Taking advantage of how the Club Shay Shay interview has pushed him to be seen as a truth teller, “Katt Williams: Woke Foke” tests whether audiences are ready for the truth.

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Plot Summary

When you name names, it is shocking and pushes the idea you have nothing to lose. So, Katt Williams doing a live show on one of the biggest streaming platforms in the world comes off as dangerous, but does he care? No.

He will talk about trans people in sports, a blind kid playing football, P. Diddy, Jamie Foxx, and many others. It’s not about making fun of people when it comes to Katt Williams; it is about logic and the truth. Which, with him making it plain as day, he hopes the truth will set many in the audience free.

Content Information

  • Dialog: Discriminatory Language, Cursing
  • Violence: N/A
  • Sexual Content: N/A
  • Miscellaneous: N/A


Our Rating: Mixed (If Affordable)

Good If You Like

  • Comedy that isn’t trying to skirt any line

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This Was Definitely Live

From Katt almost slipping to the usually muffled or silenced audience being active participants, this was undoubtedly a live routine, and sometimes you had to appreciate the chaos. It reminds you that specials don’t need to be heavily edited and perfected; sometimes, getting that live audience feel makes the show notable. After all, comedy is often in response not only to society at large but also to what is said and done by the audience.

On The Fence

The Visual Aides

Katt Williams with an image that is supposed to be Hunter Biden's drugs in the background
Katt Williams with an image that is supposed to be Hunter Biden’s drugs in the background

Whether it is the video of a blind young football player or pictures of various celebrities, Katt Williams’s use of visuals was an odd decision. After all, he is funny enough without the additions, and add in it wasn’t seamlessly included like how Hasan Minhaj formerly did his show, and it just seemed like an odd experiment that should be done when working on material rather than what is meant to be the best version of it.

Playing Up On The Truth Teller Gimmick Past Its Prime

There is no denying that Katt Williams’ Club Shay Shay interview is going to be considered one of the highlights of 2024. Since that went viral, Shannon Sharpe mentions it in nearly every interview, and clips of what Katt Williams said still circulate months later. But, it seems, with his level of fame increasing, Katt wanted to exploit that and expand it into a comedy show.

That’s fine; Chris Rock built hype over being smacked and made a special where the only thing notable about it is his recounting of Will Smith smacking him in front of the world. But, the problem with Katt Williams making him seen as a truth teller into a gimmick is the topics. Him talking about Jamie Foxx’s mysterious illness, Ozempic, and things of that nature, don’t feel fresh. It’s a lot of dated pop culture references.

Heck, even with him dangerously talking about trans women in sports or the blind football player and harping on that last one, you don’t get truth-teller vibes. Now, this isn’t to imply he veered towards being a bully, but it can feel that as good as you know Katt Williams can be, this was more about cashing in while the fire is hot than really presenting the kind of work to remind you why Shannon Sharpe even invited Katt Williams on Club Shay Shay. Never mind why Katt Williams has been in the game so long.

Background Information

Film Length 1 Hour 3 Minutes
Date Released May 4, 2024
Where To Watch Netflix
Director(s) Troy Miller
Writer(s) Katt Williams
Based On Work By N/A
Genre(s) Stand Up Comedy
Content Rating Rated TV-MA

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“Woke Foke” feels like when any company gives a flash-in-the-pan artist a deal to capitalize on them being big in the zeitgeist and, like whenever that happens, by the time a fleshed-out product is released, people have already begun to move on, and it makes the work trying to milk that viral moment come off stale. This is why, as much as we enjoy and respect Katt Williams, we must say “Woke Foke” is one of his weakest outputs.

  • Playing Up On The Truth Teller Gimmick Past Its Prime - 74%
  • The Visual Aides - 73%
  • This Was Definitely Live - 81%
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  • This Was Definitely Live


  • Playing Up On The Truth Teller Gimmick Past Its Prime
  • The Visual Aides

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