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While a definite improvement over the first movie, True To The Game 2 will have you leave the theater a tad frustrated.

Director(s) Jamal Hill
Screenplay By Preston A. Whitmore II
Date Released (Theatrical) 11/6/2020
Genre(s) Action, Crime
Duration 1 Hour, 34 Minutes
Rating Rated R
Noted Cast
Gina Erica Peeples
Quadir Columbus Short
Shoog Vivica A. Fox
Jerrell Andra Fuller
Carlos Paul Saucido
Rason Jamaar Simon
Alia Niatia ‘Lil Mama’ Kirkland
Bria Iyana Halley
Saleem Jeremy Meeks

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Plot Summary

It has been a year since the events of the first movie, and Gina has done her best to bury herself in work, doing 16 hour days, to avoid having time for Philly and all her memories associated with it. But, with Quadir’s memorial coming up, and Shoog hitting up Jerrell’s supply chain, Gina finds herself dragged back into Quadir’s mess just as it seems she has broken away.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Saleem (Jeremy Meeks) in conversation
Saleem (Jeremy Meeks)
  • Reason(s) for Film Rating: Violence, smoking, and nudity. I’m talking ass, breasts, and a glimpse of Jeremy Meeks’ penis.
  • JUMP Scares/ Laughs/ Tear-Jerking Moments: A few, around 3 or 4, are delivered thanks to Andra Fuller’s performance.
  • Tamar Braxton and Faith Evans are barely in this if they are the top reasons for you checking this out. Tamar plays a comic relief, as expected, and Faith Evans sings at Quadir’s memorial.



Jerrell Steps Up In A Way You May Feel The First Film Needed [84]

While Quadir and Gina were cute in the first movie, their relationship didn’t make sparks fly, you swoon, and wasn’t one of the best romances you ever saw. Instead, it got you through the movie. But, with Quadir a ghost in this film, Jerrell steps up, and Fuller handles playing the lead in ways that can’t be understated.

For one, the dude is funny. Be it his scenes with Saleem, played by Jeremy Meeks, or when pursuing Gina, the man can switch it up from heartless gangster to someone who is clearly messed up in the head. It pushes you to wish that, as diversity continues to be more than about skin color, we could see him play a villain in a Black Lightning, or something original, where he can tap into that comical sadistic side. If not the type of comedy you see from movies like The Best Man Holiday.

More Hand To Hand Fight Scenes [83]

Jerrell (Andra Fuller) talking to someone
Jerrell (Andra Fuller)

People getting shot, and it just being taking a few clips and down they go, or one and they scream in pain, that isn’t interesting. Add in True To The Game 2 may feature blood, cuts, and bruises, but nothing really graphic, and it makes people getting shot the easy way to go. Which makes scenes like one of the final fight scenes in the movie ace. Alongside more straightforward scenes like we see, Alia, played by Lil Mama, have when she finds herself fighting a client.

If You Watched The First Movie, And Then This One, You Are Far More Invested In The Characters [81]

In the first film, there were many characters who seemed there for the sake of name recognition or simply being unwilling to cut too much from the source material. You could say, if you didn’t watch the first film, that could apply to True To The Game 2. However, if you watched the first movie, characters like Shoog, Bria, and others feel worth mentioning as they play notable roles.

Especially Shoog, who, like Alia, whoops some ass and looks phenomenal doing it.

On The Fence

The Ending Is Abrupt & Requires Explanation [71]

The ending is noted below, and let’s just say it comes out of nowhere and definitely sets up a sequel. One that, honestly, feels unnecessary as you may wish they just used an after credits scene to explain everything.


Rating Mixed (Divisive)
Score 79.75
While it dramatically improves on the original, True To The Game 2: Gina’s Story trips a bit in its final moments and doesn’t utilize certain characters, like Shoog, to their full potential.

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Ending Explained

It seems Quadir had been hiding for an entire year. Yeah, despite how he got shot, it seems his momma must have helped him hideout. Now, whether or not he was ever going to come out of hiding, and why? Well, that’s hard to say. All we know is he definitely was living out in Los Angeles, maybe with Carlos’ help.

Gina (Erica Peeples) in workout gear
Gina (Erica Peeples)

As for Gina? Well, thanks to Shoog hitting up Jerrell’s shipment and her not being on his radar, Jerrell ends up killing off Rasun, who he thought was involved, then he focuses on her. Which was relatively easy since she didn’t know his face, and everyone gave up Gina from where she worked, where she lived, and even her itinerary when on assignment in California. Thus allowing Jerrell to stalk her in hopes to find the money Quadir stashed away – which he does.

However, no sooner does he find the money, after long knocking Gina out, Quadir shows up, reveals to us he has been the one watching Jerrell, and rather than shoot him and end it, they have a hand to hand fight. One that has Quadir mostly get his ass whipped until he gets Jerrell in a headlock and breaks the man’s neck. Leading to a bullet for good measure and Quadir then gathering his money, and Gina, and taking her to his hideout.

In terms of everyone else? Well, Shoog never gets caught or put on anyone’s radar. Bria, who has been working with Shoog, she gets on Saleem’s, but with Saleem taken out by Alia, who is friends with Bria, it seems she is now going to be alright.

That is, assuming Jerrell’s friend, who was in prison, doesn’t come out swinging for revenge.

Does True To The Game 2 Have Sequel Potential?

With Jerrell’s friend getting out of prison in a week, at the beginning of the movie, they could easily step in and go to war with Shoog. Also, Quadir has a lot of explaining to do with Gina, about him disappearing, and them picking up where they left off. Not to forget, with Jerrell gone, even if his friend is getting out, that could cause a power vacuum that would need to be addressed as well. Also, someone was working with the cops, trying to cut a deal to take down Jerrell, so that’s a factor as well.

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