"Movie Poster featuring Ghostface in New York," Scream 6, directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, 2023, (Paramount Pictures)
"Movie Poster featuring Ghostface in New York," Scream 6, directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, 2023, (Paramount Pictures)

“Scream 6” is entertaining, but its existence feels more about the last film being profitable more than this franchise still having something to say.

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“Scream 6” is entertaining, but its existence feels more about the last film being profitable than this franchise still having something to say.

Director(s) Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett
Screenplay By James Vanderbilt, Guy Busick
Date Released (In Theaters) March 9, 2023
Genre(s) Crime, Horror, Thriller
Duration 2 Hour 3 Minutes
Content Rating Rated R
Noted Cast
Sam Melissa Barrera
Tara Jenna Ortega
Mindy                Jasmin Savoy Brown
Chad Mason Gooding
Anika Devyn Nekoda
Danny                Josh Segarra
Ethan Jack Champion
Quinn Liana Liberato
Ghostface (Voice) Roger Jackson
Gale Courteney Cox
Kirby                Hayden Panettiere

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Film Summary

For a change of scenery, Sam follows Tara, Mindy, and Chad to New York, where they now go to college. At times, Tara isn’t fond of this because Sam is overprotective and stifling, but with her understanding of what her sister has been through and wanting to remain close, she puts up with it. But, as the Ghostface killer returns, the original four find themselves unsafe even in the most public places.

This makes it lucky for them to have new characters like Anika, Danny, Ethan, Quinn, and others join the fray and survivors like Gale and Kirby. But, as Mindy quickly reminds everyone, this is a franchise, and to keep people interested, the rules go out the window, so there are no guarantees on who will survive and who may reveal themselves to be the new Ghostface.

Things To Note

  1. While there is a post-credit scene, it is just Mindy noting all movies don’t need post-credit scenes

Why Is “Scream 6” Rated R

  • Dialog: Cursing
  • Violence: Stabbing, open wounds, bleeding, gore
  • Sexual Content: Moans and groans – but no visible nudity
  • Miscellaneous: Drinking, smoking

Character Descriptions

Please Note: This character guide is not an exhaustive list of every cast member, and character descriptions may contain what can be considered spoilers.


Sam is now in college, no mention of her major, but she is trying to enjoy the experience. Be it hooking up with guys, exploring the city, and pretty much anything beyond focusing on what happened less than a year ago.


Still traumatized by not only being hunted by Ghostface but what she did to Richie and that her father is Billy, Tara feels massively understood to the point even her therapists seem to not be able to help her. Thus leading to her leaning heavily on Sam since she is the only one she feels understands her. Even if Sam isn’t coping the way Tara is.


Unlike Tara, maybe even Sam, Mindy sees the whole Ghostface killer thing as a one-off. Those three days were like being struck by lightning, so with that in mind, she claims to have moved on and focuses on dating and her studies.


While Mindy is focused on dating Anika, Chad is trying to figure out his relationship with Sam between being a protective friend and a potential love interest.


Anika is Mindy’s girlfriend who gets frightened once Ghostface returns and Mindy explains horror movie rules.


Danny is Tara’s secret boyfriend.


Ethan is Chad’s roommate, that is a virgin, but Chad is trying to help him meet a nice girl to change that.


Quinn is Tara and Sam’s roommate, who always has a new guy in her room.


This time around, Ghostface is seeking to expose Tara for the killer she is rather than inspire a movie or book.


Gale is still a news reporter and gets under people’s skin to the point of inspiring violence.


Back in action, Kirby is now an FBI agent who hunts down those like Ghostface. Hence her coming up from down south to New York to help Tara and Sam.


Our Rating: Mixed (Divisive)


The Misdirections

One of the things the “Scream” franchise is known for is being a modern, whodunit murder mystery, of which the focus is on a handful of young adults who all could be the potential killer. Is it the survivor of the last games, the love interest, the new friend, or maybe someone who is a copycat killer? Each entry of “Scream,” especially the new ones with Mindy, push you to question anyone and everyone – especially since there is usually more than one Ghostface.

“Scream 6” is no different, but it ups the ante by taking on the Ghostface mask’s popularity and accessibility and having the movie take place around Halloween. So it’s easy to imagine so many in masks and the killer being anyone. Could it be someone who was rejected by Tara, someone who thinks Sam killed everyone in the last movie and played the victim she isn’t? It’s hard to say, and that’s a good portion of the fun.

Bonds Between Siblings

Both the Carpenter siblings and Meeks-Martin twins give this movie heart. The Carpenter sisters, through Tara playing a maternal role to Sam and being pushed to dial it back since Sam is not only an adult but she and Tara are still repairing their relationship. Never mind, Tara’s trauma from learning her dad is Billy to being haunted by him still exists, and after the events of the last movie, she and Sam are coping in different ways – which aren’t often together.

Then, with the Meeks-Martin twins, you get something a bit lighter. They poke fun at each other, are even annoyed with one another at times, but there is not only the trauma bond but a love that goes beyond experiencing the Ghostface killer before. Which makes it so that when any of the four have their lives threatened, you go from leaning back in your chair to leaning forward.

Upping The Ante

What makes this Ghostface different is that they are extreme to a point. As shown in online clips, they will use a gun. Granted, they only do this once, but just the showing that there is no longer a line and anything goes really does present the idea that the character can evolve. Then when you add that this isn’t a cat-and-mouse game type of Ghostface, but they can be like a rabid dog with a bone when it comes to killing at least one person when they show up? It really pushes the idea we’re not dealing with someone trying to add their name to the legacy for a twisted reason or anything silly. This is a real serial killer who couldn’t give a damn about Gale writing them into a book or a movie adaptation.

On The Fence

The Reveal Of Who Is The Killer Is Anti-Climatic

While hints are always appreciated, for it makes good post-movie conversations, maybe conversations during the movie depending on the audience/ who you go with, I must admit the reveal of who Ghostface was felt lackluster. Mainly because, like so many films, once the reveal happens, the person acts completely out of character compared to who they were before.

In the case of “Scream 6,” they start to get really animated, and as much as you get this is to express they are crazy, considering all they do so well either silently or with the voice mask? It all doesn’t match up. If anything, it’ll annoy those who didn’t catch on, and for those who did, you’ll wish they kept the energy that made them such great killers as they go for their grand prize.

Wasting The Potential Of Sam

Like in the last “Scream,” we’re presented with Sam being haunted by her father, Billy, but they don’t fully tap into the psychological part of it. Billy still shows up, but he isn’t pressuring and really tempting as he previously was so that you can imagine Sam snapping. Now, could that happen in a “Scream 7?” Maybe. Yes, it seems Sam still can push back against her father’s influence, but it is increasingly becoming clear that they could easily have her snap, and it could be more a question of when than if.

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"Movie Poster featuring Ghostface in New York," Scream 6, directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, 2023, (Paramount Pictures)
Scream 6 (2023) – Review/ Summary
For fans of the “Scream” franchise, especially the most recent editions, “Scream 6” may not be a major milestone, but it does deliver what is expected and nothing more.
Upping The Ante
Bonds Between Siblings
The Misdirections
Wasting The Potential Of Sam
The Reveal Of Who Is The Killer Is Anti-Climatic

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