sex, with some hope the initial attraction will last past the honeymoon phase and then her roommate Tameka. She is the person who gives you all the vibes of being young, in love, and that making her feel like she knows something just because she finally got into a good relationship. Then there is Victoria, who, like many, recognizes red flags, doesn’t ignore them, and handles them accordingly.

Leaving Tatiana. We won’t give away her story, which is told in the finale, but let me just say, her 4th wall breaking conversation about her back up plan will either give you ideas or may make you feel seen. Which makes the fact we’re getting a bonus episode on 4/20 a blessing.

On The Fence

There Is A Slight, “Men Ain’t S*** Vibe.”

While a lot of good can be said about the women, the men are a bit more complicated. Now, when it comes to Eric, you could say complicated, in a good way, since Rayvan seems like the homie. However, whether she is his backup plan, for when he is ready to settle down, that isn’t clear. What is though is most of the men aren’t given the same ability to be complicated. Mark, a man we meet in the middle of the season, he is a flash in the pan that is only memorable because the season is short.

Then, when it comes to Jered? Well, let’s just say he may trigger some people out there.


Review Summary: Worth Revisiting

Rating: Positive (Watch This)

“Besties: The Ultra Mini-Series” does have some eyebrow-raising male characters, yet there is something here to invest in. For with “The Intermission” coming on April 20th, who knows if we may see more of the male side or if the men might be developed? For considering how little details we were given on the men, one could submit Act 1 was purely about an introduction, the intermission representing ideas to come, and if there is an act 2 or act 3, we may get to see a three-dimension view of everyone. Perhaps making things a bit more complicated than they appear.

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