“Tarot” scrapes the surface of the major arcana to create beings good for a jump scare but delivers a story that is more to holdover horror fans than become a classic.

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Plot Summary

Seven friends, Haley, Grant, Paxston, Paige, Madeline, Lucas, and Elise, come together for Elise’s 21st birthday, and Paige, who seems to be the wealthy one of the group, rents a mansion. There, exploration is done, and tarot cards are discovered. Now, because Haley is into astrology and has been doing tarot for years, she is pushed to give readings, and each ends on a rather negative note.

At first, however, she doesn’t realize that the cards she used were cursed and her readings doomed her and her friends, and unless she figures out a way to break the curse, everyone will end up dead.

Content Information

  • Dialog: Cursing (Minor)
  • Violence: Dismemberment (Implied), Blood, Torture
  • Sexual Content: Nudity (Implied)
  • Miscellaneous: Drinking, Drug Use, Smoking

Characters and Cast Members

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Haley Harriet Slater
Grant Adain Bradley
Paxton Jacob Batalon
Paige Avantika
Madeline Humberly González
Lucas Wolfgang Novogratz
Elise Larsen Thompson

Character Description(s)


Haley is deeply into using tarot for guidance and has been practicing it since her mother got sick when she was a teenager. But, while she has faith in the cards, as shown by her relationship with Grant, she doesn’t always listen to their guidance.


The logical one of the group, even as things go bad, Grant pushes the idea of not looking into discredited people for help and other things that could make a bad situation worse.


Talkative, to the point of being annoying at times, Paxton is an odd duck. He is very much part of the group; everyone loves him, but he also gets on every last person’s nerves at least once daily.

  • The actor is also known for their role in “Let It Snow.”


Seemingly the wealthy one of the group, Paige and Elise, are dating and in love. They are potentially seen as the second ideal couple of the group, behind Haley and Grant.


Always with her phone out, Madeline is the documentarian of the group, and she always takes pictures or videos of what they’re doing. However, don’t get it twisted; she doesn’t have aspirations to become an influencer or anything like that.


Lucas is Madeline’s mutual crush, whom we don’t get to know much about. Well, beyond, like with everyone else, his astrology sign and the assumption he adheres to its description.


The recently turned 21 Elise is Paige’s girlfriend.


Our Rating: Positive (Worth Seeing)

Good If You Like

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The Jump Scares

With seven people facing seven different monstrous entities, naturally, it means the usual moments of intense music stopping, you hearing only footsteps and breathing, and then something pops up. If not an entity in the background watching, the character spotting them, running, and repeat. It’s all very formulaic, as is the story, but the jump scares still can get to you thanks to the design of the different tarot card faces come to life.


Jacob Batalon is really proving that, despite being the Ron Weasley of the group in the Spider-Man franchise, he isn’t going to simply be the third wheel of that franchise, and that will be the sum of his career. With Paxton, he stands out, and even if Haley and Grant are the female and male leads, Paxton doesn’t live in anyone’s shadow.

While annoying, he is also comical, and in many ways, it seems Batalon, being one of the most recognizable faces, is more so utilized than exploited in the film.

On The Fence

There Is Nothing Special

While “Tarot” doesn’t bore you, it also doesn’t present anything notable to make this worth repeat viewing or gushing about. The cast play generally likable characters, the villain’s motive is fleshed out but isn’t heartbreaking despite the death they were forced to bear witness to, and the story as a whole is built around setting up everyone’s potential death.

Mind you, if you like horror movies, “Tarot” can certainly give you your fix. However, it isn’t going to be on the pedestal of one of your favorites or be something you think should become a franchise like “Final Destination” or any of the serial killer-based franchises.

Background Information

Film Length 1 Hour 32 Minutes
Date Released May 3, 2024
Where To Watch In Theaters
Director(s) Spenser Cohen, Anna Halberg
Writer(s) Spenser Cohen, Anna Halberg
Based On Work By Nicholas Adams
Genre(s) HorrorThrillerYoung Adult
Content Rating Rated PG-13

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Tarot (2024) Movie Review


“Tarot,” while enjoyable, like most films that touch upon spiritualism, barely scratches the surface and instead delivers a superficial film that doesn’t even try to reach its potential.

  • There Is Nothing Special - 76%
  • Paxton - 82%
  • The Jump Scares - 81%
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  • Paxton
  • The Jump Scares


  • There Is Nothing Special

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